21 December 2011

How Bad is Your CEO?

Employees at Microsoft don’t seem to be thinking anything great about their CEO Steve Ballmer as they voted him at the third spot in the worst CEO list. Who else you think is ranked worse than the Microsoft Boss? While with no surprise Yahoo’s CEO Timothy Morse was ranked second in the list with a rating of 31 percent, Ursula Burns, the CEO of Xerox had the undesired honor of being ranked first with a miserable 28 percent in the “Tech Industry Report Card” for technology CEOs. The yearly report from Glassdoor.com is built on the ratings given by the employees of a company to the CEOs.

#1 Xerox- Ursula M. Burns

A dynamic African women, the first to head a US technology company Xerox- Ursula M. Burns who rescued Xerox from major bankruptcy bagged the first place in the report card. She joined Xerox as a internship trainee and sustained her career path to become a CEO.

#2 Yahoo- Timothy Morse

Firing of Carol Bartz paved way for Timothy Morse to take control of Yahoo as an acting Chief Executive Officer. But this has not saved him from being rated the second worst CEO by his workforce.

#3 Microsoft Corporation- STEVE BALLMER

The question is what went wrong with Microsoft corporation’s long standing  employee? From the day Ballmer took charge as CEO, The share value  has gone down to half of its investments. And Microsoft’s competitor IBM has gained its  share value to half of what it had.

#4 VERIZON- Lowell C. McAdam

Lowell who fought hard to attain the position since 2010 took over as CEO on August 2011, and in a span of 3 months finds himself on the pages of 10 worst CEO’s.  Till then he took care of network based businesses for Verizon wireless and Telecom and Businesses.

#5 LexisNexis - Mike Walsh

An amusing Law advisor who has helped Law firms, Business corporations and Governments joined  LexisNexis in the year 2003 and expanded its territory overseas was awarded the spot 5. Mike is also the co-founder of Infirmation.com which is the third highest traffic generating Web portal.

#6 Level 3 Communications - James Q. Crowe

James who has played the central role in formulating and leading the implementation of business strategy in Level 3 Communication walks away with position 6 despite his experience of 25 years of experience in leading companies in various portions of the telecommunications industry.

#7 Electronic Arts-  John.S.Riccitiello

The better commercial performance of EA which was credited  to John, and made him the most interesting and successful business leaders in the gaming industry, has made him stand at position 7 in the report card of worst CEO even though he has remained with EA since 1994.

#8 AT&T- Randall L.Stephenson

Stephenson took over America’s Telecom major AT&T from Edward E.Whitacre Jr as Chairman and Executive Officer in the year 2007. Under the leadership of Stephenson the company began its first and largest Education service in history of AT&T aspiring to invest about $100 million.

#9 Zynga- Mark Pincus

Founder of Zynga, Mark Pincus famous for its online social games Farmville,  has shown a impressive growth with its new venture of online gaming and is a leading provider for service and automation software. Mark is the product of world’s famous Harvard Business School and is also the founder one of the famous social networks Tribe.net but the workforce at Zynga ranks him 9th on the Report Card.

#10 Motorola - Gregory Q.Brown

Gregory who initiated Motorola’s second largest acquisition of Symbol Technologies costing $3.9 billion joined Motorola in 2003 has been ranked as the 10th person on the list. He is an active member of civic and business communities and also an executive member of  US –China business council.