01 July 2011

Google unveils the Facebook rival, Google+

A very similar lookalike social networking site of Facebook is being innovated by Google and the search engine names it as Google +. The social network tool is expected to give a tough competition to Facebook.

Earlier the service was being availed by a selected number of the site's users. Sooner they will be able to invite their friends, share and discuss status updates, photographs and links with others, very similar to that of Facebook.

The site furnishes group text messaging and video chatting. It also enables users to select group of friends which makes it an exception in a remarkable way to convince the internet users for using yet another social networking site apart from Facebook,Orkut and twitter.

The five basic segments of the site are Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Instant Uploads, and Huddle.

Circles permit the members of the group to contact and interact with friends circle and share text and ideas.

Sparks pursue like an RSS reader. It provides a feed of content from across the net on any other topic requested in 40 languages or more.

Hangouts is the one in which one can have live video conferencing for up to 10 people. It helps in the multi user video conferencing. It also indicates whether one is available or not.

Huddle is like instant message or group texting.

Google without much success, have tried to take on Facebook and master the art of social networking. The introduction of Google+ project is its biggest effort.