25 January 2012

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5 Unusual Insurance Policies That You Might Want to Have

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 09:19 PM PST

Insurance is a necessary evil. You insure for lots of reasons and spend a lot of money to hedge against the risk of dependency on your loved ones. But you don't get any return unless you fall into trouble. But there are some odd insurance policies which are useful as well as contains low investment.

1. Pet Insurance: It is a unique insurance for your pet as it pays the veterinary if your pet falls ill, gets injured due to an accident or lost, gets stolen or dies. But it does not include veterinary treatments, neutering or vaccination. The premiums for this insurance claim have to be done by the pet owner.

Though the insurance policies varies in different countries.
This insurance is chiefly meant for pets like dogs, cats but some special insurance are also available for horses, chameleons and turtles. These special ones are practiced more in developed countries. The insurance company limits the insurance amount payable by restricting the total sum payable annually or by putting limit per illness or accident and some insurers limits it by restricting the time-period for the claim to one year.
Pet insurance is very well-accepted in western countries but is relatively low in India. The major reason is that the pet sector is not organized and this kind of insurance is not popularized in India. "Pet Sector is not organized in India. There is no proper care and vaccination for pets, due to which the death rate is high. Such high mortality rate repels the insurance companies and they hesitate to get in," says Veterinary doctor Vishal Sharma.


2. Antiques Insurance: Antiques collection is a passionate hobby. You spent years to make such a collection but there is an insurance policy for those too. You can partly insure your antiques. There are two such types of antique insurance – Policy with Homeowners Company, and Policy with Specialist Company.

Some insurers allow insuring your collectibles partly along with other insurances. They generally provide a lower deductible limit for antiques. But the Specialist company policy covers all collections like stamps, coins, pottery or even muscle cars. The payback amount for the damage of the collectibles is nothing but a small amount for the peace of mind.
In India, Tata AIG was the first to launch such insurance for fine art, jewellary, rare paintings and other valuable possessions. On this note the CEO of Tata AIG, Gaurav D Garg said, "Insurance for fine art and valuables is a developing and under-penetrated sector. Our company is the first to offer innovative insurance solutions for the fine arts and valuables, which are backed by unparalleled loss prevention, risk management and a concierge level claims service that offers flexibility and support when needed most."


3. Wedding Insurance: Unlike any other general, life, health, home insurance, it is a quickie insurance available for the unforeseen situations which may come across on the wedding day like a burglary or electric failure at the wedding venue. But Indians are least bothered to know much about it. It completely makes sense to go for such plans, as a wedding insurance needs a very small amount compared to the amount of money spent on a wedding.

In India the wedding insurance covers many arenas, such as wedding cancellation cover for the reasons like any accident in the wedding venue, death or accidental injury to the bride, groom or their immediate family members. It also insures the personal accident and money cover in case of theft of valuables, along with the wedding venue or the house. This can also cover the legal responsibility that can arise if any third party property is damaged or accidents during the wedding or any kind of damage like food poisoning during the wedding.
It is important to note that you should buy your wedding policy in advance and not in the last minute so that it can cover all the expenses of the wedding. And once you bought such insurance, start keeping a copy of receipts for your expenses like bills, bookings, jewellery valuation certificates etc as a proof.


4. Longevity Insurance: Retirees save whole of their life for their afterlife retirement. But what if you run out of money at that stage. Here's insurance for your ripe old age called longevity insurance. You need to invest a small amount at the age of 65 and your insurer will use it till you get 85. Only after then the company repays you in a monthly installments.

The money starts to come when you start having more medical bills than your daily grocery bills. Thus this way of investment makes long-term planning easier because the payout is resolute when you buy such policy.
But it has a major drawback as most of the people don't get to the age of 85. As Ted Mathas, the Chief Operating Officer of New York Life Insurance Co. says, "it's really inexpensive because half of the people will never get there, and if they do, they'll only live three or four years beyond that threshold. So the cost is a fraction of what it might be if they had to manage these assets for 20 years. It provides great security in a defined period of time."


