31 August 2011

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a variety of mood disorders referred as mania (feeling excessively elated, impulsive, and irritable) if stronger and hypomania if milder. Individuals who experience manic episodes will commonly experience depressive episodes or mixed episodes in which features of both mania and depression (feeling excessively sad) are present at the same time. These episodes are usually separated by periods of "normal" mood, but in some individuals, depression and mania may rapidly alternate, known as rapid cycling. Extreme manic episodes can sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations. Bipolar disorder can lead to significant illness and even death by suicide if untreated or treated incorrectly.


There are three different types of bipolar disorder

• Bipolar I Disorder (mania or a mixed episode) - causes at least one manic episode, with or without episodes of depression.

• Bipolar II Disorder (hypomania and depression) - causes at least one hypomanic episode and at least one episode of major depression.

• Cyclothymia (hypomania and mild depression)

Bipolar I disorder affects men and women equally; bipolar II disorder is more common in women. Most people develop the first symptoms of bipolar disorder between age 15 to 30 years.

26 August 2011

Victory for Anna Hazare, Lok Sabha to discuss Jan Lokpal tomorrow

Anna Hazare's major demand is set to be met with the government on Thursday deciding to have a discussion in the Lok Sabha on Friday on the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Sources said the discussion will take place on the bill in the shape of a "document" and its salient features after which the records of the debate are expected to be sent to the parliamentary standing committee examining the Lokpal Bill.

It was, however, not clear immediately whether the debate would be held under Rule 193 or Rule 184, which entails voting.

The decision in this regard was reached during hectic parleys within the government, which included Union minister Vilasrao Deshmukh's meeting with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Subsequently, Singh held consultations with senior ministerial colleagues Pranab Mukherjee and A K Antony.

The decision to hold the discussion marks meeting of a major demand of Hazare who said only then he would decide on ending his 10-day fast.

Anna Hazare has made three demands to the Prime Minister--- citizen's charter, lokayuktas in all states with Lokpal powers and inclusion of lowest to highest bureaucracy.

During the discussion, members will be free to speak on Aruna Roy's version of Lokpal Bill as also another version.

In view of the discussion, Parliament will have a sitting on Saturday, the sources said.

Parliamentary affairs minister Pawan Kumar Bansal also held a meeting with Mukherjee on the issue of discussions.

The meeting took place soon after Hazare reacted to Parliament's appeal to end his fast and demanded that it discuss from tomorrow three key issues on Jan Lokpal and create an agreement first.

He has warned that if the Parliament failed to do this, he will not end the fast.

Bansal also had a meeting with law minister Salman Khurshid apparently to work out the format for such a discussion. East Delhi MP Sandip Dikshit, who also been involved in negotiations with Team Anna, was also present in the meeting.

The meetings took place on a day when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told the Lok Sabha that Parliament will find effective ways and means to discuss the Jan Lokpal Bill, along with the government version of the Bill, Aruna Roy's Bill and the paper presented by Jaiprakash Narayan. He also made an appeal to the Gandhian to end his fast.

25 August 2011

Scams of India - Summary 1947 to 2010 (LifeSnap.in)

24 August 2011

India's Young Billionaire Heirs

They are the kids who are born to the most powerful parents on earth, meet the Young Indian Billionaires who will be the heirs to the thrones of their father's and forefathers empires. These Billionaire kids have been sent to the best B schools to mould them as the future leaders for their billion dollar Indian companies. They have hopped into the shoes of their parents and want to stir the empire towards better horizons. Society and gossip columns track them like starlets and long wait for their one glimpse.

Here is the list of the next Billionaires to come:

1. Rishad Premji:

Azim Premji\'s first son Rishad has a Masters in Business Management

Azim Premji's first son Rishad has a Masters in Business Management from Harvard Business School and the 34 year old is currently the Chief Strategy Officer of the Wipro Technologies. He was considered the second most eligible bachelor in the county after Rahul Gandhi till he tied the knot with childhood sweetheart. Rishad, like his father, is interested in reading and music. It is said that Rishad reads quite a lot and during his spare time reads quite a lot of books, mostly relating to management. His younger brother Tariq, who is currently with the Azim Premji Foundation, is more of a friend. Family Net Worth: $16.8 billion

2. Akash, Isha & Anant Ambani:

These kids are more often with their mother cheering for Mumbai Indians

Akash and Isha, are twins and they are 19 of age and Anant is 16. These kids are mo
re often with their mother cheering for Mumbai Indians at the IPL matches which is owned by their mother. They are the next heirs to an empire which is worth $27 billion.

3. Ananyashree, Aryaman Vikram and Advaitesha Birla:

 Ananyashree, Aryaman Vikram and Advaitesha Birla

The Three Musketeers of Kumar Mangalam Birla and Neeraj have a family empire that
is worth $9.2 billion to inherit. The Aditya Birla Group operates in over 27 countries with more than 130,000 employees worldwide. The group has diversified business interests and is dominant player in all the sectors in which it operates such as viscose staple fibre, metals, cement, viscose filament yarn, branded apparel, carbon black, chemicals, fertilisers, insulators, financial services, telecom, BPO and IT services. The Aditya Birla group is a $ 30 billion conglomerate which gets 60 percent of its revenues from outside India.

