26 July 2011

3-D Hurts: Evidence of consistent eyestrain, headaches discovered

"It's noticed that the eyes strains, while watching 3D content", reveals a Samsung study. It is noticed that the eyes start facing problems when it's asked to simultaneously focus on the screen while adjusting to the distance of the content.

Author Martin S. Banks, Professor of Optometry and Vision Science, University of California, Berkeley, explains, "When watching stereo 3D displays, the eyes must focus - that is, accommodate - to the distance of the screen because that's where the light comes from. At the same time, the eyes must converge to the distance of the stereo content, which may be in front of or behind the screen."

A series of experiments were conducted on 24 adults and it was observed that the display hurts your eyes and your brain. "Vergence-accommodation", is the scientific term used by the scientist for this problem, which means that the eye must constantly keep adjusting to both the distance of the physical screen and that of the 3D content, which causes visual discomfort, fatigue, and headache.

Moreover, Bank added, "Discomfort associated with viewing Stereo 3D is a major problem that may limit the use of technology. We hope that our findings will inspire more research in this area"
When 3D gadgetry such as televisions and mobile phones are exploding the markets, an individual should understand how this kind of technology will affect our bodies, this may help us better, to use this kind of technology in the future. The only problem is that technology tends to far outpace research, and until we get a better handle on its effects, we're more or less walking blindly into a 3D world. The technology has outstripped the research and we come up with better ways to handle it, we are recklessly walking into the 3D world.