09 February 2012

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The News - News

Lotto – 98% Win Rate.

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 05:03 AM PST

How To Multiply Your Winning Chances By Thousands of Times…

What makes my system largely superior to any others? To be truthful, I don’t check out other lottery systems any longer. I’ve found that they just don’t live up to their promises. And some are downright crazy – they require you to fill out dozens of new tickets each game – it could almost be a full time job!


The secret I will tell you is simply this – That I guarantee you an ENORMOUSLY HIGHER CHANCE OF WINNING A PRIZE THAN LOSING.YES – I’VE GOTTEN WINS IN AS HIGH AS 9 GAMES IN 10!

I can’t be any clearer than that. No promises of a major win (no-one can do that), but a huge increase with your CHANCES of winning like me if you do the right thing and follow my Silver Lotto System to the letter.

Click Here To Get The Instant Access

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Full Movies – Download & Watch

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 04:57 AM PST

Download & Watch Unlimited Full Movies – Directly On Your Computer, TV Or Mobile.

FullMovies.com membership transforms your PC or Mobile device into a powerful entertainment center with crystal-clear video quality and access to a wide range of movies. View any movie at any time with no limitations or restrictions. Download and watch as yovu wish with one simple membership!

No computer experience is needed to watch movies from our website, simply register, login, and start downloading the titles you like. No bandwidth or time limits are ever imposed – you control what and when you want to watch 24/7!


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TV Online – Watch Live TV With SatelliteDirect !

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 04:51 AM PST

SatelliteDirect™’s software technology taps into more than 3,500 TV channels worldwide right over the Internet. Now you can enjoy more channels than your cable and satellite TV combined for a one-time fee less than one month of your monthly cable bill.

You don’t need a satellite dish, receiver or any other equipment to use our software. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Simply download our software and you are ready to enjoy over 3,500 channels worldwide.

You can watch TV right from your laptop or desktop computer anytime or anywhere in the world. Or connect your computer directly to your TV set – once you are a member we will show you how!


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Blogging To The Bank Review ??? Is It Worth Buying

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 04:46 AM PST

Blogging to the Bank. If you haven't heard about it and you're even a little bit serious about making money online, Blogging to the Bank is for you.

For starters on the blogging ebook, check out Rob Benwell's product page, Blogging to the Bank.

Basically, Rob has made over a million dollars online, from his blogs. Very few people can claim to have reached that goal. In fact, the most successful bloggers I know might make $200K or so, but not $1M.

Ultimately though, money was the reason I got into blogging. One day, I chanced upon this PDF on how to become a professional blogger. Then, it was an unheard of thing. (This was probably 5 years ago). And decided to give it a try.

The thing about Rob's Blogging to the Bank is that he uses blogs as 'revenue generating platforms' rather than 'self expression engines' or anything like that. He builds blogs to make money – plain and simple. And that's what Blogging to the Bank is all about.

Blogging To The Bank Review – What To Expect

Here's basically what Blogging to the Bank covers:

  • Research the web using keyword tools, Google and Clickbank
  • Grab a domain name, hosting and set up a WordPress blog
  • Optimize your blog for both humans and search engines
  • Monetize by installing key plug-ins and proper configuration
  • Write or outsource content, or use plr articles
  • Link building, SEO and Web 2.0 techniques
  • Sell affiliate products from clickbank
  • Sell advertising from your blog and use Google AdSense
  • Then do it all over again from step 1 with a new blog

For me, I use this method and recommend it whole-hearedly.  the difference is that I outsource all of it.  Well, almost all of it.  I do the niche selection and affiliate stuff.  Simply because those are the two 'money' areas and can't be screwed up! Eventually, it'll be outsourced though!

Blogging To The Bank Review – Who Should Buy This Book

This book is for one group of people specifically – those looking to make money online.  If you've spent any time building up a personal brand or anything through a blog – don't buy Blogging to the Bank.  It's a good book, but will confuse you as to what you're trying to do online.

