13 January 2012

India: Living with a Fragile Nuclear Safety System

India along with China, North Korea and Israel has low levels of transparency on nuclear materials and security, an independent report has said.

“Four countries have particularly low levels of transparency, specifically Israel, North Korea, India and China, on materials and materials security,” said Page Stoutland, Vice President for nuclear materials at the Washington-based independent Nuclear Threat Initiative .
Nuclear Safety

The Nuclear Threat Initiative, in a project led by former US senator Sam Nunn and the Economist Intelligence Unit, aims to draw attention to steps that nations can take to ensure the safety of the world’s most destructive weapons.

Yesterday it released first of its kind 32-nation index and country-by-country assessment of the status of nuclear material security conditions around the world.

At a news conference, along with Nunn, Stoutland said low level of transparency of countries like India most directly affects the scores in the global norms category.

“For example, if India were as transparent as the United Kingdom, its rank in the global norms category would move from 26th to sixth overall,” he said.