5. Long term care insurance: This is a policy for those aged 65 or more, to cover their long term care expenses allied with an assisted living facility at a later stage of life. But now a day's even young ones desires to go for a long term care insurance (LTCI).

This provides many such facilities which one needs at the age of 65. One of them is nursing care. Physicians sometimes prescribes such treatment plans where skilled nurses provides care to recover the patient completely from an illness. The nurse is around 24 hours a day.
Such policies are bit risky. One should gather a proper information before taking such policies like the insurer should be a successful operator for decades. One should check out on the elimination period, the duration for which one pay out the expense before the insurer starts paying. The available options in the market are 0 days, 60 days and 90 days. This does not sound good economically but ensures a very good care for the elders in their ripe age.

Kunal Led Polar Mobile Raises $6 Million In Funding

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 09:14 PM PST

The digital media distribution company, Polar Mobile has raised $6 million in new round of funding led by growth equity firm Georgian Partners with co-investment from the Ontario Venture Capital Fund. This has brought the total fund raised by the firm to a total of $9 million, of which $3 million in angel funding from BlueSky Capital.

Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar Mobile

The fund will be used to trigger staff increase, global expansion and new product releases. According to Kunal Gupta, CEO, Polar Mobile, the fund will also be sued to help launch MediaEverywhere, a new product line to transform the media industry. MediaEverywhere is an HTML5-based solution to distribute media content in a multi-device environment, including smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Toronto, Polar Mobile has presence in San Francisco and Dubai. Polar Mobile provides media companies globally an industry-leading platform that makes it fast and easy to launch branded mobile apps across every smartphone and tablet devices. The new app will include support for both app-centric and browser-based media consumption and enable the company's media customers to create, design and manage custom user experience in-house.

The clientele of Polar Mobile includes CBS Interactive, Conde Nast, Sports Illustrated, The Globe and Mail, Shanghai Daily, Future Publishing, Rogers Media, Khaleej Times and the Wall Street Journal. The company has worked with over 380 media brands in 12 countries and having served over 1.6 billion page views to 11 million users to-date.

"Polar transformed how media companies deliver content to smartphones and tablets by providing a turnkey, cloud-baed software platform for the rapid deployment of feature-rich native applications. We are thrilled to have the backing of Georgian and now it is helping to accelerate the launch of our next-generations software platform, MediaEverywhere", said Gupta.

Gupta is a leading software provider for digital media distribution. He is also a frequent speaker on the topics of digital media, innovation and entrepreneurship. Gupta is the Founder and Chair of the Board for the Impact Entrepreneurship Group, a non-profit organization. He has been recognized as a Global Citizen by the United Nations, as Alumnus of the Year by Shad Valley and also as  Ernst & Young's Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year. He holds a Software Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo.

"The complexity of new platform and ever-changing business models introduces new opportunities that media companies can benefit from with Polar's help. We are excited about its ability to scale globally and their vision for leveraging applied analytics to enhance engagement and drive monetization of media", said Justin LaFayette, Managing Director, Georgian Partners.

Georgian Partners is a growth equity firm investing in expansion stage enterprise software, and information aggregation companies. It was founded by successful entrepreneurs and technology executives, and is backed by a team with deep operational experience.

Bluestone.com Secures $5 Million From Accel Partners

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 09:11 PM PST

Bangalore-based online jewellery store Bluestone.com has raised $5 million in funding from Accel Partners, Silicon Valley Bank, and K Ganesh, Founder of TutorVista. The company plans to use the fund for increasing its design offerings and provide international quality products to the Indian customer.

vidya narataj, bluestone, bluestone.com, federal reserve system,Prizm, innovaLight, Clearleap, Fligh

"We will aggressively build our operational capability to support the kind of scale we intend to achieve and also continue to build technology and user experience to create as close a real life experience, short of touch and feel," says Vidya Nataraj Co-Founder, Bluestone.com.

Bluestone was founded in mid 2011 by Vidya Nataraj and Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, with an aim to bring together timeless jewellery, crafter with the right blend of age and elegance, to provide a comprehensive collection at affordable rates.