4. Anmol and Anshul Ambani:

Anmol, 20 and Anshul, 16 are the sons of Anil Ambani

Anmol, 20 and Anshul, 16 are the sons of Anil Ambani. The chairman of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani
Group will pass on a net worth of $8.8 billion to his sons. Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group is one of India's largest conglomerates. It has a market capitalization of $ 81 billion, net assets $29 billion.

5. Eiesha and twin sons Kavin and Shravin Mittal:

Shravin Bharti Mittal, 23, one of twin sons

Sunil and Nyna Mittal of the Bharati Group are blessed with three children. Shravin Bharti M
ittal, 23, one of twin sons of Sunil Bharti Mittalholds of a degree in accounting and finance from the University of Bath in the UK. Shravin Mittal joins from JP Morgan Cazenove in London where he was an analyst in the technology, media and telecommunications division of the investment banking unit. He had earlier worked with Merrill Lynch in New York and Ernst & Young in London. The three are heirs to an empire worth $27 billion.

6.Aditya Mittal:

Aditya Mittal is a CFO of the world\'s largest steel firm ArcelorMittal

Aditya Mittal is a CFO of the world's largest steel firm ArcelorMittal, He has a Bachelor's Degre
e in Economics with concentrations in Strategic Management and Corporate Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, from which he graduated magna cum laude in 1996. He worked for a short time in the mergers and acquisitions department at investment bank Credit Suisse First Boston. He joined the family business in 1997 and was appointed Head of Mergers and Acquisitions in 1999, and has been involved in several purchases since then as Mittal Steel has played a major role in the consolidation of the global steel industry. Aditya Mittal is married to Megha Mittal, owner of German fashion company Escada. He has one sister, Vanisha, who is married to Amit Bhatia and is a board member of ArcelorMittal. There are given an empire worth $31.1 billion.

7. Shashwat Goenka

Son of Sanjiv Goenka, Vice Chairman of RPG enterprises

Son of Sanjiv Goenka, Vice Chairman of RPG enterprises; a $3 billion firm that has interests in power, transmiss
ion, technology, retail and entertainment. Twenty-one-year-old Shashwat will, no doubt, join the business after graduating from theWharton School, where he is earning his business degree. The family net worth is $1.4 billion.

8. Siddhartha Mallya:

Inheritor of one of the world\'s largest alcohol companies

Inheritor of one of the world's largest alcohol companies, an airline company and an IPL team. Siddhartha
, 24, son of UB Group's Vijay Mallya was educated at Wellington College in the UK, followed by Queen Mary's College in the University of London. Mallya also has two daughters Laila and Tanya, from his second marriage. The family net worth is $1.4 billion.


22 August 2011

Corruption to Remain Unchanged for Next Two Years

With Anna Hazare taking a toll over corruption issue in India, many supports have taken leave from their studies or job that includes people from corporate and public sector to support the moment. So, is the corporate world that affected by corruption and bribery that they need to revolt against the system. It is expected that despite of several measures, such as Central Vigilance Commission's proposed National Anti-Corruption Strategy and the Right to Information Act, 2005, the corruption will remain unchanged for next two years.

KPMG in India conducted a survey 'Survey on Bribery and Corruption - Impact on Economy and Business Environment, 2011.' The survey was conducted with certain leading Indian corporates in order to understand their perception of how corruption is corroding the economy as well as the corporate environment.

Corruption has a significant impact on the economy and businesses of India. For the current stage of corruption, people who pay bribe are proportionately responsible with the one who takes. Rules should be framed for both parties to curtail the growth of corruption. More than the projected nine percent GDP growth can be achieved if corruption is controlled as it is a key risk to the projected growth rate.

The World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index 2010 lists freedom from corruption as one of the factors that influences an economy's competitiveness amongst other factors like business freedom, trade freedom, fiscal freedom and government spending. India's growth story in the coming decade may be hampered by corruption. It may also affect its fair business competitiveness and growth opportunities domestically and globally.

The foreign direct investment into the country, negative impact on the performance of capital markets and a volatile political and economic environment are the other ways in which corruption could result in lower GDP, assumes the respondents. A reduction of 11 percent in per capita FDI inflows may be seen due to a one-point increase in the corruption level, suggests an International report. Over 90 percent of the respondents are of the opinion of the corruption negatively impacting the performance of stock markets by increasing volatility (40 percent) and prevents institutional investors from making long term investments (32 percent).

The international financial markets seeks corruption to be associated with higher borrowing costs, lower stock valuations and bad corporate governance. The respondents believe that corruption results in lower and sub-graded business players coming into picture to execute projects even with lesser capabilities. About 68 percent of the respondents believe that the private sector is responsible for such high level of corruption, and a over whelming 31 percent respondents stated that corporate organizations pay bribe to win and retain business/tenders. But while turning the situation into their favor, they forget that their opponent may also use the same policy the next time to win the business and turn the situation against them.

