27 December 2011

What Makes a Great Boss?

What is the key to being a great boss? Every person in the corporate world must have met one special manager in their career who epitomizes the norm, who commanded our respect, and treat us like a friend, even in the toughest of business or personal crises. What are the traits of a good manager that makes him stand apart from the rest?

Leadership: It is one’s ability to get the others to willingly follow an order to achieve the organization’s goals. Action is the mark of a leader. It shows the ability to make the right decision at the right time.

Effective Delegation: Delegation is one of the most important functions of management. It helps save time; it develops people and motivates them. The delegation of right tasks to the right people results in meeting deadlines easily and effectively.

Set Clear Expectations:  It basically means to set deliverable set of goals for employees and to ensure it is made clear as to what is expected of them.

Honest: It is extremely important that managers “walk what they talk”. A good manager is also open to accepting his mistakes and is honest in his ways. It gives him an edge over the rest as he practices what he preaches.

Subject Matter Expert: Also known as domain expert, he is a person who is an expert in his particular area of expertise and has thorough knowledge about it, which also enables him in easy decision making.

Calmness: A good manager always maintains his composure. It means he has a good level of tolerance and doesn’t lose his cool and knows to act appropriately in any given situation.

Constructive Feedback: It is an art of giving a feedback to employees that is encouraging and boosts their morale. It is a positive feedback and helps in the growth of the individual along with the organization.

Team Player: To be a successful manager it is extremely important to be a team player. It means to ensure the team works together and that a team works in peace. One must also ensure that you hold up your end.

To Value Others: It means to ensure the employees are recognized for the good work done by them. They must feel valued and hence, to recognize their abilities and the efforts.

Active Listening: Another important skill that makes a manager effective in his ways is active listening. It gives the employees a sense of feeling that their query is being heard and acknowledged. It also helps in making a communication effective.