20 October 2011

Oxygen Facial

The Oxygen Facial is a step by step process that begins with cleansing procedure so that skin is well-prepared for the treatment. 

The first step is introducing a small ‘shot’ of glucose, magnesium and potassium to skin surface which helps to activate the oxygen absorption process.

Then mask is placed on the face and through a diffuser, pure hydrated oxygen is pumped and the person is now allowed to breathe the aroma-oxygen blend.

After the mask is removed, a cleanser is applied to the face and neck which contains anti-aging minerals and vitamins including Vitamin E and CoQ10 which helps in removing dead skin cells and provides deep exfoliation and enriching the skin with moisture and emollients. A mix of oxygen-infused ingredients is then applied to the skin along with an antioxidant-rich serum to speed up cell regeneration and encourage healing.  Then emollient-rich cream is applied to the face to tighten the skin and infuse it with even more moisture to deliver another blast of aroma-oxygen onto the treatment area.