28 December 2011

Budget Tips To Equip Your Startup Office

So you have a great business plan, have prepared a team who will help you company soar to success, and have finalized on a location where your office would be. But have you thought about how to equip the office? Here are few budget tips on how you can equip your startup’s office.

Investing In Furniture

office, furnitiure, equip office, beanbag, table, chair, colorful, hammockWhen it comes to furniture, the first thought that crosses one’s mind is office tables, chairs, couches. But that might require you to shell out a bomb. Rather be creative and get few bean bags, as they come cheaper and look colorful too. They can instantly pep up the office space and provide the creative environment, which might be ruined with traditional office furniture. There is a reason Google has hammocks and bean bags strewn around the office space (not that Google can’t invest in the latest, but these would promote creativity) as they give a homely feel and make office a fun place to work. If you are still particular on getting the traditional stuff, but are on a shoe string budget, try getting second-hand furniture, which might be within your budget and would look good with minor repairs.

Think Before You Buy

think, furniture, laptop, netbook, restrict movement, group message, whiteboardBefore you plan to splurge on getting desktops and intercoms, wait and think. Are they really that important? Desktops restrict our movement and make us sit at a place for hours together. Get laptops or notebooks instead. With more and more laptop manufacturers competing to shell cheaper systems, a netbook would be a better deal. Not only would they be easy on the pocket, they would also allow you to work at any corner of the office. Intercoms might seem important, but what are IMs for? You can send a group message (online or offline) or post the information all around the office on whiteboards or using post-its.

Invest In Bulk Products

bulk buy, discount, bargain, quality, stationary, planBefore you decide to buy the office stationary, make a plan of how many people you plan to hire in the coming months, which would give you a better idea on the amount of stationary items required. You can buy the stationary in bulk, which would ensure that you get a better bargain and you are prepared to equip you future employees too. There are several manufacturers who offer huge discounts on bulk buys, so you need not worry about the quality of the products.

Don’t Invest In A Phone System Right Away

phone, mobile,, landphone, deskphone, corporate number, professional and personal lifeYou might be interested in getting a land-phone for the whole office, but is it necessarily required? Almost everyone carries a mobile phone or two, so why is there a need for a extensive phone system right away? You can think about it after you have grown substantially. For the meanwhile, you can drop the plan as your people have a mobile each, and if you want, you can invest in a separate corporate number to avoid mixing your personal and professional life. Also, it is easier to contact a person through a mobile rather than on a deskphone.