22 November 2011

How to get more Business during Networking?

Business events offer a great opportunity to learn about the trending topics and meet new people-few who might be in the same industry as you, few who might be working in a totally unrelated sector-you can learn a lot from the people who are experts in whatever they do. The chances of getting a business is 80 percent if someone introduces you and attends the event, while the chances of getting a business through a cold call is a meager one percent. So how can you gain more business at such events?
How to get more Business during Networking?

The break time allotted for networking with people (along with snacks!) is when you can go, talk to people about what they do and give them a brief about what you do. A common mistake often committed by people is that they go on and on about themselves and their businesses; which is a big turn off. Simple questions like what brings them to the event, what is their area of expertise, would not only keep them occupied, but also give you time to think on what next have to ask them. A major turnoff would be to talk to them directly on they can help out your business (though that is what you actually intend to do), but focus on building a good rapport with them initially.

If you try to meet everyone present in the event, you might end up getting confused with all the details; thus, have a strategy on whom to meet, what to ask, in a nut shell, you should be prepared. Try meeting people who are relevant to your business, and take the slow and steady approach. Though, it might take time for you to build your contacts, but the ones you have would be relevant. Also, limiting the time you spend per person would ensure that you meet the people whom you really want to meet before they leave.

In order not to get confused with all the people you have met during the event, making notes about them on the back of their business cards, along with the date and the event when you met them, would help you to recollect the information when you try to contact the person later.

You should never to let your boredom show on your face - if the person is going way beyond your approach, avoid looking around. You never know when that person might be your knight in shining armor. You want to look friendly, credible and professional; thus, if you are feeling bored, you can keep the conversation short, so that you can go ahead and meet other people.

Most people forget that it takes some time for people to come and ask about your business, so staying around for some time would let all those who are interested to know about your business approach you. Networking over business events is the means, not the end; it is up to you how to make use of the opportunity where you can meet many future prospects.