22 December 2011

Meet the Young Indians in the Forbes '30 under 30' List

Forbes “30 under 30” report is comprised of exceptional minds in the twelve fields of Art&Design, Energy, Food&Wine , Law&Policy ,Real Estate, Science, Entertainment, Finance, Media, Music, Social&  Mobile , and Technology. The most recent 30 in 30, however, has done us proud with 9 Indians standing out in domains they ventured into.

Param  Jaggi

The youngest among the Indians on Forbes list, this 17 year olds project on an Algae-based car exhaust “Carbon Eater” flashed one day to him while he was behind the wheel. This Green Gadget, has gained Param “EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) award for the year 2011”

Vivek  Nair Sahadevan - Damascus Fortune (CEO)

This 23 year old Singapore based entrepreneur who doesn’t consider Industrial smokes as waste but as a raw material for the production of nanotubes ,optics and Energy storage devices has his long term goal intact. Vivek intends to improvise this process and implement it in cars and other products which creates pollution in turn to reduce the global warming.


Nikhil Arora - Co-Founder of Back To The Roots(BTTR)

With a motto of bringing sustainable living into homes Nikhil with Alejandro Velez founded ‘Back to the Roots’ in 2009 and in a span of 2 years find themselves in ‘30 in 30’ list. Nikhil, a graduate from the field of political science mastered the art of growing mushrooms from recycled coffee grounds.

Vikas Mohindra- Financial Advisor at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch

An outstanding financial advisor whose focus was towards creating customized strategies to help individuals and organizations optimize their retirement plans, Vikas, is the 25 year old Financial Broker who gathered $38 million in three years from scratch and  has won the award of  Essential Partner at Merrill Lynch  for the year 2009&2010

Sidhant Gupta- Graduate student at the University of Washington

An awardee of Madrona prize for the most "entrepreneurially interesting" graduate research presentation and also the winner of Intel science & Technology Fellowship for the year 2011 & 2012 for his work on ‘Developing software  and computer sensors for domestic use’ has put Sidhant on the list of the elite group of 30 under 30.

Manvir Nijhar- Co-Head of European Equity Derivatives Sales at Citigroup

A 28 year old who gave "Citi's derivatives business a jolt”, Manvir took charge as the head of twenty people who multiplied flow equity derivates of last year in Citigroup.

Kunal Shah, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs

The youngest MD of Goldman Sachs at the age of 27, Kunal accelerated rate of products, before they were sent to the macro desk. His name also found its way in Forbes list for becoming the company’s youngest Managing Director.

Raj Krishnan - CEO at Biological Dynamics

A cost effective product which can detect all types of cancers in less than thirty minutes, at a very early stage and is priced at $29USD  was built by Raj. He disproved his lecturers who discouraged his idea of ‘Everything is curable when it is detected at the Early stage’

Maneet Ahuja - Producer at CNBC

Maneet , fondly called as “Hedge fund Expert” and is the author of book “The Alpha Masters” at the age of 27. She was conferred with CNBC’s prestigious award in the year 2009 for her groundbreaking coverage of the industry.