30 December 2011

Is Your Boss Stupid?

We cannot fix the stupid ones, but it is better to know what makes some one stupid especially in your work place. Are you struggling to move on with your job? Time to re-think, what make you feel down. Your stupid boss can harm your peace at work place. Check whether he is one of those classically termed ‘stupid bosses’ with whom you can never grow up in your career. One of the famous quotes says, ‘Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain’.

While stupidity can be defined as the lack of intelligence, understanding, reasoning, wit, or sense, do you think how come he is a boss today? Well, that‘s not your real business. Analyzing the stupid characters of your boss will make you feel relaxed as it is not your mistake. Don’t mind his arrogance if he is such a stupid.  See the worst characters which make your boss stupid and try to spot how you behave with your subordinates.

 1. Negative Tongue

If you are tagged a ‘dump’ by your boss, it is not your mistakes every time. Watch the way your boss interacts with others, he might be labeling others in the same way. Lying is not the only ‘poisonous’ thing. If your boss is talking ill of someone, be cautious ‘tomorrow he will tell the same about you’. If he is one of the rude guys who treat you with those bad and loutish words, your boss is one among the listed ‘stupid bosses’.

2. Egocentric

Spot the ‘selfish boss’ who does not even think about the team goals - it is tough to work with them. Not only the boss, any egocentric person is harmful to career. Your boss should be the one who will help the team and the organization to achieve its targeted goals. If he is unable to handle the project with the provided human resources under him, and the one who always seek for his/her career security, it’s time to leave the team. He won’t be helpful for your career growth.

 3. Ill-Mannered

Not only his ‘poisonous tongue’, even his behaviors show his stupidity. He doesn’t mind to take the credit of his team work in his name. He easily bags the credit for his subordinate’s work. His unethical behavior troubles not only the team but also the company. He probably asks excuses to skip out the tough presentations and his bosses will not be able to sketch out.

4. Effortless

You may think that your boss has any job at all rather than assigning works for subordinates.’ Some of the listed stupid bosses have the characteristics of sending all work assigned mails to his subordinates but anything for him. He acts smart and busy but he is not. Even he acts well in front his superiors as if he does all things. But he is the one who even does not know what to do than keeping the motto of ‘boss won’t work except assigning’. He must be ignored.

5. Poor Understanding

Your boss may not understand what you are talking about as he is another world of reality. Is he smart? Not at all, but he may think so. He sees the obstacles as the mistakes of his subordinates. He is ‘tired off handling the worst people’, but actually he is the worst one. The reality wrapped as everyone is at trouble and they need him.  Make sure, your career growth is not under the shadow of the listed stupid bosses.