10 January 2012

High Demand for Java Developers

The latest findings based on top hunted IT-skills ranked Java developers in the top most position, according to the study done by the technology career hub, dice.com. The research data has compiled from almost 1,200 tech-focused hiring managers and recruiters. Java skill is top one among the most marketable web development skills and the top ranked tech jobs of 2012, today.

Reportedly, with a 10 million users, Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Everywhere you find Java technology. As we tend to cultivate the ‘e-lifestyle‘, we can find out number of applications run by programming language such as graphics, animations, web pages, reservation portals, e-ticket booking sites, e-banking interfaces, e-shopping portals, and many more. Range of web applications are varied by its use. So the coding and programming skills are highly required in tech world.  

Similar to C++, this high-level programming language is object- oriented. Comparing to C++, Java is a simplified programming language to reduce the common programming errors. Also Java is a platform for many web-based applications. Except in manufacturing sector, Java features in every industry sector in e-world. The demands for Java professionals have grown up for last two years as hundred millions of people are engaged in the virtual world, today.

Supporting both client-side and server-side web applications, unlike many specialized programming languages; it can be used in various development contexts. If you are looking for a career in programming, it shows the best time to opt for Java Developer.

The highest demands of interactive Web Programmes, Internet Applications, Web services with JAX-WS, Java 2D Graphics with Xrender and Android Apps are right away increases the demand of Java developers. Software houses to have more Java vacancies as many of the firms are outsourcing their Java development to software development companies.  The high-salary demands of Java developers in the western countries will pave the way for IT outsourcing to Asia.

The provided flexibility is taken Java as preferred programming language among various business industries. With its given flexibility, they can run their software almost over any platform. It helps them to trim down the heavy cost of developing different version for each client. The high sales flow of Android devices has also driven the need of Java developers. Java is the main programming language used to write apps for Android based devices. If you have strong determination, hard work, practice, certifications and real time experience to establish yourself as a professional Java developer, you have hundreds of opportunities to be hired in the industry.