Vidya feels that there is a growing demand for branded lightweight diamond jewellery and the online jewellery retail, which is at a nascent stage is poised to grow is what interested the VCs to invest in the company. She also feels that since the team has experience in jewellery, technology, and online marketing, the company was able to pose itself as a profitable category to the investors.

The 30 people strong company targets trendy and evolved Indian men and women who want international designs and high fashion in precious jewellery at great value. It feels that the domestic jewellery sector in India is more than Rs v1,00,000 crores. Though the online market is at a nascent stage, the trade numbers are around Rs 250-300 crores, and is expected to grow at 100 percent per year. It estimates that the closest competition would be the pure play online retailer caratlane.com.

Prior to co-founding Bluestone, Vidya was a Senior Consultant at Price Waterhouse Coopers, the Head of Music at Landmark, and a Securitisation Analyst at Barclays Capital. She pursued her MBA from INSEAD, and did her B.Sc., Mathematics from University of Warwick.

Accel Partners is a venture capital firm which supports entrepreneurs possessing unique insight to define new categories and build world-class companies. Its famous portfolio companies include Facebook, Veritas Software, RealNetworks, Riverbed, MetroPCS, Macromedia, and many others.

Silicon Valley Bank helps entrepreneurs and enterprising companies with its diversified financial services in technology and life science companies, venture capital and private equity firms. It has over $19 billion in total assets and more than 1,500 employees worldwide. It is a subsidiary of SVB Financial Group, a member of the FDIC and Federal Reserve System. Its portfolio companies include Prizm, Innovalight, Clearleap, FlightCaster, and many others

Tips to Rein in a Spend Thrift Wife/Husband

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 08:48 PM PST

Although Love comes before money alphabetically, it does not work the same in all situations for a couple. Your love for him/her is priceless but at the same time you cannot ignore paying the price for his/her bad spending habits. If she is a galloping horse who is on a spending spree and you are holding on to those reins to keep her in track then you are a living proof of an overspending spouse. If he is a party animal and you are the sober one trying to pay off his fancy desires then you have to admit that your spouse needs some taming about money. Every couple goes through a situation like this but does that mean you need a lawyer to fix it? Does this mean that you do not have financial compatibility with your spouse?

All that your spouse needs is a transformation to attain money harmony. Eye opener facts have to be laid out to make them understand where they are heading towards, a reality check. Here are a few tips to tame your spouse from wild spending:

1. Financial union has to be attained:

financial union

This does not mean that you have to have replicated minds when it comes to financial values. All relationships have conflicts over finances no matter how perfect they are at it. To attain a financial union you need find solutions for your problems together. What happens when both people in a marriage are spend thrifts? There is still financial union here but in spending which is negative attitude and will put your finances into a tailspin. Either one of you has to wake up and say “it’s time we did something about it”. Habits take a makeover. Seeing you transform, your better half too makes an effort to change. In this way you walk your way from out of control spenders to debt-free and to an actually savings couple.


2. Mind-set matters:

Mind set

You cannot tame a wild horse immediately or in a short span of time. Anything you try fixing in a hurry or saying “I’m right, you’re wrong” will make your spouse more unmanageable and insecure. Your partner is already defensive cause of the overspending nature. He may not understand as well as you do how money works, and that ignorance can make him feel threatened. For many money means power and freedom and your plans to cut back on him would make him frustrated and trapped. Cutting back immediately and being frugal would panic your partner and he may spend more than you had ever imagined. In fact, people with different spending attitudes tend to “polarize” when they become a couple, says therapist Olivia Mellan, author of “Overcoming Overspending: A Winning Plan for Spenders and Their Partners.”


3. Make her understand that it is beyond budgeting:

financial freedom

Make your partner understand that her spending is not limited only to the present but will cause serious issues for you in the future. If she holds back her spending for this month but ends up spending double in the next month, it will not make sense of the savings that you did. You have to make her understand that the future is not about saving or buying a new house or retirement, it is to attain a life which is debt free and stress free. Make her imagine that 30 years from now she can still enjoy the financial freedom that she is enjoying now. If she is a big fan of credit cards then she will surely agree the term ‘financial freedom’. What you want to do is get across the real goal of budgeting. That is to make sure you’re spending money on the things you really want and not to spend on stuff that isn’t really important to you.


