21 October 2011

Lip gloss -Things to know

Lip gloss gets its name from the glossy luster it gives to the lips. They are usually liquid or soft solid and are found in variety of shades like lipstick. They top the list in a makeup kit and are used to by people who do not wan to project an intense makeup.
Below are a few points one has to know about lip gloss before using it.

1. If applying above the lipstick you may want to first apply in the middle of lower lip and rub your lips together this will keep from applying too thick.

2. Look into the lip and try matching the shade of the lip gloss with it. In this way the shade will not be too light or too dark for you.

3. Use a lip brush which is thin to apply lip gloss.

4. Warm the lip gloss a bit between your hands and then make sure they are not too hard or too soft, since either way it will give the lip line a smudgy appearance.

5. You can also use lip gloss over a coat of lip balm. This will help to keep lip moist and will also cure the chapped lips.

6. This will highlight your face and make your lip look bigger.

7. They can help keep the lips moist for a longer time than most other lip care products and still highlight the color of he lips and also your personality.

8. Apply it to the lower lip middle first and then rub lips together for it to spread a bit. Do not apply them from right to left like lipstick.

9. After applying them they can become a bit sticky, in such a case rub your lips between a tissue paper.

10. Some people may be sensitive to certain lip gloss. So test it before you use it for a big day.