28 December 2011

5 Million Domain Names Added to Internet in the Third Quarter

The Internet witnessed a fast growth continuously for the third time in the year keeping the average growth rate above 2 percent. According to the report from VeriSign, the total number of registered domain names reached 220 million worldwide after 5 million domain names were added in the last quarter.

 The third quarter witnessed a 2.3 percent sequential increase in the number of names. The first quarter saw an addition of 4.5 million domain names to internet followed by the second quarter with 5.2 million.

The new dot-com and dot-net accounts to a 7.5 million registrations in the third quarter and the combined total of Top Level Domains including .com and .net reached to 112 million. The overall growth represents a 5.9 year-over-year increase in the registrations.

VeriSign, the exclusive registrar for .net and .com domain names worldwide, had increased the fee for Domain Name registrations earlier this year following the Domain Name Scarcity. The total number of registrations is expected to reach 334 million in the first quarter of 2012.