23 October 2011

Top Financial Jobs From Home

In this world of professionals ranging from engineers, analysts, architects to accountants there a few lucky ones who do not have to follow the traditional 9 to 5 job. They work on their own at their will and are exceptionally successful in whatever they do. They prefer to be their own boss and have flexible work timings.

Finance being a vast field in itself needs a lot of knowledge and expertise to start something of own and a great amount of practice to be successful. A few of the jobs can now be done from anywhere.

Here's a list of the top jobs one can do from home.
Day Trading

Top Financial Jobs From Home

A day trader is someone who trades in financial instruments like stocks, futures etc for a few hours until the market closes for the day. They make numerous trades everyday within a short period of time. Apart from luck, day trading requires certain skills, some substantial capital in hand and a lot of mental strength.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Most importantly, they should be able to analyze and interpret the fluctuations in the market. Knowing the fact that the share market is generally not stable and that they keep varying, a day trader must have the cash reserves and the skill to handle short-term losses and keep moving.

Financial Writer

Top Financial Jobs From Home

One if the easiest jobs to do from home, financial writers these days are in high demand. The job involves creating educational content and market analysis or observations for either print/web publications. The substance could be anything from sections related to finance to books that would help students in their university course.

A few years of experience in the securities industry as a broker, financial analyst or portfolio manager helps them to start off writing and their personal experience makes them produce pieces faster than the inexperienced. Good financial writers can earn up to several hundred dollars per article. There are some that can pay salaries in the range of $70,000 to $90,000 per year.

Independent Financial Advisor

Top Financial Jobs From Home

A financial advisor is a professional who assists businesses, individuals and governments with financial services. This involves a lot of investment advice, which includes pension planning, counseling in life insurance, income protection insurance, critical illness insurance etc and some proper guidance in mortgage.

Having gained all the knowledge through their prior experience, they helps their client sustain the preferred balance of investment, capital gains etc. They provide the clients with a great amount of financial information in stock, bonds, real estate investment trust, mutual funds etc. They receive a considerable amount for commission for the services they offer.

Tax Consultant

Top Financial Jobs From Home

Tax consultants or advisors are financial professionals specialized in Tax Law.

It is difficult for the common man to keep in mind every financial detail pertaining to tax. People turn to tax consultants to stay away from getting into the details of tax law in complicated situations. They advice their clients with all the information required to reduce taxation.

They generally deal with offering direct taxation services, indirect taxation services and sale taxation services, corporate direct taxation services etc.