19 October 2011

An Upbeat Wedding in a Resort Can be Cheaper!

An Upbeat Wedding in a Resort Can be Cheaper!
Talking about marriages, it definitely is a big affair as it involves a huge budget and a lot of planning. With inflation rising every year people are finding it difficult to organize marriages on a large scale. In such scenario the trend of holding marriages in a resort is getting more and more popular as they become more budget-friendly and usually involve just your nearest and dearest.

The reason why most of the people opt for organizing a wedding in a resort is because, not only their requirements are taken care of but also saves a lot on accommodation for their guest. If you look for accommodation in a city, it will definitely cost your budget a lot. You would be surprised to know that you save nearly getting married in a resort is 20 percent cheaper than getting married in a wedding hall.

This concept is more helpful for families that have a limited number of invites. This definitely gives your guest a different and an exotic feeling. certain customs demand a never ending rituals that cost a fortune for the family if they plan to have the marriage in the city. They would spend a huge amount on food and decorations. There are couples who saved 20 percent on food and 60 on accommodation by choosing to get married in a resort.

If you are next in the line to tie the knot, make sure you consider having the ceremony in a resort.