19 December 2011

Sony's PlayStation Vita Hits Stores in Japan

Sony has launched its most awaited Playstation Vita, a portable gaming machine in Japan. Many gamers were lined up to buy and be among the first to use it, reports Associated Press.

The new device features a 5 inch organic LED touch screen with motion sensitive and gamers can connect over cellphone networks and Wi-Fi hotspots and use GPS location-tracking technology with this new device.

 The Vita has front and back cameras, a touchscreen in front, a touch pad on the back and two knob-like joysticks. It will enable gamers to play against each other using PlayStation 3 consoles over the Internet-based PlayStation Network, a system that was hit with a massive hacking attack earlier this year.

Vita's launch will heat up competition with rival Nintendo had a disappointing start despite the company's efforts to market its 3-D technology, with critics complaining about a lack of interesting games. Nintendo ended up slashing prices on the 3DS within six months.

The companies are challenged by the rise of smartphones and tablets, through which casual gamers play inexpensive and simple games like the mega-hit "Angry Birds." The PS Vita goes on sale in North America and Europe on February 22.