10 January 2012

IT Salaries Brim Back to 2008 Levels

The IT salary has witnessed a humble growth of 0.81 percent to $ 78,299, in the past year, setting overall allowance back at January 2008 levels. Since last January the U. S. has added up 33,100 IT jobs, at the same time layoffs have quite reduced reveals Janco's 2012 IT Salary Survey report, which will be officially released on January 10, 2012. This seems to be quite good news for self-assured IT professionals. However it is seen that cost cutting still emerges as the main priority of most organizations in the United States. 

Cost cutting scheme in most organizations has resulted in extended hiring of part-timers and contract IT employees. Simultaneously, full-time professionals are experiencing a reduction in benefits such as the bonuses that they used to receive have been curtailed or eradicated. The Janco report highlight that as the economic recovery is taking place, most organizations are offering more flexible job schedules to IT professionals. According to Janco, this exhibits low-cost, high-value benefit for employees and employers as well. 

At big organizations IT professionals receive a pay package of $81,644 on average, up from $81,273. IT professionals at midsize companies get in hand $74,435, up 1.19 percent from $73,934. However some IT professionals witnessed nice pay hikes whereas other took losses over the past year.

In terms of pay hike by percentage, the biggest winner’s at large organizations are: Network services supervisors, who received an average hike of 6.7 percent from $53,754 to $57, 358, programmers/analysts who earned an average total increase of 6.14 percent from $75,420 to $80,051, VPs of technical services witnessed a total pay increase by 5.36 percent from $141,531 to $149,118, LAN application support analysts who enjoyed an average 5.13 percent salary increase from $60,075 to $63,159, and the Librarians, who earned 5.12 percent, more than a year ago, up from $43,770 to $46,010.

The biggest winners at the midsize companies were Librarians, whose total average compensation increased 11.35 percent from $41,037 to $45,694, computer operations shift managers, whose salary was raised from $68,187, up 10.75 percent over last year's $61,569, change control analysts, whose salary surged by 6.57 percent from $51,636 to $55,030, computer operations managers, who now receives at hand $86,287, up 6.46 percent from $81,051, and the Information center managers, who receives an average of $63,986, up from $60,188 by 6.31 percent.

Apart from salaries, the report demonstrate that as the recession is nearing an end the organizations are quite eager to assign particular IT positions on both full time and contract jobs. Midsize organizations are looking for IT executives like programmers, midlevel infrastructure managers and supervisors, database specialists, software engineers, system programmers, systems analysts, and voice/wireless communication professionals.

At the same time it is seen that LAN application support analysts, librarians, operations analysts, and Web analysts are also in demand at large companies.

The other IT positions that experienced a salary drop over the past year at the large enterprise   are:  Senior network specialists, who saw an average salary drop of 7.49 percent from $85,468 to $79,069, Operation analysts, as they earn an average 4.45 percent less, down from $61,915 to $59,160, OS production managers, who now earns $93,346, a 4.18 percent drop from $97,413,  and Technical services specialists, whose average total salary is now $63,160, a 4.14 percent drop from $65,888.

On the other hand the biggest salary drops at midsize companies are: VPs of security (or CSOs) witnessed their total average salary drop by 8.24 percent, from $128,828 to $118,212, Production services managers, who suffered a reduction of 6.74 percent of their total average pay, from $92,107 to $85,900, Training and documentation managers, whose total average salary declined by 4.4 percent from $64,043 to $61,224, and lastly the Production services supervisors, the average salary who now earns $69,092, down 3.23 percent from $71,975 .