18 November 2011

Does Technology Destroy Jobs?

Bangalore: At present where technology is advancing day by day it has turned out to be a big question whether technology is helping people or is it taking away work from employees.

Many of us think that technology is the brightest spot in the economy, where we can see most of the innovation and job creation. But if we look at the over all contribution of the advanced technology across every industry it does not look so good because these new technologies are been cursed by the workers who are loosing their job.

These new technologies have become so advanced that the companies are adopting it for their services and they are taking away the jobs of employees. This has become the main reason for many people in the world to be unemployed.

At present the laborers are being displaced by technology and it is becoming more evident even in our everyday lives. Many of the business organizations are stepping up the pace of automations. Every job is been affected by the technology right from engineering to farming.

Job loss
Job loss is particularly based on technologies like microelectronics which is increasing for all economic sectors in a nation already hard challenged in world and domestic markets for goods and services. Technology may simply lower the employment growth. These new technologies threaten even more job displacements in the future.

Many of the employees are loosing their jobs because they are not been introduced into those technological advancements and they also do not know how to use the new technology. This is the main reason why they are loosing their jobs in huge numbers. The rural workers are getting unemployed in a large number.

So, how can these problems of unemployment because of technology can be solved? The only solution to eradicate this problem is that it is the duty of the education system to make the present students aware of the new technology and make them updated about them. And for the people who are already working the companies must conduct training programs to their employees on the new technological innovations.

All though many people in the world think that they are becoming jobless because of the new technologies, many of them are happy about the new technological innovation and these classes of people are mainly those who are very well educated and are very eagerly waiting for new technologies to be introduced.

Though many people are loosing jobs because of technology, the actual fact is that many people believe that technology is actually helping them to get a job. They believe that technology will always be a positive effect for job creation. As we move on we must develop the attitude of accepting the new technological innovation and embrace the ideas that move humanity forward.

Any type of work force must be willing to step aside for technology for their own benefit as they are shifted into the career that benefits their labor in the best way. When this occurs the world is broadened and there are new solutions that can be developed for different problems. We must start believing the fact that technology is not the enemy of labor. It is the seed for better employment opportunity.