21 October 2011

Lip care for dark lips

Lady with dark lip tends to use lipstick more than others. Dark lips can be a natural color of one’s lip or can result due to smoking, drinking tea or coffee in excess or sometimes it may be your natural color. Here are some tips for people with dark lips.

1. A simple method is to use Vaseline, but this is a temporary cure and need to be applied everyday.

2. If you smoke, please stop it, since this will worsen the lip color and your health.

3. Applying ghee is very usefull to bring back the lip color alive.

4. For a lady with dark skin and lips it is best to go with plum or wine lipstick. It is best to avoid bright reds and pinks shades.

5. Use good quality lipstick, and check for expiry date. When at home try to remove the lipstick coat from your lips.

6. Apply lip balm or lipstick with sunblock.

7. Before sleeping massage your lips with 2 drops of a mixture of honey, lime juice and glycerin.

8. Almond oil can also be used, this helps to cure discoloration in any part of the body.

9. Apply a mixture of glycerin, saffron and rose flower leaf at night before sleeping.

10. Apply a mixture of milk and saffron and apply it at night.