07 February 2012

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Marketing With Anik – Marketing With Anik scam?

Posted: 06 Feb 2012 04:15 AM PST

Marketing with Anik is a complete coaching program from Anik Singal directly. You will get 15 week of coaching plus $5000 of previously sold bonus.



The product “Marketing with Anik” has created a lot of buzz recently due to heavy promotion. But before making any decision, it must be thoroughly reviewed to check the actual potential of this product by Anik Singal and Jimmy. So in this article, i will provide you the pros and cons of Marketing with Anik along with the modules inside it.
Marketing With Anik Official Link : http://marketingwithanik.com

The overall product can be divided into three parts as:
Part 1) Coaching
Part 2) Courses
Part 3) Offers
Now let's move to these 3 parts one by one
Part 1: The Coaching
Amongst all the three parts, this one is the most vital. It covers a 15 week coaching program directly by Anik which will cover both basic and advanced online techniques. The best part is that these videos by Anik will also be stored inside the members area so that people who have miseed any part can also get access to those videos. There is a support link which can be used in case you come around any problems/doubts etc.
Part 2: Courses
There are total three courses which are: 

a) Lazy Tubester

This method covers banking with Youtube traffic. There are methods which explain how to make and rank videos so that they get top listing in Youtube which inturn will draw hordes of visitors to your videos and will eventually make money.


b) Clickbank Overnight Expert

This covers 21 training videos which are focussed on making an expert affiliate marketer. The videos cover everything from selecting niches, to making search engine friendly sites along with other advanced methods to promote products from Clickbank. Along with videos, there are laso pdf files given which cover more tactics on the matter.


c) Affiliate Classroom

Affiliate Classroom is one of the most famous products of Anik as this is the exact classroom which produced several internet marketers. This classroom will cover advanced strategies which work currently for promoting products along with other ventures that are related to online money making.


Part 3: The Offers


This part also consists of three parts which are as follows

a) The first part consists of "Done for You" offers along with the product "Income Kick Start"
b) The second part is called Empire Formula which covers the A to Z of Affiliate Marketing.
c) The last part is a comprehensive SEO Module package which covers both on page and off page strategies to rank a website online.

Overall Review of "Marketing with Anik"


If you carefully observe the various product launches by the big Gurus in the past few months, then you will notice a stage of saturation where almost each and every product is a software which basically builds sites on keywords. After a long waiting period, "Marketing with Anik" is a different product as it offers directly coaching to the members along with covering all level of difficulties. Since, this is a continued session, hence it has far more capability to train and produce online marketers.




Marketing With Anik

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Commission Breakthrough Review – Should You Buy It?

Posted: 06 Feb 2012 03:19 AM PST

Commission Breakthrough is an amazing product for beginners and others who don't have much experience with online marketing.


Commission Breakthrough by Reid Schoffelen has already made a huge buzz online by the number of copies it has sold in just 2 days of its launch. But before you make your decision to buy it, it is necessary to take a review on this product to make sure that it meets quality expectations. So, in this write up, you are presented a detailed Commission Breakthrough review to make sure that each and every thing gets crystal clear.


For Official Site: Move Over to http://CommissionBreakthrough.com


Well, if you have bought any Internet marketing or affiliate marketing products lately, you know that many of them just don't stand up to the requirements most of us demand when we fork out cash for it. Commission Breakthrough is quite a bit different in which it offers a unique way for you to earn commissions.


This new product taps into an incredible source of traffic which most affiliate and Internet marketers don't use and are not even aware of to get some insane commissions.  Unlike others, I'm not talking about sites such as Google, PPC traffic and Facebook.. but it is 100% free traffic and it can create an insane amount of traffic to your site if you just know how to do it!



So, this product  consists of a members area which contains the following steps as given below:

  • Set up Custom Website
  • Niche Selection Secrets
  • Pick Your Income Source
  • Fill Out Your Feeder Site
  • Plug In Your Traffic

For Detailed Explanation of each steps, see below:

Step 1: Set up Custom Website

In this method, you can go by two routes:

Option a) You can let the product team set up the website for you
Option b) You can set the website yourself

Since, there is already a detailed tutorial video given in the members area to instruct on this, hence you can easily go for option (b). You will have to do the basic tasks like CPanel installation etc. Don't worry about the technical terms because there is already a dedicated support team to help you out with any issues. In case, you feel lazy to do so or you feel to get it done, then you can go for option (a).

