22 November 2011

4 Ways in Which Internet Can Hurt Your Finance

Internet has revolutionized the world in every possible sphere of life. It is undoubtedly wonderful to get information at the touch of fingertips. Nevertheless, a perused mind can identify various loopholes that this media possess - The dark side of the World Wide Web. What started out of necessity initially, turned out be a wildfire among the end users and businesses. A net-savvy can easily handle all the complexities and make a prudent choice while online. These may be the main causes for your financial loss:



Internet, the Information superhighway has enabled to connect with distant systems across the globe. Net banking, online transactions worth billions of dollars happen every day. The credit card numbers, bank account details are highly susceptible to hacking or stealing. A recent wave of fraudulent schemes luring the account holders to give out their bank account details is vexing the users. Your account can be used to make transactions of undisclosed or illegal money by terrorist organizations in the world.



Internet can cause addiction among its users, making them overindulge in various activities, that could potentially waste time; or you could go on a shopping spree, making online purchases incessantly until the last rupee. Major concern among some internet users is the astronomical data usage charges at the end of the month. Keeping tab on the download and upload limit is expected for a balanced use. Constant use of video streams such as youtube will take a lot of bandwidth and usage.

 Disclosing personal information


Managing the balance between work and personal life is quintessential in the world of social networking sites and blogs, lest the information could easily get into hands of potential employers or your rivals. Information can easily be searched even though you have customized the privacy settings. Phone numbers, addresses and information about family members and even photos and videos can be misused and there is a rising curve of such offences of varying dimensions around the world.

  Unverified Information


Internet has opened doors for many enthusiasts to post a lot of information across various fields. However, today, there is a plethora of them floating around the web, perplexing the seeker with so many sources. The question of genuineness pops up. Sometimes, a wrong instruction can create havoc. It is best to consult an expert before relying completely on the web. There are many plagiarized texts and sources and it takes an experienced mind to sort them.

Internet has inspired many entrepreneurs to come up with various technological marvels of this millennium. It has changed the way we commute, interact and communicate with the rest of the world. If you are equipped with experience in handling the internet, you can overcome all the potential threats and become less vulnerable.