The successes that I've had – I've been focused on them.  Blogging to the Bank is considered a 'shiny object.'  If you're truly just starting out or you're looking for a way to make some serious money online – this ebook is for you.  But if you're trying to build a brand, don't invest in it.  The two motives are way different from each other.

My Blogging To The Bank Bonus!

Listen, lots of times, these sorts of tutorial/how-to ebooks like Blogging to the Bank can be difficult to implement because of terminology or best practices.

Personally, when I sell stuff like this I try to give some coaching or a webinar that will help buyers take action… Rob didn't do that – probably because he sells a couple hundred copies a day…

What I want to do, as my own personal Blogging to the Bank Bonus, is hold a free webinar that will walk you through the Blogging to the Bank, start to finish. I'm talking about actually getting one of these sites up and running, from choosing a domain to installing WordPress to picking affiliate offers.

Normally, I'd charge $197 for this sort of thing – a drop in the bucket compared to how much one of these sites makes over the course of it's life… It'll be yours free!

So, what I'll do is send you an email after you purchase Blogging to the Bank (I can track that sort of thing) through one of the links in this post telling you the time and place.

For the people who have already bought the ebook through my link – I've got you covered. You'll be included in the free webinar!

Blogging To The Bank – The Verdict

I like Rob's system.  It makes sense to me.  But the only reason I do both the personal branding thing on my other sites and build niche oriented, affiliate blogs (aka the Blogging to the Banksystem) is because I have a team of people who do it for me.

I like being into a lot of different things and experiencing lots of success in markets that I'm interested in.  Plus, it gives me a chance to connect with people I wouldn't have access to otherwise (ie. product owners).  That, for me, is cool.

Like I said, if you're interested in making money online, Blogging to the Bank is definitely a step in the right direction.  It'll take time to pull in your first few dollars, but give it a month or so.  It'll happen.

Click Here For Blogging to the Bank!

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Blogging to the Bank Review

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 04:23 AM PST


6 Facts No Other Blogging to the Bank Review Exposes

Rob Benwell has made over a million dollars by blogging. The Blogging to the Bank guide is one of the most popular guides for bloggers worldwide. My Blogging to the Bank Review uncovers  both the good facts and the bad.

The Good Facts!

1. It provides great guidance for beginners. If you are new to the world of blogging and would like to know, how to make money blogging? This step by step guide will help you understand the whole process. It instructs you on all major aspects of researching profitable niches, making your blog, getting content, optimizing your blog and promoting it.

If you feel overwhelmed by the quantity of information available online and simply do not know where to start. Then, the Blogging to the Bank guide is for you.

Click Here to Go to the Blogging to the Bank Website

2. It provides tips about the best way of using adsense, email-marketing and affiliate marketingto maximise the blogging money you earn. It ensures your blog is healthy by making you aware about bad strategies to keep away from.

3. It covers information on most of the blogging techniques very efficiently. You only need to spend a few hours to understand all the concepts to earn money blogging. Immediately after reading the book, you will be in a position to implement it. If you are new to blogging, you will love its easy to follow format.

4. It makes it easy to understand the whole blogging life cycle, from creating and promoting the blog, to selling it. Blogging newbies will love the simple to follow step by step process. Intermediate and advanced bloggers may need to skim through some of the sections, as they will be aware about most of the steps.

5. It provides strategies for getting good content, including producing content, buying it and outsourcing the process. I have told you about most of the good points.  It's time my Blogging to the Bank Review lets you know about the other side. The Not So Good Facts!

  1. Although I have never experienced any customer service problems myself, I have heard that they are not very responsive. But, Blogging to the Bank comes with a 100% money back guarantee by clickbank. So, if you experience any issues, you can get your money back easily.
  2. Blogging to the bank is for beginners to intermediate level bloggers. Advanced level bloggers will know about most of the techniques covered in the guide.

If you starting your blogging journey and are wondering, how to make money with a blog? Blogging to the Bank is a great guide. Even if you are experienced, it still may be worth reading.

Click Here to Get Blogging to the Bank

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Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten REVIEW ??? OMG A SCAM?