This is true in respect to every country where corruption either is on its height or has just spread its leg. The roadway to success is blocked by this bribery and corruption, which needs an urgent comprehensive framework to curtail corruption at all levels, may be private or government sectors.

India Set for Record Gold Imports

Notwithstanding skyrocketing gold prices, its imports are likely to cross the 1,000-tonne mark this year on robust investment demand, say analysts. Since the U.S. sovereign debt downgrade and the new threats emanating from eurozone economies, gold has rallied 14 percent this month alone, as investors shunned stocks and flocked to the yellow metal as a safe haven.
India Set for Record Gold Imports

The last time gold rose over 14 percent in a month was in 1999. In the domestic market, gold scaled a new high of over Rs 28,150 per 10 gm in futures market, while in global markets it hit a record $1,877 an ounce last Friday. In the domestic market, on that day gold rose as much as Rs 1,310, the highest ever single day gain, they said. "With rising prices, investment demand is likely to grow, especially in the gold ETFs (exchange traded funds) and coins, in expectation of better returns," brokerage firm Maya Iron Ores Vice-Chairman Praveen Kumar said. The country's total gold ETFs investment has reached 15 tonne, which is expected to double in a year, Kumar said. However, the jewellery demand is likely to decline due to rise in recycled gold in the market, he said.

India, the largest consumer of the yellow metal, has imported 553 tonnes during the first six months of this year, WGC said.

Anna's campaign stired Indians Worlwide, Including U.S.

Anna Hazare's campaign against corruption has caught the imagination of Indian Americans and the U.S. media alike though official Washington was apparently caught on the wrong foot initially.
Anna's campaign stired Indians Worlwide, Including U.S.

To be fair, the State Department spokesperson in response to a question merely stated Washington's position in support of people's right of peaceful protest around the world and that it could count on a vibrant democratic India to exercise appropriate restraint.

When Indians took umbrage as a section of the media turned "count on" into somewhat condescending "hopes" and "expects", the official modified it to US was "confident" about India's response to the protests.

And when that too failed to mollify the Indians, the spokesperson blamed the Indian reaction on "extremely inaccurate reporting" and returned to well worn diplomatic phrase that it was India's internal affair.

But the U.S. media has been reporting it prominently with the Washington Post hailing it on the front page as the "awakening of the new middle class" in India and how the "anti-corruption effort could signify change in national psyche."

"Unlike the Arab Spring, it is not an impassioned call for democracy or a new government," it said. "But it is an awakening of sorts, which could change the face of India's democracy."

The influential New York Times agreed noting, "The popular outpouring he (Hazare) has set off has inevitably drawn comparisons with the democratic uprisings of the Arab Spring."

"Most analysts agree, though, that India's moment is a different one. But in its own way it may prove to be no less important," it said seeing in the protests an "Unlikely Echo of Gandhi" inspiring Indians to act.

Writing in the Huffington Post, Sarika Bansal said "Anna Hazare and his supporters should be extremely proud of what they have accomplished." But suggested they should now "allow a much wider ring of experts to develop methods that will, in due course, systemically weed out corruption."

The Wall Street Journal too in a commentary analysed "Why Anna Hazare Is Not India's Arab Spring." But "the movements do genuinely share one thing in common: Their tenacity has caught officialdom off-guard, and no one can say for sure where it will all end."

Lisa Curtis, senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation think tank, saw in the movement implications for U.S. relations with India.

"As Singh's government weakens, it could also weaken US-Indian bilateral relations, as members of the prime minister's party who are not as enthusiastic about ties with Washington gain clout," she said.

Starting with traditional India Day parades before India's Independence Day, Indian Americans too slowly but surely started coming out in support of Hazare with gatherings in at least seven cities organised by India Against Corruption and People for Loksatta.

They followed it up with hundreds of e-mails to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and rallies in front of Indian missions. Indian Students at Maryland University began a week-long vigil in front of the Indian Embassy here besides mounting a massive social networking campaign to spread Hazare's message.
More rallies are planned in New Jersey, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Los Angles and other cities across the US Sunday.

"If you haven't heard about Anna Hazare or the whole movement in India then please call your family at India and check the mood of the nation," wrote Atul Kumar of New Jersey in his blog bit.ly/indiaerupts (India Erupts Again) exhorting Indian-Americans to join a planned protest in Manhattan Sunday.

Jan Lokpal impractical, undemocratic: Aruna Roy

Terming Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal Bill "impractical and complicated", noted social activist and National Advisory Council (NAC) member Aruna Roy said that giving widespread powers to an unelected body is a "threat to democracy".

"Jan Lokpal is a bill impossible to implement. Also, it derails the checks and balances between the judiciary, executive and other organs of the democratic structure," Roy, 65, who pioneered the right to information (RTI) movement in the country, told IANS in an interview here.
Jan Lokpal impractical, undemocratic: Aruna Roy

"Not that we agree with the government Lokpal Bill. The Lokpal legislation should be thoroughly deliberated again by activists, lawmakers and all other stakeholders.

