22 June 2011

Viradyne - Link180(GOOGLE) 100% TOTALLY FREE

Viradyne - Link180 This just arrived and I joined immediately. You should do the same and spread the word right away.

Short version - I found a website where you can actually earn monthly income by switching your Internet homepage!

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Longer version....

HEADS UP: GOOGLE Home Page Is Launching in 36 Hours……It's F.R.E.E.

NEW Revolutionary Concept - 100% TOTALLY FREE - make money without being asked to Pay !

The internet giant GOOGLE has teamed up with a Dallas based marketing company to create a new advertising web site.....AND they will "PAY YOU" to help spread the word.

LAUNCHING within 36 hours In the USA (Canada & the UK shortly thereafter - & then the world!)

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Just make this new web site your "Home Page" (Nothing to download, nothing to install on your computer, I can show you how !)

You will receive your own personal link. When you share with your friends and they make it their Home Page they will get their own personal link and YOU will get paid $ 1.00 per month - "EVERY MONTH" as long as they keep this new site as their home page.

No Limit to the number of people you can share this opportunity with giving YOU UNLIMITED RESIDUAL income potential PLUS also get paid $ 1.00 per month 8 generations deep. (That's HUGE unlimited residual income potential !)

Since this is FREE - where does the money come from ?

The newest trend in internet advertising is "Eyeball Views". Pay Per Click(PPC) is dying, so search engines are moving their focus to PAYING to get eyeballs to view ads. The concept is to pay to get people to view a website that comes up every time the internet is accessed .

This company has budgeted to pay out approximately $20 dollars per computer using this as a Home Page.....so this will leave room for "Massive BONUSES."

The first bonus planned (in addition to the $ 1 per level for 8 levels) is:

Personally make 20 Home Page referrals & you get an additional 25 cents per Home Page, per month.

That's a total of $1.25 EVERY MONTH on all 8 generations AND the 25 cents per generation continues to infinity. (That can be MAJOR Monthly RESIDUAL income !)

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You do the math - Share this with only 20 who share it with only 20 and the income potential goes CRAZY !

I envision this as the BEST Fundraiser for Non Profits ever created. Share this with Churchs, Schools and any Organization that needs FUNDS!


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