28 October 2011

The 5 "A" for Success

"Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture," once said Lydia M.Child. The silver light that we usually see on the glamorous face of the big, successful enterprises are the just the lamination on their face, the truth lies in the fact that "Rome was not built in a day". It takes a lot of effort to start with the scratch and build the empire that is like skyscrapers. Everyone must have heard of the "W's" and "H's" playing their part in the success story. Here, we bring to you the five "A" who are also the contributing spice to the tasty success meal that you want to cook.


The 5
Analyzing is the best learning that you can do without losing anything of yours. It also helps to find the trend as to what is working and what dropped out despite of great efforts made in the market. Overtime it helps us to develop ways to measure our performance, like whether to focus on time or quality or end result to succeed. Switching measurements are also equally important. It assists us to know if we are missing something. It measures our performance in different ways by forcing us to look at what we do regularly from a new perspective.


The 5 \
Accept to be who you are. Everyone wants to be like an icon in their own field, say the entrepreneurs in the technology sector wants to be like Steve Jobs. But, check for what difference you can bring to the world by being what you are as you can adapt few characteristics of Jobs but cannot transform yourself completely. Also, it is important to accept others as they are. Your customers, vendors and suppliers are not going to change for you do not like them their way. It is important to stop focusing on negatives, then only can one start noticing positive qualities that he or she has missed.

The 5 \
Being a boss or the owner of a firm, you surely want others to assist you. But, have you ever thought what difference can you bring in to your business by assisting your employees and the superstar of your organization. Do not wait for anyone to ask for help. Being the boss, it is your duty to help your employees whenever and wherever they need it. This will help brush out all the impurities that might be there in your relationship with your employees. Do not forget the superstar of your company. He is someone who needs this the most but are always left behind due to his being the best-performer.

The 5 \
If you have not reached the goal you wanted to, it might be the time to take a reverse sweep towards the approach that you have been using, instead of just tweaking. And this will pay off sometimes, but remember to blow something up occasionally. Instead of focusing on a vast number of goals, look and pick at least one that you will set aside for now. This will narrow down your vast goals and let you focus on the one that is most important.

The 5 \
One of the reasons behind the successful people are their habits that they create and maintain. Take a close look at the people who are successful in their field or whom you admire the most and adopt one. Also, a mentor can help you slide smoothly through these questions of what is good and what not, whom to follow and whom not. Adopt the strategies that these people follow in their personal and professional life.

Being the kid in the industry or the chick who has just hatched out of its shell, these five "A's" might act as a booster for your dreams.