4. Show the bigger picture of their expenditures:

friends and famliy

Spenders live for the moment and not for tomorrow. They will never calculate how much they have spent. You can show how much of those small indulgences that they make will cost them in a year. The small lunch breaks that they take at expensive restaurants, buying clothes and shoes, treating friends and family to meals for two or three times in a week, etc. You can a make list of their spending and show it in print out reports of their yearly spending. This will give them a reality check and they might as well trim down on their spending. But making them realize this does not mean that you have stopped them completely from spending. You have to always find the middle path to keep the balance going. Discuss how they can still do what they like doing but in a disciplined and planned manner.


5. Pick a Number:


All couples need to have a set limit when it comes to spending. Anything that is more than $100, couples have to discuss and agree to it. This limit is known as the “talk to me” limit. Depending on income, a couple can set their limits. It could be even $20 or $10. This way a couple will have the concern of their partners and there will be no necessary spending made.

Google Search Kills Human Memory

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 02:34 AM PST

With technology penetrating every part of our lives, we have learned to search for information on the internet. But could this practice be altering the way we store and process information? A new study has revealed findings that could just go to show that Google could be destroying our memories.

Human brain

Psychology professors from the Columbia University, the University Of Wisconsin-Madison, Harvard University came together and published the study that said people "remember less by knowing information than by knowing where the information can be found", essentially meaning that  we tend to forget information searched for, and rather remember where on the internet it can be found. "The Internet, with its search engines such as Google and databases such as IMDB and the information stored there, has become an external memory source that we can access at any time," said the study. "It has become so commonplace to look up the answer to any question the moment it occurs, it can feel like going through withdrawal when we can't find out something immediately."

The four tests that the professors conducted on individuals in short, confirmed that searching for information on the internet could be wiping out our "internal memory", which stores data.  "When people expect to have future access to information, they have lower rates of recall of the information itself and enhanced recall instead for where to access it", said the study.

So instead of remembering data, say what happened during an event, we tend to remember which sites we saw that information on, or where on Google we found the site.

According to the study "These results suggest that processes of human memory are adapting to the advent of new computing and communication technology. We are becoming symbiotic with our computer tools growing into interconnected systems that remember less by knowing information than by knowing where the information can be found."  "This gives us the advantage of access to a vast range of information—although the disadvantages of being constantly 'wired' are still being debated", concluded the professors in the study.

Windows Phone Will Beat iPhone by 2015

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 02:32 AM PST

Microsoft's Windows Phone will overtake the Apple's iPhone and iPad in market shares by 2015, says a research firm iSuppli.
According to the iSuppli analysis, with the launch of Nokia Lumia 900 at CES 2012, Windows Phone will gain the smartphone market share by 16.7 percent. Nokia Lumia 900 will help Windows Phone to become popular and Nokia will regain the market share which it lost with Android device.

Nokia is not the only seller of Windows smartphone, Samsung, Sony and HTC are also there in this winning game. However, it is expected that Nokia will dominate the market with Windows Phone devices in 2012.
Currently the smartphone operating system market is dominated by Google's Android and Apple's iOS. But iSuppli predicts that Windows Phone share will set a rise of 62 percent in 2013 which will rule out the dominance of Android and iOS.

This new partnership of Nokia and Microsoft is going to be a win-win situation for both the companies and customers. As Nokia will help in the growth of Windows Phone in market, it will also help other makers of Windows Phone device to have a better acceptance in minds of customers.

Top 10 Action Titles for Android

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 02:24 AM PST

Google's Android is the dominating player in the field of smartphone operating system. Along with the utility apps in the Android market which increases its functionality and preference, there are lots of games to add the fun element in Android and we are listing some action games which are quite exciting.
1. Grand Theft Auto 3:

This Rockstar Games developed action game features visually stunning updated graphics, character and vehicle models, HD quality resolution, gameplay optimized for touch screen devices, custom controls for the mobile platform, Gamepad Support for select USB controllers. The game gives a wonderful open-world experience, but a bit of compromise id done with the music. In Android market this game has a price tag of Rs 250.94.