"We of course support the democratic right of Hazare to hold demonstrations and fast against the government. That is why we condemned the arrest of Hazare," she said.

"But we have no meeting point with them, though we keep meeting each other at functions and meetings of common interest," she added.

Asked about the huge public support Hazare has drawn, Roy said: "There have been huge gatherings in support of NGO-sponsored agitations, like the Narmada Bachao movement. It might not have got similar publicity, as live TV was not there then."

Roy and her fellow activists in the National Campaign for People's Right to Information (NCPRI) have prepared an alternate version of the Lokpal bill, which will be presented to parliament's standing committee.

Roy, a Magsaysay award winner, said the Jan Lokpal bill is a "giant, complicated exercise" as it tried to extend from the prime minister to a peon.

"It wants to bring the higher judiciary into its ambit, which otherwise should have been under the Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill, 2010," she said.

She felt that the suggestion of dual duties -- curbing corruption and redressing grievances -- under the Jan Lokpal was not feasible.

"The Jan Lokpal is a threat to democracy as a powerful, non-elected agency can lead to abuse of power and abuse of authority. Power corrupts and absolutely power corrupts absolutely," she quipped.

"Grievance redressal should not be the role of the Lokpal; it should be the work of the executive.

"See, wages of lakhs of workers in the NREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) in Rajasthan have not been paid. But that is because the shortage of bank staff and other bureaucratic delays," she said.

The massive organisational setup suggested in the Jan Lokpal will lead to corruption and inefficiency, she cautioned.

"You may be able to find 11 Lokpal members of integrity, but it is difficult to create a clean set-up of thousands of staffers and hold them accountable," Roy said.

The government-drafted Lokpal is also deficient on several fronts, she added. Since it excludes cases under the state governments, there can be no probe against cases like the Adarsh housing society scandal, the Commonwealth Games scam and illegal mining in Karnataka.

She said excluding the prime minister and the higher judiciary was wrong. "This is a wrong practice. Nobody should be above the law," she said, adding that there should be certain safeguards. "Like both the Lokpal and the Supreme Court should agree on a probe against the prime minister."

Roy also suggested that the Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill should be revised to facilitate effective action against the higher judiciary while the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) should be strengthened to probe junior officials.

The whistleblowers' protection bill too should be revised to deal with the increasing attacks and threats against RTI activists, she suggested.

"The Lokpal bill should not become an issue of adamant stances, political rivalries and personality-driven agitations. What we need is a sincere, detailed debate for legislation of immense social significance and public concern," she said.

Roy, an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer from 1968 to 1974, resigned from the government as the clouds of Emergency were gathering. She took to social work in the Social Work Research Centre in Tilonia in Rajasthan, founded by her husband Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy, another Magsaysay award winner.

However, she professionally disassociated from her husband in 1983, reportedly for ideological reasons, and founded the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathana (Workers and Peasants Strength Union) in 1990 in  Devdoongri in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan.

Roy's campaign for right to information led to the enactment of the RTI Act - in Rajasthan in 2000 and five years later at the national level.

Lessons of life by Great Personalities ..

20 August 2011

Why Anna Hazare is Wrong?

The anti-corruption crusader's popularity has gone beyond the boundaries, the world media is extensively covering him today and Anna could even inspire a Pakistani to follow his footsteps. Anna Hazare, who went to the extent of calling his movement the 'second freedom struggle' is pulling the crowd and the support for his noble cause is soaring in a fast rhythm. However, there are many who disagree with Anna Hazare and they feel that Anna is proposing a miracle cure that is technically impractical.

Anna is proposing a miracle cure that is technically impractical

Yes there is a public outcry and people are increasingly becoming restless about the amount of corruption that is exposed and those yet to be opened to the public. However, the proposed Jan Lokpal Bill is not regarded as the ultimate solution for this problem as they argue that it would make the complex government system even more complicated and complexity eventually leads to corruption.

They argue that the existing institutions such as CBI, CVC and CAG can serve the purpose if they are made more independent. They question the relevance of a Lok Pal at all on the fact that we have never been able to prevent politicization and undermining of the existing government agencies and how a new Lok Pal will be saved from being politicized or undermined?

Will the Jan Lok Pal be safe from being politicized or undermined?

In an interview with CNN-IBN, Co-Founder of Infosys and Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India, Nandan Nilekani said the movement should be organized in a much more holistic and strategic manner. "There is a part of corruption that is big ticket corruption, there is a part of it that is retail corruption," he said. Nilekani termed Anna's protest a naive and simplistic one and said the UID will make sure that the common man's PDS is portable so that they can go to any ration shop. "These are basic, fundamental things which will help in making sure that the people have a much more hassle-free relationship with the State." He said the proposed Jan Lok Pal bill is just one of those many things from the government and if we are going to do something about corruption, we have to do it in a much broader manner.

The independent and impartial opponents have criticized the political parties for the rise of Anna and his movement. They say it's the failure of political parties to represent people or live their expectations that gave rise to a massive movement such as Anna's which is completely apolitical. They warn that such mass movements can pressurize the governments and these can cause dire consequences.

