31 October 2011

Worst Unhealthy Fad Diets

The results that fad diets offer are quick fixes for weight loss. But even if they do work, they are short term and the oodles of weight come bouncing right back. But sticking to fad diets on a long term basis may harm you as they are nutritionally unbalanced and are based on ghastly or bizarre ideas, like "The Sleeping Beauty Diet" where you knock yourself out for several days at a time with sedatives.

Pasta Chocolate Diet:

You know how the saying goes, "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is" and that is more or less the case here. The only thing you can drink is water and the one ounce of chocolate at the end of the day is the only chocolate you get to eat as an evening bite, with popcorn that is. The best thing about the diet is that it allows you to eat pasta for lunch or dinner. Sugar, alcohol, beverages, nuts and all junk foods that you can list excluding popcorn, fried foods, dairy products, salt, and red meat are barred. The chocolate pasta diet restricts important nutrients with a reward of an ounce of chocolate.

The Tapeworm Diet:

The most sickening diet ever contemplated, there is proof that "tapeworm pills" were sold in the early 1900s wherein beef tapeworm eggs were ingested as they were considered the best choice and then medicine to kill the tapeworm were taken when the preferred amount of weight was lost. You wouldn't have to be a mastermind to know that this diet is as fruitless as it is unhealthy. Your diet habits o not change while on this diet that brings back all the weight once the worm is gone. It is also very unhealthy to have a parasite sucking out all the nutrition in you.

The Air Diet:

The best part: you would not have to change or avoid any food or exercise habits. You just have to breathe! You get to focus on breathing instead of focusing on what or how much you eat. The whole idea is that the more air you breathe, the more weight you lose, if you practice rhythmical breathing that is. The even better part: you don't have to make a schedule for it. You can do it anytime, anywhere- while sleeping, standing, walking, or anything else!
The Zen Diet:

A simple plan - say no to red meat, cut down intake of other meat, eat food in its natural state. Zen diets sometimes completely forbid meat and dairy products. Deficient amount of meat provides not enough protein which is necessary for brain chemistry, muscle repair and bone building. And little to no fat influences the body's state of overindulgence and capability to even out blood sugar and reduce tenderness.

The 12-Day Grapefruit Diet:

Eat till you're full, even double or triple the amount of salad, vegetables or meat for every meal. Sounds too god, ri
ght? You can even fry food in butter or use it bigheartedly on vegetables and must eat meat, eat any kind of cheese and have mayonnaise regularly. But, yes, there is a but; you must have atleast eight ounces of grapefruit juice with every meal as it is considered to be a vehicle for burning off what you have gulped down as long as you're eating the right combinations of food and you also have to drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water every day. The diet promises a minimum of fifty pounds of weight loss in a time frame of three months while wolfing down butter, mayonnaise, cheese and meat! Right!