05 July 2011

International Ad Revenue Earning Program

Global Green Promoters Inc, USA

Pioneers in real-time resource use and advertisement technology

Global Green Promoters, Inc. is a privately held cleantech software company, founded in 2004, and a pioneer in providing real-time information feedback to teach, is a performance-based Ad Revenue Agency dedicated to deliver maximum advertising profit and ROI for its clients/ partners across the online and mobile channels. Whether you are an advertiser, publisher, affiliate or an application developer, GlobalGreens's team of industry experts create tailored solutions for you to ensure immediate, quantifiable results every time...

Highest Industry eCPMs

As a GlobalGreen's publisher you can expect to receive highest industry eCPMs for your website traffic. Our unique advertiser to publisher matching technology means we can provide you with the highest return on your website traffic by generating maximum profits for our advertisers.

40 combined years

When you advertise through GlobalGreen's Ad Solutions you can feel comfortable that your ROI goals are being met. With more than 40 years combined online and direct marketing, our focus on your effective CPA means that every advertising dollar will produce a profit for you, regardless if you are using CPM, CPC or CPA advertising methods.

Meeting the Advertiser's goals

With a core focus on meeting the Advertiser's goals, we have built a selective network of top ranking premium sites. Our unique technology offers an Advertiser to Publisher matching system which will identify only relevant websites to place your product or service directly in front of your target customers. This technology works through behavioral marketing and other targeting methods such as geographic and demographic.

A Team of industry experts gets to personally know your Advertising goals, and offers a wide range of pricing models to meet your needs: CPA, CPC, CPM, dCPM.


Issued Date:July 24 2004 Expiery Date: Never Issuedby: Secretary of State, California

International License

Issued Date:March 16 2008. Expiery Date: Never Issuedby: FSB

Plan Approval

Issued Date:March 11 2011 Expiery Date:Never Issuedby:FSB

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