24 October 2011

Sports Dentistry

Sports dentistry is bit different from non - athlete dentistry. Method of treatment varies for athletes and people participating in contact sports. Injuries occurred in sports related to mouth or oral cavities are considered as sports dentistry.

Precautions for athletes to prevent injury to mouth:

1. Mouth guard: Mouth guard is a special type of prosthesis which protects teeth from injury. It covers all teeth and does not allow direct impact on teeth. Different types of mouth guard are:
• Stock Mouth guard
• Boil and Bite Mouth guard
• Custom fit mouth guard

Stock mouth guard offers least amount of protection and is available in all sport stores. The main disadvantage of these mouth guards are they don't fit properly in mouth either they are loose or too tight which can pinch gingiva and other soft tissues of mouth.

Boil and bite mouth guards are better as compared to stock mouth guards. These are also available in all sports stores. All you need is to put these mouth guards in hot water and then place mouth guard in mouth; it will itself adjust in mouth. Its better if you take help of dentist to get it fit properly.

Custom fit mouth guards are made by dentist in dental clinics. These are quite expensive, but provide better protection against injuries.

2. Do not ignore even minor injuries like fracture of the tip of tooth or gum injuries. Always consult dentist for needful treatment.

3. Do not leave fracture restorations or faulty restorations as it is. If you find any carious lesion in teeth, always get restored as early as possible.

4. Always prefer removable prosthesis rather than fixed prosthesis. After retirement from sports you can switch to fixed prosthesis.