19 December 2011

Tips to Fight the Urge to Buy Just One More Thing

There is only a week left to prepare for Christmas. And many people are either finishing up their gifts purchases or scrambling anxiously to receive presents. The entire city is lit up with festive mood, and the malls seem intent on tempting consumers to make just another purchase. Majority of the consumer population have this urge to buy just one more thing. They spy something online or in store and the very next moment they want to grab it. How many times you got excited at an offer and bought it instantly only to find it useless later? You have fought to keep your shopping under a budget but don't undermine yourself at the last minute by buying more than you need.

Here are some useful tips to help you resist the urge to keep shopping throughout the holidays.

Stay Away From Malls

You know it better that, when you enter a mall the stirring offers allure you into making more and more purchase. Why tempt yourself? Instead of spending your time in the mall consider staying back at home and prepare for the celebration. If you are receiving mails that appeal you into buying the product create a filter that deletes all e-commerce announcements. Simply avoid situations that might tempt you to spend.

Make a List of Gifts Already Purchased

You have been occupied with this entire process of purchasing gifts for quite some time. So it’s time to prepare a list of the gifts you have bought and remember where you have stashed all of them. Record purchases and their locations and check your list prior to the beginning of additional shopping. You can save a lot of money if you know what you want to buy, limit yourself to the list you have made and confine within the budget. Keep repeating to yourself, "It is enough. I'm done with shopping. I do not need to buy one more thing.”

Be Careful About Buying Ahead

Make sure that the money spent on bargains is allocated to either your holiday budget or regular-spending budget. Before you pick a gift for your family or friend think whether the gift will be useful or desired for the intended recipient months from now. Avoid wasting your time and looking for more gifts. Stop looking for the Perfect Gift online or in stores. You have selected the best gifts you can.

Simplify Your Gift Giving List

Suddenly you would have realized that have a missed a few names in the gift list. The trick is that there is always one more person and one more gift to buy. You would want to be trapped in a awkward situation where you have a received a gift and you have nothing to offer in return because of your decision to cut back on gifts. You can consider cutting down your list by not adding new friends or eliminating those you see infrequently.

Make Gifts

Instead of spending more money, perhaps you can put a little more of yourself into the gifts you've already bought. Even if you trim your list, you may want to have a few items on hand in case you need a gift in a hurry. Make baked goods, food-related gifts. You can try and make the gifts you have already purchased a little more attractive by making a beautiful wrapping.