19 December 2011

'Its Snowing' on Google

Google homepage is all set to entertain its users with fun elements during this Christmas and now it is the turn for snowing in Google. The newly added feature, 'Let it snow' helps its users imagine that its snowing and adds more fun in Google search experiences. Bagging another Easter Egg in its search experience, it becomes the most talked Google experience today. After the amusing interactive doodles, Google has once again surprised its fans with the 'do a barrel roll' and now with its chilled 'Let it snow', Google brings the festive season to the virtual world.
'Its Snowing' on Google

If you want to see snowing in Google search, just type 'Let it snow' and all of a sudden, it will start snowing on your browser. You won't get cold, you won't be frozen like ice cubs but still you can play around while it snows. The glimpse of falling snow flakes on the browser will be an amusement which you never thought off. You can clean off the snowflakes with mouse. To turn back to the normal browser, just click on the 'Deforest'.

Google is inspired by the song ‘Let it snow’ for its new Easter Egg on its search engine. ‘Let it snow’ is the famous Christmas song by Sammy Cahn. It was famed as one of the best seller songs. Though the song was not mentioned Christmas in its lyrics, this romantic song is popular as Christmas song with its festive feel and positive notes.

There are already a number of 56 popular Easter Eggs in Google Search to try, tilt, askew, do a barrel roll, zz, rr, anagram, ascii art, recursion, hanukkah are just a few among them. Google is adapting so many ideas to get users mind. There may be a ton lot of fun 'Easter Eggs' hidden in Google queries.