Step 2: Niche Selection Secrets

For this step, you will first have to download a Software "Niche Finder Download". The size of this software is 28.24 MB for Windows Users (i.e. if you use windows operating system). Then you will be given training on the software usage. The software is basically easy to understand and it must not take more than 15-20 minutes for an average user to understand its usage.

Step 3: Pick Your Income Source

This step teaches:

a) Signing up at ClickBank.com
b) Finding Good Products to promote.

Basically this step is the all about getting affiliated with clickbank and choosing the right products. There are both video and text tutorials for this step in the members area of Commission Breakthrough.

Step 4: Fill Out Your Feeder Site

So, you have selected your niche in step 2 and have got a product to promote in step 3. Now in this step, you will put up your site as described in the video presentation in the members area. This will ensure that readers of your website will get enticed to click and buy through the products described in your website.

Step 5: Plug In Your Traffic

This is the most crucial part. At this stage, you will be taught how to get traffic (visitors) to your website without any SEO or PPC. You will learn about the traffic source which will bring visitors to your site. You will also be provided with some related FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) to clear the doubts. For any support regarding the product, there is a dedicated team to help out.


Final Review of Commission Breakthrough


The entire power of Commission Breakthrough relies on the secret Traffic Source. The best part about the traffic source given in the product is that you can promote any website without having to do any sort of backlinking for SEO or spending on PPC. This way it will ensure that you can generate profits for niches as per your need. Overall Commission Breakthrough is a recommended product.



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6 Tricks How Malls Make you Shop More

Posted: 06 Feb 2012 03:02 AM PST

Gone are the days when we used to sit with friends in the college canteen bunking the lectures and chat or used to go to the Chaupati to spend the weekend. The latest trend is the Malls, which is no more only a shopping place but is also a hangout for college teens and couples. Yes, of course the classy ambience and music attracts us to spend time apart from it, malls play a lot of tricks to attract you.

1. Ambience: A soon as we think of a mall, what strikes our mind is the ambience. The killer posters of actors wearing elegant dresses and accessories, will ignite you to feel, "wow, it looks cool, how much it will cost, can I buy it?" The items displaying in the showcases will make you do window shopping. Out of all, you will be bound to choice 10 items and will end up buying at least 2-3 items. At the entrance they provide you with navigation charts. These things will tempt you and force you to change your mind to buy and make you spend more.

2. They make you walk: You might have noticed that the escalators have quite a difference between them. It's not a faulty design but the mall makes you walk relatively more so that you can see while making the distance between the escalators. This trick doubles the chances of making you shop more and make a bill out of it. This same trick they use for the food courts too. Once you go for an outing you would like to take a bite. All the malls have the food courts to the top floors, so that you have to climb 4 floors just to have refreshment and on the way, the shops will take the advantage and make you look at their shops to shed the weight of your wallet.


3. The powerful Aroma: Martin Kindstrom, author of "Buyology: How Everything We Believe About Why We Buy is Wrong" says, "Smell and sound are substantially more potent than anyone had even dreamed of". The aroma acts like a powerful stimulation which makes you more relaxed and helps in creating a tempting environment in the mall. This influential power of smell uplifts the whole retail therapy and indulges you in buying more, without the instance of make you aware of it. Lindstrom says, "All of our other senses, you think before you respond, but with scent, your brain responds before you think."

4. Variety of foreign cuisine: As soon as you enter the mall, the ground floors will me mostly consisting of lavish foreign candies and Swiss chocolates, expensive wafers and biscuits. The ambience, aroma, classy environment all makes you feel good regarding such tempting food stuffs and makes you buy them. This is not only a sale process but also brings a good rapport about the mall and will make you come again in future.


5. Never ending SALE: 365 days a year some or the other retail shops will provide summer, winter, season clearing sale and these four letters are more than enough to make you shop more. The feeling that you bought something at its half price feels like an achievement to you though you often miss out the "up to" in the "up to 50 percent" sale. Still 'sale' and 'limited period' offer attracts people very well. You know that this particular sale is going to last for a month but still the feeling that you may not get a piece of your favourite top will make you shop at an instance.

