07 July 2011

Most popular person on Google+

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of Facebook, is the most popular person on Google (PLUS), reports New York Times. He had nearly 35,000 people following his updates on the service.

Facebook or Google have not yet confirmed if Zuckerberg's profile was real. But his account is linked with those of several Facebook executives who are also on Google (PLUS), including Bret Taylor, the chief technology officer, and Sam Lessin , a product manager, suggesting that it is authentic. Zuckerberg has yet to post anything that can be seen by the wider public.

The new service, Google (PLUS) is less than a week old and is still not yet widely available to the public. But access to the service, which lets people share photos, links, status updates and video chats with groups of friends, is already in high demand among early adopters who are eager to play with its features. That includes Zuckerberg, who apparently signed up to keep tabs on his new adversary.

Facebook also has the world's biggest map of the connections between people. It is not possible to transfer data about one's Facebook connections into Google (PLUS), so most users will have to rebuild that list on the new service.