2. Age of Zombies:

This game is developed by Halfbrick Studio. This game makes you travel through time to kill zombies throughout history. Its witty dialogs, screen full of enemies and survival modes for gamers interested in racking up high scores makes the game more intense and fun. This game costs Rs 51.92 in Android market.


3. Sleepy Jack:

The developer of this game is SilverTree Media. This game will make you travel through cylindrical pathways to collect extra points and have a rapid-fire shooting on your enemies. Some level doesn't involve shooting; there you just have to keep going by collecting musical icons. This game will cost you Rs 100.08 in Android market.

4. Grabatron:

This game gives you the chance to control UFO with a giant human-grabbing claw that abducts humans and cows and throws cars. This game is developed by Future Games of London and the game features beautiful graphics, realistic physics, finds hidden power-ups, upgrade your ship, over 30 different missions. This game will cost you only Rs 49.87.


5. Wind-Up Knight:

Robot Invader is the developer of this end -less runner game. This game has as toy that knight that can constantly run in one direction until he winds down and ports it into a set-level structure. There are lots of riddled with enemies which makes you involved in the game. This game is completely free in the Android market.

6. INC:

This is an comic inspired game developed by Uken Games where players tries to activate three switches spread throughout each level  and your enemies tries to stop you with weapons and hazardous environments. With the use of OpenFeint this free game can be picked up and resumed from any device that has the game and can even jump between iOS and Android versions.


7. Meteor Blit:

This is a dual-stick shooter game developed by Alley Labs where you have to face enemies and dangerous asteroid fields. This game allows player to switch weapons to exploit each meteor’s particular weakness, and can suck in meteors to launch back out at ships. To owe this game you have to shed Rs 100.08.

8. Sonic CD:

SEGA of America is the developer of this time-travelling game which rewards each level of exploration. This game has special game engine for modern devices which it work perfectly with tablets and high-resolution phones. In Android this game is available for Rs 250.94.


9. Minecraft Pocket Edition:

This Mojang developed game allows you to create world on the go. Its allows you to randomized worlds, build anything you can imagine, build with 36 different kinds of blocks, invite and play with friends to your world using local wireless network. This game will cost you Rs 333.51 in Android market.

10. Shadowgun:

MADFINGER Games developed this game for latest and greatest Android devices. The game comes with a cover based shooter and an impressive graphics. This game is well suited for console players who would love to have a gaming experience on the go. The price tag of this game in Android market is Rs 259.37.

10 Best Performing Gaming PCs

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 02:18 AM PST

In this era of portability and mobility, the computer world has seen many portable devices like Ultrabooks, tablets and smartphones. But still the desktop computers are dominating in the computing market in its own way. Here comes such high performance desktop PCs which can do a lot more than other portable devices.
1. AVA Silent Gaming PC


AVA silent gaming PC looks dull from its physical view, but it is packed with powerful Intel's Core i7 processor with 3.2 GHz processor speed and Nvidia GeForce graphic chipset.

It features the X79 chipset, NZXT H2 Classic Silent mid-tower chassis which gives low noise, MSI X79-GD65 motherboard, 8GB of Kingston DDR3-1600 memory, Seagate 1TB Barracuda hard disk, Sony 24X DVD burner, 65-in-1 media card reader, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, Ethernet and runs on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system.

The price of this low noise gaming PC is $1961.03 as in AVW website, while the company has not yet declared the price and availability in India.


2. Digital Storm Enix

The Digital Storm Enix comes with an all metal body with a tall and thin design; the plastic in bright red on the left side makes it very attractive.

Digital Strom Enix is powered by Intel core i7 processor with 3.2 GHz processor speed, Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 Triple SLI graphic card and runs on Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. It also features 8 GB of RAM, 128GB Corsair SSD (solid state drive), 1TB Western Digital 7,200rpm hard disk, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports and an excellent performing Blu-Ray drive, but lacks eject button and good cooling system. The price range starts from $1417 to $2306 (as in the Digital Storm website).