Anna's movement can cause dire consequences

It's a debatable topic if those armchair intellectuals and the so-called activists holding candles out in the street would restrain themselves from the corrupt system when it comes to getting a passport, a driver's license or for an admission in a government job. How can this Jan Lokpal Bill prevent such basic-level corruption which poses a greater threat to the common man than the big-ticket corruptions such as 2G scam and the CWG which the common folks wouldn't even understand?

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19 August 2011

Anna's movement: What's your city doing? (Part II )

Anna's movement has no doudt created a frenzy allover India. We presented the most happening centers of the crusader Anna Hazare in part I and here we again bring a continuation of the previous part.

Jammu & Kashmir

The valley seems to be indifferent in regard to Anna Hazare's movement. There has not been a murmur of protest in Kashmir valley in team Anna's favor. There are a lot of factors at helm for people not joining. Firstly, Kashmir being a Muslim predominate state, people are observing fast on account of holy month of Ramzan, so there is no fun in joining the fast as they are already fasting for religious commitment. Other reasons could be that J&K already has their Lokpal in the shape of Accountability Commission. Moreover, the RTI activists are confused whether to join the movement or not. On the contrary, Jammu has taken a lead in supporting the Anna Hazare movement. Main opposition People's Democratic Party (PDP) which draws its strength from Muslim majority Kashmir has preferred to protest in Jammu rather than the valley.

Tamil Nadu

People from all walks of life enacted a one-day fast on Tuesday at various places across Tamil Nadu supporting Anna Hazare's demand for a strong Lokpal bill. Over 60 people accumulated in Chennai near Quaid E Milleth memorial to support Hazare's cause, with banners saying "Say no to corruption and yes to Jan Lok Pal." Hundreds of activists, including women, from various organisations observed the fast in response to a call given by the local chapter of Anti Corruption Movement, to support Hazare's cause in Coimbatore. In Madurai, members of various Hindu organisations, including Tamil Nadu Pengal Meetpu Peravai (Organisation to save women from Problem) staged the fast at Kalayar kovil area.


People from Orissa stood for the support for the Gandhian leader Anna Hazare and demonstrations continued after his arrest. Many organizations support the protest rally in Bhubneswar. About 2000 senior citizen, lawyers, social activist, students were present in the rally. The city also witnessed dharnas and candlelight processions supporting Anna. The young group of BJD organized a dharna outside the Raj Bhavan to express harmony with Anna and it welcomed the Jan Lokpal bill and demanded its implementation.

The protest against Anna Hazare has age no bar. From children to citizens all came on streets with placards and national flag. The Bihar unit of 'India Against Corruption', the umbrella body of the citizen's movement fighting for strong Lokpal, held fast and demonstrations at different places in the state to protest against Anna Hazare's arrest. Activists under the banner of 'India Against Corruption' brought out protest march in Purnia, Muzaffarpur and Bhagalpur against the Gandhian's arrest. Demanding that the UPA government led by Manmohan Singh concede the demand for "a strong and effective" Jan Lokpal bill, several activists of the Patna branch of IAC assembled at the Kargil Chowk here and sat on fast. They shouted anti-government slogans against the arrest of Anna and his aides.


Offering support to the Gandhian fighter, people from different walks of life gathered and staged a sit-in at the Martyrs Column in the heart of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram and protested Hazare's detention. The state that is almost nearing the golden mark of being 100 percent literate, saw a relay fast and a march by IT professionals in Kochi protesting against the arrest of Anna Hazare. The group of IT professionals took out a march from the Infopark to Collectorate shouting slogans against the government action. The protests also saw active participation of many organizations like Ernakulam Merchants union, Kerala Madhya Nirodhana samithi, Pravasi Rajasthani Sangh, Raj Purohit samaj etc. Veteran Marxist leader and relentless anti-corruption fighter V.S. Achuthanandan voiced his full support to Anna Hazare?s struggle for a strong Lokpal bill. Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) had staged protests across the state condemning detention of Hazare. There were also many other protests and allegations that saw people including writers, rights activists, artists and professionals coming together in large numbers to stand for Anna Hazare's noble cause.


Thousand poured in for the protest rallies held across the state. People under the banner of India Against Corruption in Ajmer organized a dharna at Gandhi Bhavan crossroad and burnt the effigy of the Union government. Students of various colleges participated in the rally from Government College to Gandhi Bhavan crossroad. The Bar Association of Revenue Board organized a rally and therefore suspended work. BJP workers gathered at Gandhi Bhavan crossroad and shouted slogans against UPA government.

Andhra Pradesh:

The voice of Anna reached Andhra Pradesh as well where people demonstrated they support for Anna through a candle light march and signature campaign. The People's Plaza and the Necklace Road Railway station which is the centre point in Hyderabad saw the march of Anna's supporters which included children, youth and freedom fighters. Telangana Jagruthi President K Kavitha besides members of different organisations lighted candles and extended their support to Hazare.

