22 June 2011

Bangalore police blocks Google's Street View drive

Google's Street View service was paused by the Bangalore police who objected it for regarding security issues. The Street View campaign takes 360 degree pictures and maps the roads with hi-tech cameras.

The Google spokesperson claimed that they can confirm that they have received a letter from the Commissioner of Police regarding Street View regarding this. He also said they are currently reviewing it and have stopped their cars until they have a chance to answer any questions or concerns that the police have.

The company commented that it took permission from the traffic department of Bangalore police. Sources said that the commissioner has called Google officials for further discussion on the matter before street view cars started operating.

The search engine giant is bared from this service as the state policy does not allow foreign companies to collect such data. This form of new data collection by media needs policy clearance for foreign companies. Google and Google earth is unable to gain favor in Indian administration because of its controversial and often adversarial approach. Countries like Austria and Czech Republic also prohibited the service temporarily. According to reports, Google has recently closed down Street View in Germany after privacy issues were raised by the government and assured European Union that it may withdraw the service from the member countries due to new laws on storing photographs.