3. Digital Storm ODE

The Digital Strom ODE has a beautiful exterior coated with glossy white powder which creates a durable and shiny finish that will exponentially increases the systems cooling efficiency.

The Digital Storm ODE is packed with an Intel Core i7 processor with 3.2 GHz processor speed, 2 x NVidia GeForce GTX 570 graphic card, 8GB of DDR3-1600 RAM, 1 TB of hard disk drive and Blu-Ray drive. The ODE is also equipped with a high-performance Corsair liquid cooling system that helps to regulate the temperature. It comes with a huge price tag of $2339 (as in the Digital Storm website).


4. Digital Storm Special-Ops Dreadnought

The Digital Storm special-Ops Dreadnought is specially designed for entertainment and to deliver maximum gaming experience.

The Dreadnought comes with 3.4GHz Core i7-2600K processor, 8GB of RAM, 1TB hard disk drive, a 128GB solid-state drive, ten USB 2.0 and six USB 3.0 ports. For graphic it has Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 graphic card with 1.5 GB memory, two DVI ports and mini HDMI ports integrated with graphic card. This high performance desktop is priced at $3333.


5. iBuyPower Gamer Paladin HS11

iBuyPower Gamer Paladin HS11 is an affordable gaming desktop. This desktop comes with Intel core i5 processor, 3.3 GHz processor speed, NZXT gaming case, liquid cooling system, 8 GB of DDR RAM, 1.2 GB Nividia GeForce GTX 570 graphics card, 1 TB of hard disk and runs on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system. This desktop has a tag price of $999.


6. Micro Express MicroFlex 79B

The Micro Express MicroFlex 79B has an awesome black design and an excellent performance. The desktop is packed with Intel i7 core processor with Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 graphics card and 16 GB of RAM. It also has 1 TB of hard disk drive, 120 GB of SSD drive and runs on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit operating system.

The device has a built in Bluetooth, multi format card reader, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. This bulky looking machine has a price tag of $1999.


7. Polywell Poly X5800A3-990X

Polywell Poly X5800A3-990X is packed with Intel core i7 990X extreme edition processor with 3.85 GHz processor speed and ATI Radeon HD HD6970 graphics card.

It also has 120 GB SSD drive and 2 TB of hard disk, multi-format card reader, xD-Picture card, Ethernet port, DVI, HDMI ports, four USB 2.0 and two 3.0 ports and Blu-Ray combo drive. Its performance is quite less when compared to affordable desktop like iBuyPower Gamer Paladin HS11.


8. Primordial Computers Satyr

The Primordial Computers Satyr doesn't have an attractive look as other gaming computer mentioned before. This device is powered by Intel i7 core processor with 4.7 GHz processor speed, a couple of Nivida GeForce graphics card, 8 GB of RAM and runs on 64 bit version of Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

The device also has 480 GB of SSD memory, Blu-Ray burner, eight USB 3.0 ports and a built in Bluetooth. The case has enough space for further upgrade. The pricing and availability is not yet declared by the company.


9. V3 Convoy

V3 Convoy comes with 3.1 GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor with two Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 video cards, 4 GB of RAM and liquid cooled system.

The device also has FireWire 400 port, six USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 ports, multi format card reader, Ethernet port, built in Bluetooth and is integrated with 7.1 channel surround sound system. With all these features the V3 Convoy is an all rounder performer for entertainment and extreme gaming experience.


10. WarFactory Sentinel

The War Factory has a tall fully black chassis and is powered by AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition processor, ASUS M4A87TD Evo Motherboard with AMD 870, SB850 chipset, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit version.

It also features six USB 2.0 ports, FireWire, Ethernet, 7.1 channel surround sound, two DVI and a mini HDMI port. For storage it has Corsair 40 GB SSD and 1 TB Western Digital hard disk space.