Different districts of Hyderabad also supported the 72 year old social activist by conducting signature campaigns and hunger strikes. Districts like Vizianagaram, Prakasam, Kurnool, Warangal, Adilabad also made their stand.

Leading Telugu film star Akkineni Nagarjuna also supported Hazare's crusade against corruption.
"Support Anna Hazare today for a brighter India tomorrow. Help eradicate corruption. Jai Hind," Nagarjuna tweeted to his friends and supporters.

Speaking in support of Hazare, popular Telugu, Tamil and Hindi actor Siddharth tweeted "it is important that we all remain behind him and show solidarity. If you think hard and pray hard enough, you can move the world. Let Anna feel his country is behind him," the actor said.

Siddharth also wrote "I am not eating the whole day today. I feel guilty eating when a great man who is fighting for me is not (eating)."


Anna Hazare's stir against corruption and fast leading to his arrest had a deep impact in Gujarat which led to Bandh, blocked traffic and fasting by people at Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Students and NGO's also took active participation in the protest. The public was very furious after the arrest that they went violent on road. The ruckus led to the arrest of 150 people. Thousands of citizens came on to streets in Ahmedabad. There were more than 15 candle light marches and lights were lit off by the residents of Ahmedabad for the justice of Hazare.

Anna's movement: What's your city doing? (Part I)

Are you with Anna's movement? A movement seeking for the establishment for a strong anti-corruption law in the country. Anna Hazare's name is being echoed all over India and he is being viewed as the only beacon of hope that India has today against the spreading cancer of corruption in the country. Every nuke and corner of the country cries for a change and people are coming out in large numbers to express their frustration over the increasing cases of corruption in the country. Every city witnesses mass protests and rallies - Get to know how your city feels about it.

New Delhi

As news of Anna Hazare's arrest spread, the capital city was on its toes and there were sporadic protests across the capital ever since. The protests following the veteran Gandhian's arrest led to the detention of more than 500 supporters in the national capital. The protests were led by Shanti Bhushan and Kiran Bedi. Massive protests and rallies were held in in Rajghat, and near the Delhi University campus. People from various walks of life came out in support of Team Anna with a common goal of establishing a strong anti-corruption law in the country. Organizers claimed that the rally at the India Gate monument in central Delhi had brought together more than 60,000 people.


Maharashtra is bound to witness the most upsurges from the rising Anna's movement against corruption, as the hero itself hails from one of the village from Maharashtra. His village named Ralegan Siddhi, Parner taluka of Ahmednagar district observed a bandh after he was detained by the police. The protesting farmers came out on the roads along with their cattle and blocked traffic.

In no time Anna movement has reached the hearts of Mumbai as it saw Mumbaikars skip work, dump jobs for national duty and Azad Maidan was flooded with Anna supporters. Thousands of supporters of Hazare, gathered at Azad Maidan in the metropolis, are all set for 'Jail Bharo' after his detention by Delhi police on August 16th. Social activist Medha Patkar led the protests at Azad Maidan in south Mumbai.

It is interesting to see that many people are on extended leave just to join the anti-corruption movement and participate in one of the biggest rallies without any fear of being detained.

Bollywood was seen quite active in Anna movement as we saw Vishal Dadlani, a music director, Poorav Kohli, an actor taking active participation on 16th August. Earlier on April 9th Urmila Matondkar was seen in Azad Maidan supporting Anna.


Thousands of students skipped classes as they thronged Freedom Park in Bangalore in support of Anna Hazare, with former Supreme Court judge Santosh N. Hegde, also joining the dharna.

Hegde, a member of the joint committee on drafting the Lokpal bill who till recently was Karnataka Lokyukta, threw his weight behind the protest for the second day as slogans of "Vande Mataram" and "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" constantly rent the air.

"Anna is fighting for us. We are here to support him," several students said. Some had even taken permission from their school authorities to be part of the protest.

Techies, NGOs and the elderly were seen lending support as the crowds swelled, with the protest appearing to gather further momentum.


Punjab was also seen fueling in the movement against corruption. Chandigarh witnessed people from different walks of life continuing their demonstrations for the Jan Lok Pal Bill. Activists of various political parties, including BJP, Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) and Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) have also been joining the protesters.

On April 9 young and old activists of Art of Living and Patanjalee Yog Peeth took put a candlelight vigil in Jalandhar. Similarly in Kapurthala activists took out candle light vigil too. Environmentalist Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal along with Sant Daya Singh also extended their support to Anna.

About 51 citizens ranging from professionals to industrialists sat on one day fast near bus stand on National Highway 1 in Jalandhar. In Ferozepur, activists of newly formed People's Party of Punjab took out a candle march to express solidarity with Hazare's mission.


When the whole country was protesting against arrest of Anna Hazare, Assam is also not behind. For the support of Anna Hazare people of Guwahati joined on August 16, the movement which was triggered by his arrest. People from different organization came out and joined the protest programme at Dighalipukhuri, near District Library. Assam State Unit held the protest programme 'India against Corruption' at Guwahati. 20 people sat on a relay hunger strike, whereas hundreds of people joined in protest against Anna's arrest by wearing black masks. As other people joined the strike, the number of protesters swelled to more than 400.

