20 October 2011

Dance for Health & Beauty

Dance is an art-form that usually refers to rhythmic movements of the body, generally with respect to music.
Dance and health have been a subject of a number of research activities and shows that dance is a very healthy exercise. In other words, dance is a reliable indicator of the dancers’ health and intelligence.
In general, being a form of aerobic exercise, dance brings with it a number of health benefits.

Dance workouts can be used by people as a way of exercise. And one need not be a good dancer in order to enjoy its health benefits. And we all know that good health results in a beautiful mind and a charismatic personality. 

Dancing is a very good mind-body-spirit exercise. It increases memory power as it involves remembering the dance steps and sequences. This form of exercise is suitable for people of all ages to stay in proper shape and size. Various dance forms like folk dance, classical dance, jazz etc are perfect for exercises and workouts. The benefits of dance workouts are same as other low-impact weight bearing exercises such as jogging and cycling. This form of exercise also impact bone and muscles without stressing the joints.

Dancing provide flexible muscle which in turn lead to a healthy body because dancing requires a great amount of flexibility. Dancing tones the whole body and improves posture and balance. There is an increase in stamina and flexibility and reduction in stress and tension. Dance may also help in the prevention of diabetes, heart diseases, osteoporosis and depression.  

Endurance is the muscles ability to work hard for increasingly longer period of time without fatigue or tiredness. Dance, being a form of exercise increases endurance of the muscles. There are various successful records treating obesity which is becoming a major health problem of all age-groups.

Masala Bhangara and Bhangara aerobics, a form derived from the original folk dance of Punjab (Bhangara), is a challenging workout vigorous movement of the various body parts. The form of workout results in firm arms and sculpted shoulders. Same involves with Vegas Jazz, a moderately challenging, sleek and showy version of the traditional Jazz dance form, which primarily focuses on ram rod straight posture. The abs, back, legs and butt are the main beneficiaries of this workout. Similarly, the belly dance (Middle Eastern Dance) is a high intensity workout with the emphasis on belly. This form dance workout is well known to tone the entire body.

And finally, we all know that dancing is a social activity. It provides a sense of well-being and many opportunities for the dancer to meet other people. Strong social ties and socializing with friends contribute to high self esteem and a positive outlook. Therefore, dancing can increase self-confidence and build social skills in addition to resulting in a healthy body.