10 New Open Source Projects you Should Know

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 02:11 AM PST

Open source projects created a whole new world of software, both for customers and companies. Firefox, Linux, LibreOffice, and the partially open Android platform dominate this space. However, there are also numerous lesser-known open source projects that are equally noticeable. Its free nature coupled with flexibility, security, freedom and customizability where the key advantages for business small and big. Lots of Open Source project are on the way now, so keep a tab on what's going to be the best in this domain.
Black Duck Software, an Open source-focused provider recently announced a list of top Open Source Rookies of the year which revealed some of the promising Open Source projects to look forward. And the list goes like this:

1. Bootstrap:


Bootstrap is an online toolkit from twitter for developers to build new apps and even clean up some of the existing codes. This open source set of files includes base CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, girds, navigation and more.

2. BrowserID:


BrowwerID is a Mozilla developed secure, decentralized, open source, cross-browser way to sign onto websites. BrowerID provides an easy and safe way for both users and developers. This open source file is designed to go well with future browsers and also respects user privacy.


3. Canvas:

Canvas is easy, simple, and intuitive and is the only commercial open source learning management system and the only one with LMS native to the cloud. Canvas LMS is hosted in a software as a Service (SaaS) model and is partnered with Amazon Web Services to assure a truly robust, secure global network of servers.

4. Cloud Foundry:


Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud computing platform as a service (PaaS) software developed by VMware released under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. It is primarily written in Ruby. It provides a choice of clouds, developer frameworks, and application services.


5. Moai:

Moai uses Lua scripting language providing a mobile platform for game developers offering cloud-based game services, rapid development of iOS, Android, and Chrome titles. Moai is a ultimate mobile platform of pro game developers.

6. Mooege:


Mooege is an educational game server emulator written in C# available for Microsoft .Net and Mono which means you can run it on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Mooege's concentrates entirely on education, therefore public or commercial use of this software is considered to be illegal.


7. OpenShift:

OpenShift is a free, auto-scaling platform-as-a-service for Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl and Python applications developed by RedHat. It provides the fastest and easiest on-ramp to the cloud for free and adapts to the varying needs of your app with auto-scaling built-in.

8. Orion:


Orion is a browser-based open tool integration platform which is entirely focused on developing for the web, in the web and is built by the Eclipse platform team. Tools are written in JavaScript and run in the browser.


9. rstat.us:

rstatus is the newest place to participate in the collective conscious of the planet through blogging. It is a 100 Percent open source microblogging platform which is simple and open. The interface of rstat.us is clean, and easy to understand. The programming code that makes up rstat.us is available for anyone to download, free of charge.

10. Salt:


Salt is a powerful remote execution manager and a open source configuration management that can be used to administer servers in a fast and efficient way. Salt allows commands to be executed across large groups of servers. This means systems can be easily managed, but data can also be easily gathered.

Microsoft’s Dying Netbook

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 02:04 AM PST

The sale of Microsoft’s Netbook has nosedived yet again from eight percent to a startling two percent from the previous quarter. Overall, the PC market dipped between 2 to 4 percent, according to chief financial officer Peter Klein, who spoke to analysts on a conference call Thursday as quoted by PCMag World.


Tablet is a Netbook in many ways. Performance and speed gaps not being an issue, the versatility of the tablet and its geometry are the favorite factors which have been adapted by the consumers giving the Tablets a winning hand. Microsoft which has tried to shrink its Windows 7 to get accustomed to tablet may soon see Netbooks being extinct
Waning demand for Netbooks compared to stiff competition offered by tablets in recent quarters has changed the trend altogether in the PC market. The PC decline was due to the ongoing Thai floods, which should affect the PC market for another quarter, Klein said.

“We delivered solid financial results, even as we prepare for a launch year that will accelerate many of our key products and services,” said Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer at Microsoft, in a statement. “Coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show, we’re seeing very positive reviews for our new phones and PCs, and a strong response to our new Metro style design that will unify consumer experiences across our phones, PCs, tablets and television in 2012.”

But this does not assure the Net Books sales catapulting as the markets have already been taken over by the Tablets and Microsoft will be left watching the fading away of Netbooks in time.