Uttar Pradesh

The protest meet held across the city, to support Anna Hazare poured in from various sections included staff of state secretariat , members of other government departments, those staged by the Joint Action Committee of UP Power Employees Federation, members of UP Forest Corporation Officers and Staff Association, UP Secondary Education Teachers Association, and the Hind Mazdoor Kisan Panchayat .A candelight march was performed in Gomtinagar and an anti-corruption signature campaign was also launched by the Save Cultural Values Foundation at Jhulelal Park.

West Bengal

Amid rain there was a solid response in Kolkata as thousand gathered to attend the rally, at 5 pm the state BJP organized a protest march to Gandhiji's statue in Mayo Road in Central Kolkata .On 16th of August a dharna was held at the heart of the city Esplanade, where activists under the banner of 'Jago' alleged that the government's Lokpal Bill provides greater protection to the corrupt section of the society rather than bringing it to book.The activist criticised the arrest of Anna Hazare,and demanded his immediate release and the listing of a 'strong' Lokpal Bill in the Parliament.Citizen's Forum' launched its campaign 'India against Corruption' at the Salt Lake city area. 
Himachal Pradesh:

A very strong protest took place in Shimla as the activist started to fast against the arrest of Anna. The indefinite hunger strike in Mandi town was very crucial as it was uncontrollable as they considered Anna?s arrest as regrettable and condemnable. As per the scheduled programme they started to fast in support of a strong Lokpal bill and since police arrested Anna, they decided to go as per previous plan. They were also ready for court arrest. More than 100 people gathered for the protest. A large number of residents gathered in this Himachal Pradesh capital, condemning the arrest of civil society activist Anna Hazare in New Delhi. The state unit of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) Tuesday gave a call for statewide protest Wednesday. Himachal Pradesh unit of Anti-terrorist Front and Shimla Bar Association today held protests in support of Anna Hazare here this morning.

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh unites with Anna in vogue. People in Madhya Pradesh took some fascinating form of protests like climbing atop towers to wearing black uniforms to tying locks to their legs to show their support for Anna Hazare's demand for strong Lokpal Bill. Three supporters in Gwalior climbed atop floodlight towers of Roop Singh Stadium, carrying the national flag and got down after six hours. Some Bharatiya janata Party (BJP) activists staged sit-ins in the state capital. The chamber of commerce organised demonstrations in Jabalpur.


18 August 2011

How to Save Money for a Holiday

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How to Save Money for a Holiday
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Buy a packageThis option is the best if you don't want to spend separately for booking flights, car hire and accommodation. This option will cost you less compared to others.

Compare travel insurance
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Plan and stay in apartment
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Ramlila grounds may be Hazare's fast venue

The spacious Ramlila grounds in north Delhi is emerging as the likely venue for Anna Hazare to hold his fast-unto-death for a strong anti-corruption law, informed sources said.

It was likely that Hazare, who has been in Tihar Jail since Tuesday and refused to come out until he is allowed to conduct his protest without any conditions, would be allowed to fast for up to seven days, the sources said.
 Ramlila grounds may be Hazare's fast venue

Prashant Bhushan, senior lawyer and member of the joint drafting committee of the Lokpal bill, told mediapersons outside the jail that Ramlila Grounds was actively being considered.

Whatever the decision, it will be suitable to Hazare and his supporters, he added.

He asked the hundreds of activists gathered outside the jail to keep calm. He also called upon all supporters to gather at India Gate in the heart of the capital for important declarations.

Hazare, 74, imprisoned Tuesday afternoon ahead of his planned fast, was ordered to be released at night. However, he refused to be released till his original demand for undertaking a fast in the city was allowed.

The sources said representatives of the Anna team, including Prashant Bhushan and Kiran Bedi, took part in the negotiations in the jail. Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar also met Hazare.

17 August 2011

India against corruption: Anna Hazare sent to judicial custody

Anna Hazare was sent to judicial custody for 7 days after he refused to give a personal bond for his release. The Gandhian activict was taken to Tihar Jail.

If Anna Hazare gives undertaking not to defy Section 144 CrPC, he can be released on personal bond: Delhi Police chief B K Gupta earlier said.

Earlier today, Anna Hazare launched a fast in police custody soon after he was detained for sticking to his plan to defy prohibitory orders and stage a protest against corruption here.
India against corruption: Anna Hazare sent to judicial custody

The Hazare Team said the Gandhian was on fast and was not even taking water after he was taken to a police facility in north Delhi.

"He is on fast. He is not even taking water," a spokesperson for the Hazare Team said.

Hazare was detained from an apartment in east Delhi's Mayur Vihar on Tuesday morning after police failed to persuade him to call off his plans to defy prohibitory orders and stage a protest at Jai Prakash Narain Park here.

Besides Hazare, his close associates Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Shanti Bhushan were also detained.

The Gandhian had announced that he would launch his indefinite fast from today demanding withdrawal of the "weak" Lokpal Bill and introduce a strong legislation to fight corruption.

