28 December 2011

What to Expect from Microsoft in 2012

Microsoft had more than a satisfying year in 2011, with the release of IE9, and Office 365, and Windows 7 reaching its 500 millionth license sale. Moreover, their revenue exceeded expectations, thanks to the Office package, and the Xbox consoles. "Throughout fiscal 2011, we delivered to market a strong lineup of products and services, which translated into double-digit revenue growth and operating margin expansion" said Microsoft Chief Financial Officer, Peter Klein.And the good just keeps coming. Here are five things that you could look forward to from Microsoft in 2012:

 Xbox moving further to the world of TV:

Sporting the new Metro-look on its Xbox Live service earlier this month, Microsoft subtly hinted to gamers about the migration of live TV to their game consoles. Customers of Verizon’s Fios Cable TV had the privilege of choosing from 26 live television channels which included Comedy Central, HBO, and Nickelodeon. Few other partners of Microsoft are offering live programming through Xbox too, although a number of partner apps are available exclusively to Xbox Live Gold Membership customers.

Customized search through social connections:

Microsoft’s deal with Facebook saw its implementation in May, with the search engine Bing becoming customized socially. This meant that if you are trying to decide about a movie and your friend ‘liked’ it on Facebook,  he can rank it up on your search results via Bing. The Bing team says it plans to extend the plans of going social.


Windows 8 on Tablets:

Microsoft, coming in to the tablet platform two years after Apple, has strong competitors in this field, including Google, and Amazon. The Kindle fire from Amazon soon became the first tablet (outside iPad family) which acquired purpose as an e-book reader and a tool for reading online content with color display. Microsoft, however, has switched to the Metro interface and is pushing customers to buy the Windows 8 OS that is both touch-friendly for tablets and phones and yet keyboard and mouse-friendly for PCs and laptops.

Windows phone reaching the third place:

According to Harry McCracken, Founder and Editor of Technologizer, Nokia could be capable of building a sleek and capable device that flatters the great software that the Windows 7.5 Mango OS is. The OS has further received applaud for its animation and app integration, with about 40,000 third-party apps to its credit in about a year.


Pressing charges for patents:

Microsoft so far has been able to persuade Android handset manufacturers such as HTC and Wistron to pay up instead of having to meet the conglomerate in court. Microsoft alleges that the Android mobile operating system violates the patents filed and granted to it earlier. Next year, Microsoft’s suit against Barnes&Noble will be taking up the spotlight as the Nook e-reader uses the Android OS.