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 04:12 AM PST

A Quick Overview At Income Times Ten :Jamie Lewis Income Times Ten Review – Recently I joined income times ten membership and tried it for just $47 after purchasing it through clickbank which is one safe way to buy things online as it offers money-back guarantee. So, I accessed this incometimesten members area to see what is has to offer and hence here is my review of income times ten today. I hope reading this income times ten review you will be able to make a proper decision whether income times ten should be purchased or not (if its a scam)…

Income Times Ten has been created by Jamie Lewis. Who Is Jamie Lewis? Well, he is a very honest marketer and makes money online like any giant dinosaur ready to eat every dollar out there. Jamie Lewis previously released products like IncomeEntourage, ImwithJamie, QuitMy9To5 which performed really well in terms of sales and also got thousands of satisfied customers that are succeeding in life and making money online.

Now he is releasing his another masterpiece and its The Income Times Ten membership.

It's a one-time fee membership.

Once I entered the income times ten members area I was completely BLOWN away. Just don't ask me what it didn't had and I am still shocked that he is giving all of his material for just $47. According to my sources, jamie lewis has put all the knowledge he has got regarding making money online in this one package.

Once logged in you will be presented with a welcome video from Jamie, and a menu that directs you to The  Income Engine, Coaching, Site Builder, Etc.

Simple to navigate and user friendly for the technologically impaired, which is a plus. When using the income times ten engine it will ask you a series of questions based off of your own personal experience. This ultimately leads the engine in the proper direction of recommending you certain affiliate products to promote along with a list of resources of where to promote for example a list of forums dedicated to a specific niche.

This is the full extent of the engines power.

In short this system finds affiliate products based on your answers, after accumulating the product possibilities it gives you a list of resources to market your affiliate link to.

I really enjoyed watching his videos and got some great 2-3 techniques which I never thought about making money online basically it was related to generating more traffic that will help you make money online.


Overall the main product you get for $47 is all good according to me. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and my rating for income times ten as of now is 4.21/5

Talking about upsell, there are total 1 upsell. You can buy it if you want. It will help you succeed better and faster if you want it to happen. The upsell for income times ten are:

1 on 1 Coaching With Travis And Jamie + Two Complete Online Businesses

VERDICT: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I hope this income times ten review was quite helpful for you. If you have any questions regarding incometimesten then just comment below with your query. This income times ten review will be updated very soon again with more information. So stay tuned!

:: More Information On Income Times Ten :::

To know more about Income Times Ten, please visit THIS SPECIAL PAGE OF Income Times Ten.


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Income Times Ten Review

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 04:08 AM PST

Income Times Ten Review Income Times Ten; Income Times Ten Review, Income Times Ten Review uncovers the secrets to Income Times Ten Software,Does Income Times Ten Really Work? Find out if Income Times Ten will work for your online business.Income Times Ten Review

Honest Income Times Ten Review
There is one system that is gaining fairly a lot of attention recently, absolutely everyone seems to be speaking about it. I got an email about it, so I made a decision to try it out for myself and submit my Income Times Ten review here. The Income Times Ten system is software which is created by the writer, Jamie lewis. This is a person who is genuinely renowned on the web for getting a successful on the web marketer. He is some thing of an "anti guru" and hates it when other so called "online marketers" promote a system which does not operate. I have run into my fair reveal of these over the many years and have put in a lot more funds than I dare consider about on buying useless systems which flip out to be ripoffs, or just a bit of details which is worthless to me for several factors, but typically because there are essential bits of data missed out. The Income Times Ten system is undoubtedly various to all of these other "systems" for so many factors.

–>Income Times Ten Software ANNOUNCEMENT: Did you know if you want to try Income Times Ten and purchase from a link on this page, that not only will you get the Income Times Ten Review bonuses but there is a 1 in 5 chance that you will get a ipod too!! 65 given away so far you could be next. THERE HAVE BEEN 4 WINNERS WHO RETURNED THE COURSES & FORFEITED THERE IPADS AND IPODS WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING, SO IF YOU ARE TRULY INTERESTED IN Income Times Ten SPEND THE NECESSARY TIME TO LEARN THE COURSE WHILE GETTING THE LARGEST Income Times Ten BONUSES ONLINE!!. 

