18 October 2011

The Missing Features of iPhone 4S

While everyone had their eyes stuck on the release for next-generation iPhone, Apple announced iPhone 4S and halted the expectations of many users. Users are confused whether waiting for iPhone 5 is worth it or buying an iPhone 4S is a better deal.Nevertheless, here are a few the points where iPhone 4S lacks and why it's purchase should be avoided.

Design and Display Identical to iPhone 4

display and features
Sporting general features and designs, iPhone 4S has 3.5 inches wide screen. But the new iPhone was expected to have 4.3 or 4.7 inches screen. Being so identical to its predecessor, it's tough to draw differences between them. Something unique and stylish was what everyone expected, but iPhone 4S lacks it all.

A5 Is Not Much of a Necessity

A5, the latest processor, is introduced with iPhone 4S to offer the best speed ever. Nevertheless, according to the experts, this aspect is not a chief prerequisite; even in playing games it does not play a major role.

Battery life is unchanged

Battery life
The battery life of iPhone 4S is more or less same of the iPhone 4. But possibly this is a bit of an achievement on Apple?s part bearing in mind that the new phone has a faster processor, a more powerful camera, and additional features. The new phone provides eight hours of 3G talk time, six hours for 3G web browsing, and nine hours of Wi-Fi browsing. But strangely, the standby battery life has dropped to 200 hours from 300 hours for the iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 Round the Corner

Why go for iPhone 4S, when the best is soon to come? You can get the latest next-generation iPhone soon. iPhone 5 is probable to be launched somewhere within the 6 months.

Samsung Galaxy Stands Out as a Better Option

Samsung Galaxy
If waiting for 6 months to own an iPhone is not possible for you, then you have a better option available in the market. Galaxy S2 is very viable and improved than iPhone 4S based on a variety of perspectives.

Lacks 4G

Lacks 4G
It was expected that the new iPhone would be running on 4G, but at the event, it was disclosed that it works on 3G, which is one of the foremost lacks in iPhone 4S.