23 October 2011

The Most Suicidal Jobs

There are many jobs in this world where we can find pleasure in it and we put lot of interest in doing that job. Many jobs help us to find the correct way of our life and it helps us to explore many new things around the world. But at times we even feel that our job is making us insecure and at that time we work hard to retain it.

Real Estate Sellers
There are many people in this world who takes their job very seriously.At that point of time, when ever they feel the threat of loosing their job, instead of working hard to retain their job they will take wrong ways like going to depression then at the end committing suicide. But there are very less people who go to such a big extent of committing suicide just because their job is under threat. They take such a big step only when they are literally scared of facing any sort of a problem because of their unsecured job.

Here are few such jobs where you are more likely to commit suicide, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health [NIOSH] survey:

Real Estate Sellers:

Real estate sellers take the step of committing suicide because of many kinds of real estate fraud which usually happen during the times when the price of real estate is on the increase. According to that survey, real estate sellers are 1.38 times more likely to commit suicide than average. NIOSH recorded 460 suicides. This category included real estate sales occupations.


It is a little bit surprising to know that these attorneys are at a much higher risk of committing suicide than any other profession. Lawyers are six times more likely to take their own lives than the lives of the general population. NIOSH recorded 445 suicides. This category included lawyers and judges

Finance Workers:

Finance workers always will be dealing with financial matters.This finance is a sector where they can earn lots of money and at the same time when a crisis rises in that field it will be very problematic to the finance dealers. During that time they lose lot of money and because of it they end up in taking risky steps of killing themselves.The reason may be because they will be not in a situation of facing their investors.According to the survey by NIOSH, finance workers are 1.51 times more likely to commit suicide and the NIOSH recorded 170 suicides in this field.This category included securities and financial services sales occupations.


According to the NIOSH report, Electricians are 1.31 times more likely to commit suicide. In that report they found that around 439 suicidal cases were recorded of the people who worked as electricians. A research was conducted by the University of North Carolina on around 138,000 male workers. In that research they found that around 536 suicidal cases were filled on those who worked as electricians and line-men. They reason they gave for this research is that; exposure to electrical cables may have made them to commit suicide.

Physicians :

From many years, physicians have the highest record of committing suicide than compared to people with other profession. The reason for this may be given as the job of a physician is a very stressful job. Physicians are far more likely to commit suicide by overdosing on medication. Hence, physicians are more successful in their attempts than other people. According to NIOSH, Physicians are 1.87 times are more likely to commit suicide.


Dentists are always trained to be very meticulous. All of them expect them to do things "perfect". So, this will be a hell lot of pressure on them and this stress can be overwhelming and can lead a person to commit suicide, if they feel they are not as "perfect". However, a research conducted by Rogere Alexander from American Dental Association found that there was little valid evidence that dentists are more prone to suicide than the general population.

According to NIOSH, Dentists were 1.67 times more likely to commit suicide and they recorded 148 suicidal cases in this field.


It seems a bit surprising for all of us that veterinarians are four times as likely to commit suicide than the average person and twice as likely as our human healthcare counterparts. This dark fact was brought to you by the series of United Kingdom studies conducted over the past few years.

Many of us don't realize the fact that many vets may be more sensitive. The three reasons for a vets stress would be because of the number of working hours, making professional mistakes and the client's complaints and allegations. According to NIOSH, veterinarians are 1.54 times more likely to commit suicide.