6. They make you spend more to save more: Nowadays the recent trend is that all major malls and retail industries provide shopping cards likes which looks like just any other credit cards. This card will accumulate reward points for you depending upon how much money you spend on shopping there. Each time you will shop, you will receive points. When you will fetch 100 points then they will provide you some cash back or a discount on your purchase, which is a very small amount in comparison of the money till date you shopped from them. This way they make you shop more fools you by saying you will save more.

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Top 10 Companies Using H-1B Visas in U.S.

Posted: 06 Feb 2012 02:48 AM PST

According to the data released by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service [USCIS], the New-Jersey based IT services provider, Cognizant, with its major operations overseas, has topped the list of H-1B Visa holding company in the U.S. It is followed by 4 Indian based companies such as the Infosys, Wipro, Tata and Larsen and Toubro occupying the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th positions respectively.

The United States has the policy of issuing 85,000 H-1B visas, and in that 20,000 are reserved for the advanced degree graduates of the U.S. universities, reports Patrick Thibodeau and Sharon Machlis of the ComputerWorld.

As the revenues are increasing in these offshore firms day by day, they are hiring thousands of employees every year. However, the new visa applications from these top 10 users cover up to 22 percent of the overall visas allowed by the United States every year.

Ron Hira, a Public Policy Professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York said that, once again the offshore outsourcing industry has turned out to be the major beneficiary of the H-1B program. He also said that, eight of the top 10 H-1B companies are using offshoring business models and are clearly utilizing the loopholes in the H-1B program.



Cognizant being one of the fastest growing outsourcing firms, it has topped the list of highest H-1B visa approvals by the company with 4,222 initial visas approved and 1,493 visas are in the renewal petition. So, totally, it has topped the list of highest H-1B visa holder in U.S with 5, 715 H-1B visas.



This global technology service company headquartered in Bangalore, has its offices in 29 countries and development centers in India, U.S., China, Australia etc. It has become the second largest firm with highest number of H-1B visa approvals with a total of 4042 visas, divided into 3962 initial visas that are applied and 80 visas in the renewal petition.



Wipro, a global IT services and consulting company is the second largest IT service by turnover in India. It is headquartered in Bangalore and has employed more than 136,734 people worldwide as of December 2011. It is the third largest offshoring company when it comes to H-1B visa holders in the United States. It holds a total of 2817 H-1B visas which are divided into 2736 initial visas that were applied and 81 visas in the renewal petition stage.



India's largest business group and multinational company, Tata, is the 4th largest company which holds 1758 H-1B visa in the U.S. This number is divided into 1740 new visas that are already applied and 18 visas are yet to be approved as they are in the renewal petition stage.


Larsen and Toubro:

This Indian multinational firm has its headquarters in Mumbai. It is India's largest engineering and Construction Company which deals with engineering, construction, manufacturing, IT and financial services. This company is credited as the 5th company which holds 1608 H-1B visas where around 1204 new visas are already applied and 404 visas are in the renewal stage.



This American multinational company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. It is listed as the 6th company which holds 1586 H-1B visas. In that number, 947 visas are newly applied visas and another 639 visas are yet to be approved as they are in the renewal stage.



Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. Its headquarters is in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. This company is considered as the largest consulting firm in the world. It holds around 1370 H-1B visas in the United States. In that, 1347 visas are the newly applied visas by the company and 23 are in the renewal petition.


HCL America:

This global technology and IT Enterprise company is based in Noida, India. It is planning to create jobs in the U.S. and in the European nations in the next five years. As reported, HCL right now does not know what portion of those 10,000 jobs would be in the United States, but it has confirmed that 40 percent of the hires will be from U.S. HCL holds around 1128 H-1B visas in the United States and in that about 1033 are the new visas that are applied by the company and the left 95 visas are the renewal visas that are under petition. The company at present employs around 7.540 in the U.S.



IBM is an American based multinational technology and consulting corporation. At present, IBM is the user of 1063 H-1B visas in the U.S. In that, 853 visas are the newly applied H-1B visas and the rest 210 visas are those visas which are under the renewal petition stage.



This American multinational Internet and software corporation, which is specialized in Internet search, cloud computing and advertising technologies, became the last in the list of top 10 H-1B visa holders in the United States with just around 615 visas. This number was divided into 383 newly applied H-1B visas and rest 232 visas were request for the renewal.

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