19 October 2011

Five Successful Styles Of Leadership

Good leadership styles cater to the demands of situations, the requirements of the people involved and challenges faced by the organization. Success of any organization depends upon five different leadership styles listed below.

1.Democratic or Participatory style

The democratic leader encourages followers to participate and give ideas. This type of leader allows others to take part in the decision making process. The final decision is still made by the leader, but only after respecting and taking into consideration the ideas of his followers.

2.Coaching style

This style of leadership targets on developing individuals, showing them how to improve their performance, and helping to connect their goals and the goals of the organization. Coaching style works best in organizations with limited employee skills.
3.Charismatic style

A charismatic leader has keen interest and is a great motivator. He infects others with his energy and belief. The presence
of a charismatic leader is a strong encouragement to the morale of workers. The ability to inspire is a trademark of charismatic leadership.

4.Transformational style

The transformational leader also applies his vision to inspire and lead others. He is a great communicator who effectively communicates a shared vision to his employees. This type of leaders delegate responsibilities and spends more time communicating.

 5.Situational style

This is one of the most successful leadership styles as the leader has to be accustomed to different situations, the abilites of the teams, and his own abilities. The leader should be able to adjust to sudden pressure and disadvantages that situations bring. The past history is well stocked with examples of successful leaders of this type, not only in the corporate world but in all facets of life.