10 January 2012

Degree Becomes Quite Less Necessary to Be a Coder

The report of the youngest CEOs of the world took entire globe to India. We have Sreelakshmi Suresh, Sindhuja Rajamaran, and Ashwin Ramesh listed in record. When they got fame around the world, they were just kids. They are not coders anyway, but they can teach you about attitude. Many of you may get your way out with degree certificate. Do you think it will benefit you to grab a job? Yeah, sometimes it may help you. Professional course cannot assure professionals. If you have the attitude to build your career, it can worth your way ahead.

Coming to the programming end, you will have plenty of opportunities today. Among the nearly one lakh of available tech jobs, a good portion addresses the programming jobs. Have you still unable to start your career as a programme developer? If 'yes', you have to re-think about your career as 'programme developer'.

It is still dismaying to see, many companies insist on certificate. You may not be able to sketch out a single engineering class where they teach how to do Handoop cluster or CSS/XML. There may be expensive certificate courses where you can learn them but your degree. But many of the software development companies are looking for candidates who have real time experience in programming language. Playing with coding and decoding of programming languages, you can build yourself as a ‘programme developer’, but with your computer application degree.

Many of the degree programmes are far behind of new technologies and tools of modern Web applications. Do you think it will help you? To be updated in programming skills, you must have knowledge on both basic software design theories and real time experience on web applications.  If you have competing knowledge on courseware and software programming practices, you will not struggle to get hired as a skilled ‘software programme developer’. Moreover, you should understand what is important for your hiring manager.

IT professionals must have a logical bent of mind which can evaluate numbers. And you should think of solving complicated problems. Programmers are asked to have skills to write, test and maintain the programming commands.  Programming languages contain information and detailed commands which computers must follow in order to execute all its functions. Computer programmers are vary to different ranges according to its purpose. While some programmes may take hardly one hour to write, some may take more than one year to finish. Much difficult task is to convert specified design process into a logical series of instructions and commands which computer can recognize.  If you have the right attitude to develop required technical skills, you can surely pave your career as a ‘software coder’.