31 October 2011

Best Ways To Beat Marriage Blues

How often you smile at and feel engrossed to those old couples who hold hand in hand and walk together in the evenings of their lives? It adds some good feelings- feelings of security, feelings of emotional attachment and feelings of togetherness. But today's high-tech world has to talk something wired about marriage and relationships. It takes a snap of time for new world couples to part away. Sometimes there are reasons and sometimes it's just a need which is obvious for them!
Best Ways To Beat  Marriage Blues

Most often marriage blues tend to be a package of job loss, economical barrier and underemployment. Whatever it may be, it has become a common thing among couples to attack or criticize each other while they are under stress. Here are some best ways you can checkout to beat the marriage blues.

Stop expecting fairytale in real life: This is a time when things change and you feel different. Life is a beautiful struggle and you have to accept that fact instead of dreaming and expecting much from your partner. Before marriage it would be unrealistic and brooding romance but after marriage your responsibilities will increase and you won't have time to say that 'honey' word every then and now. Just realize it's not because there is no love, it is just because love is there even if you won't express it.

Brush up Your Relationships: Be connected with your loved ones and share your problems and seek good advices from experienced and old people. Your loved ones can give you a good perception about life.

Concentrate on your Profession: Concentrate on your profession and try to be more productive and innovative. Engage in some innovative and productive activities with your partner is the better. Achieve a goal together will make you both feel great about life.

Call back the word 'optimism': Think about those good old days you hold hand in hand and walked on the beach, shared good moments in a coffee shop and searched for that favorite book in library. Call back those days and make it happen once again.

Start Afresh: Let it be a new start. Clean your home, rearrange stuffs which looks old fashioned and expired. Cleaning your house and house hold stuffs can make you feel better and can impress your spouse by making it a new place to live.

Go for a makeover: Get a makeover done, which includes your mind and body. Change that old fashioned hairstyle and woozy look. Feel great and confident about yourself.

Make sure you get time to relax: Go for a spa and practice meditation or yoga at home. Make sure you get relaxed. It is always advised to go for a spa vacation to some exotic place along with your partner.

Find your inner child: Start loving and nurturing your inner child. The best way to do that is to enjoy something you used to, like fly a kite, skate, swim, dance, or take the dog for a walk etc. Stop locking your inner child within you in a more dark and submissive place.

Get involved in some charity work: Be a philanthropic and that is one best way to increase happiness. Be a star to those who are down with their luck and happiness. As a couple be an inspiration to homeless kids and orphans.