07 January 2010

Welcome To Earn From Mobile(Legally-Govt. Approved)

Opportunities come only once in our life. If you grab it at the right time then you are the winner or have to repent for the life.

First of all congratulations and warm welcome to the TCN Family. You are joining the company, which has created history in Sms marketing industry. Do you know people all over the world are earning substantial amounts of money through sms from the comforts of their homes. TCN has brought about a revolutionary concept that has the power to radically change your lifestyle. TCN's sole objective is to provide secure, steady and long term earnings. TCN does not promise big dreams and show big figures, but a handsome income, which will increase tremendously in proportion of one's efforts.

TCN is one of the most active companies in its space. They have many plans and good features for making good money for their members.

How To Join

How to become EFM member

1. You will need a active/working mobile phone.
2. You will need Rs. 300/- for becoming a member of EFM.

Ready! Now lets take a look at the steps you will need to become an EFM member.

1. You will have to deposit Rs. 300/- for your membership. Following are the company's Account number that you need to use while depositing the money.

You can pay this amount in our company bank accounts by cash or through online payment. We have 2 bank accounts in ICICI bank and State Bank of India
Account details are given below.

State Bank of India A/c No.-30636418604
A/c name Kulhari Marketing & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.,
Muhana, JAIPUR
Ifs for sbi –SBIN0007128 (use this code in case of online payment)
(if you are paying in SBI bank than please take Branch Code from branch and Write your name in capital letters in Depositor slip.)

3. Keep your Transaction number & ID(i.e. Sponsor ID :1883836) handy and call at any of the following customer care numbers:

Help Line : 0-9001-9002-32 ( 8 AM to 8 PM)
Help Line : 0-9001-9002-42 ( 8 AM to 8 PM)
Help Line : 0-9001-9002-52 ( 8 AM to 8 PM)
Help Line : 0-9352-2810-01 ( 8 AM to 8 PM)

4. Tell them that you have deposited money in the company's account.

They will ask your ID(i.e. Sponsor ID:1883836), Transaction number and the time when you deposited same.

Give This SPONSOR ID : 1883836


5. They will also ask your Mobile number and Email address. Please note giving them wrong mobile number or email account may result in difficulties in your subscription process.

6. They will send a SMS containing Card No & PIN number on your Mobile.(In 24 to 48 Hrs.)

7. Once you receive their message.
visit http://www.efm.co.in and join with below mentioned SPONSOR ID.

8. In SPONSOR ID box enter:- 1883836

9. In Card & Pin number text boxes, enter the Card no & Pin number that you received via SMS.

10. Press Submit and then continue to fill the next form providing your complete details e.g. name, address etc.

11. Once you provide your information, you will receive Confirmation Message and then will receive a SMS with your User Id and Password to access the website.
You can change your password afterwards.

12. You can now login using your User Id/Password on the website and view your profile information and other details about your account.

Congrats! Now you are a Earn from Mobile (EFM) subscriber and you can now start building your network.

1. If you haven't received SMS with your Card and Pin number, then call customer care on the above numbers and provide your details.
2. If you face any difficulty in accessing your account, then call or email support.
3. If there are any questions regarding your account/profile or your downline/network, then login to your account and view the Downline/network.

06 January 2010

Earning Plans

I: SMS Income

Earn For 5 Levels : From SMS

1)Get 2o Paise For Each SMS You Receive.
2)Get 10 Paise For Each SMS Your Friends Receive.
3)Get 5 Paise For Each SMS Their Friends Receive.
4)Get 3 Paise For Each SMS Their Friends Receive.
5)Get 1 Paise On Every SMS Their Friends Receive.

II: Referal Income

Example Of Earning From Referral

Level           Member           Allotment           Earning     
1.                     2                               18                        36       
2.                     4                                8                         32       
3.                     8                                5                         40       
4.                    16                               4                         64       
5.                    32                               3                         96       
6.                    64                               2                        128      
7.                   128                              1                        128      
8.                   256                              1                        256      
9.                   512                              1                        512      
10.                1024                            1                       1024     
11.                2048                            1                       2048     
12.                4096                            1                       4096     
13.                8192                             1                       8192     
14.               16384                           1                      16384    
15.               32768                           1                      32768    
16.               65536                           1                      65536    
17.              131072                         1                     131072   
18.              262144                          1                     262144   
19.              524288                         1                     524288   
20.             1048576                       1                    1048576  
21.             2097152                        1                    2097152  
22.             4194304                        1                    4194304  
23.             8388608                        1                    8388608  
24.            16777216                      1                    16777216
25.            3355443                         1                    33554432
                    Total                                                    67109132

III: Guaranteed Income

Guaranteed Income Fund(Salary Plan)

Level    If You Sponsor    Allotment    Your Income Per month
1st                 20                      035.p                           Rs.7.00
2nd            20x15                 035.p                         Rs.105.00
3rd            300x15               035.p                        Rs.1575.00
4th            4500x5               035.p                         Rs.7875.00
5th           22500x2             035.p                        Rs.15750.00
6th           45000x2             035.p                        Rs.31500.00
7th           90000x2             035.p                        Rs.63000.00
Total Income Per Month:--                                    Rs.119812
* Guaranteed income fund is Valid for life time. Renewal charge Rs. 60/- annual.

IV: 7 Star Bonanza Plan

7 Star Bonanza Plan

Now, EFM is offering a new 7 Star Bonanza Plan This Bonanza is a monthly payable as follows : EFM will keep an amount of Rs. 7/- for every new subscriber signing up in a Bonanza account in a calendar month. Subscribers who sponsor 7 are eligible for one Royalty unit. Now, the Bonanza fund in a calendar month will be shared equally among all the successful sponsors in terms of units up to 25 units. This Bonanza will be paid once in a month and the eligibility will be fresh every month.An illustration given below will explain you in detail.

No. of New Subscribers in a calendar month are 1,50,000
Bonanza fund for the month is Rs. 7 X 1,50,000 =Rs. 10.5 Lakh
No of Sponsors who made 7 in the calendar month - 1000
1000 Units Rs.10,50,000/-
Royalty unit rate is = Rs. 1050/- Per Unit. 1050 Units

V: Bonanza

Level           Member           Prize
8                    256               1000 Visiting Cards
9                    512               Pen drive
10                 1024              Travel bag
11                 2048               Mobile /MAXIMA WRIST WATCH
12                 4096               Color Mobile / Wrist Watch (Pair)
13                 8192               I-pod /DVD
14                16384              Suit
15                32768              Digital Camera / TV
16                65536              Handy Camera
17               131072             Laptop
18               262144             Apache RTR 160 Bike
19               524288             Foreign Tour
20              1048576            ALTO CAR + Laptop
21              2097152            SANTRO CAR + N73+ Laptop
22              4194304            FORD FISTA
23              8388608            Farm house in Rajasthan
24             16777216           Mercedes-Benz C -Class
25             33554432           BMW X-5

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Legal Documents

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