16 August 2011

Anna detained; what next?

Anna Hazare courted arrest after being detained by Delhi Police at his residence in Mayur Vihar ahead of his indefinite fast. Calling for a struggle to fight corruption and change the existing system, social activist Anna Hazare said he will court arrest today if the police does not allow him to reach the venue of his fast. He also appealed to people to go to jail in support of the anti-corruption struggle.
Anna detained; what next?

"We will go to JP Park tomorrow (Tuesday) for our fast. I have learnt that Section 144 (prohibiting gathering of five or more people) has been imposed. If they (police) refuse to allow us to proceed, we will sit there only. We are ready to go to jail. I appeal to people all over the country that when we go to jail, people in villages should also go to jail," Hazare told mediapersons here.

He said that when the government releases them from jail they will again go on a fast. Hazare said going to jail was not a slur and should not be considered bad.

"There should be a jail bharo (fill the jail) movement in villages," he said.

He urged people to stay non-violent, saying that if they resort to violence the government has the power to crush the agitation.

Hazare had declared that he would go on fast Aug 16 for a strong Lokpal bill.

10 August 2011

Twitter, Facebook under scanner in India

he most famous networking sites Twitter and Facebook will be under the scanner in India as the home ministry of India has asked the communications ministry to control these social networking websites, fearing that the services are being availed by the terrorist to plan attacks.

The request proposed that the Indian government is trying to extend the reach of its online surveillance for national security.
Twitter, Facebook under scanner in India

According to the country's Press information Bureau Milind Deora, the minister of state for communications and IT, claimed at the Parliament that, "Telecommunications service providers in India provide facilities for lawful interception and monitoring of communications on their network." Millind further included that "But there are certain communications which are encrypted."

The government did not provide adequate details of what encrypted data they would like to have access to. A spokesman for the home ministry claimed that additional information can only be hand over in Parliament while it is in session.

Earlier this year, the new rules to the country's IT Act that came into force included websites and service providers are required to provide government security agencies with information on private accounts, including passwords, on request without a court order.

Most of the companies do not agree to share information with law enforcement agencies until and unless they have a court order.

Twitter states in its guidelines for law enforcement that "non-public information about Twitter users is not released unless we have received a subpoena, court order, or other valid legal process document."

Facebook claimed that it has a similar policy, saying that U.S. federal law prohibits the disclosure of the contents of an account such as messages, wall posts and photos except in response to a civil subpoena or court order,

The duo Twitter and Facebook, ranked top 10 among the most popular websites in India according to web statistics company Alexa.

Beware! CyberStalking causes intense stress

Cyberstalking has been proved to cause more intense stress, that may be worse than being harassed or stalked in person, according to a new study.

Trauma associated with being stalked or tormented via modern technology can have far-reaching implications for mental health. The psychologists say it's important to find ways to cope.

For all its obvious benefits, there is also a dark side to the cyberworld: online stalking and harassment that can leave victims feeling as if there's no safe haven providing escape from their pursuers.

"It's a new method for an old problem," says Dr Elizabeth Carll, a clinical psychologist in Long Island, NY.

"Obviously the ones that everyone is aware of is putting false and humiliating information on the Internet, such as discussion boards, blogs, message boards, Facebook, as well as sending harassing emails and text messages", she said.

But the psychological fallout from such electronic bully tactics can be even more devastating for those targeted than face-to-face exchanges, said Carll, who presented a talk on the issue on Saturday at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association in Washington.

"The symptoms of harassment and e-harassment are very similar, anxiety, fear, nightmares, feelings of helplessness, hypervigilence, having eating and sleeping difficulties, feeling out of control, a loss of personal safety -- all of those kind of things go with harassment," she said.

Someone being harassed at work can't necessarily evade their persecutor at home because computers and cellphones can allow incoming emails, texts and phone calls to continue 24-7, she said.

Even telephone caller ID isn't foolproof for avoiding contact -- there are ways to alter the name that comes up when the phone rings, a technique dubbed "caller ID spoofing."

Cyberstalking is particularly traumatising because its reach is global, Carll said in an interview from Washington.

Citing statistics from the US Justice Department and other sources, Carll said 850,000 American adults, mostly women, are targets of cyberstalking each year.

40 per cent of women have experienced dating violence delivered electronically, including harassing text messages and disturbing information about them posted on social media sites.

20 per cent of online stalkers use social networking to keep tabs on their victims. 34 per cent of female college students and 14 per cent of male students have broken into a romantic partner's email.

One insidious form of cyberstalking involves installing spyware on a victim's computer, allowing the perpetrator to read the person's personal emails, track websites visited and steal passwords. "They could also send viruses and spam and harmful programs that could compromise or destroy their computer," she said.

A number of American states are looking at legislation to counter cyberstalking, while some already have laws in place.

Carll said that if ignoring a cyberstalker's actions doesn't stop the harassment, then getting law enforcement involved may be the only way to bring it to an end.

And those targeted should never respond to the person bedevilling them online, she said.

Top 5 gaming websites in India

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