What is the Income Times Ten System?

When you download the Income Times Ten software, you will notice that the main component is actually the software. This is the software that Jamie (the Income Times Ten creator) developed to make his marketing attempts less complicated and far more efficient. When you initial begin out marketing online, you will notice that some campaigns and assignments make far more dollars than other people, some will make a few dollars or nothing at all, but then other folks will just start making product sales and income proper off the bat. Its somewhat unpredictable and extremely frustrating if you are new and do not know how to get successful campaigns up and jogging. The Income Times Ten software has been created to prevent these pitfalls and is programmed to locate the greatest niches and reveals you how to promote them effortlessly.

With the Income Times Ten software it removes a lot of time and hard work that is usually wasted searching for the best options and methods to promote your websites and merchandise. This new software is created to make profits from affiliate marketing through clickbank or from advertising and marketing revenues, its up to you. Once you have utilized the Income Times Ten software to set up your campaigns and traffic streams, you have the liberty to pick how you make dollars from them. You do not need to create your own items, you can just make cash by offering other peoples as a substitute. This is by much the quickest and most profitable way to commence earning profits on the internet, and the Income Times Ten software gives ways to get traffic and make sales to these goods.

Click Here to Download Income Times Ten for the Lowest Price Online

Perhaps the most interesting factor about the Income Times Ten system is that the writer makes use of it himself to make cash on the web. So this is not just some software that has been thrown together just for the author to make a swift buck. This is a system that has been created, tested and finely tuned by Jamie Lewis for decades because he very first commenced in on the internet marketing 7 a long time ago. He has made a good deal of dollars by promoting affiliate products, but has produced most of it considering that making use of the methods that the software does for you. Why? This is just simply because when he 1st began on the internet, he didn't genuinely know what he was undertaking and figured out the strategies that has manufactured him through $nine million gradually, more than time. He is reducing out the finding out curve for men and women who are just starting now and offering the Income Times Ten software which does all of this automatically.

Income Times Ten Conclusion…

The Income Times Ten software is not just another get wealthy quick product. In truth, you will never ever need to buy another system or make cash product once again. The writer of the Income Times Ten system has produced positive that every little thing is integrated inside of the down load package to aid you commence producing funds straight absent, and has not left anything at all out, as a lot of so referred to as gurus do. This software and training provides a true solution to commence making a genuine income on the internet and is accompanied by exceptional support and assistance from the creator who requires a actual fascination in his students, of which more than eighty% are generating a critical income from utilizing his strategies. These figures converse for Jamie's' credibility by by themselves and several folks are likely to make confident they download his most current offering so they do not miss out on this fantastic chance to get commenced on the web, as there are only a limited number of copies accessible.


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Why Smartphone Fear Water, When HzO Tech is Hear!

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 03:12 AM PST

People carry their smartphones everywhere. But there are some places where your costliest smartphone will not be very safe like beaches, swimming pools and bathrooms. Over thousands of smartphones every year become malfunctioned due to accidental contact with water. Samsung and Apple are set to remove this water phobia from smartphones with a technology named HzO in their new Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 respectively.

This technology is developed by ZAGG and was introduced at Consumer Electronics Show 2012 at Las Vegas. The company also demonstrated this HzO technology using an iPhone dunking into water. According to pocket-lint, this HzO technology creates a nano-scale film barrier which has special water repelling properties once applied inside the smartphone during the manufacturing process.
The company is in a process of signing deals with major smartphone manufacturer and headphone makers. "We showed the Samsung Chairman the technology with a Samsung Galaxy S that we had coated with HzO and he couldn't believe his eyes," HzO spokesperson told Pocket-Lint.

Till now all these are theories, and the real application of this technology will be revealed only after the release of Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, but for this we have wait a little longer than MWC.

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You Can’t Watch Apple iTV this Year

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 03:06 AM PST

Apple TV is been in rumors for quite long time now, the recent saying is that this Siri enabled Apple HDTV will not be launched this year. This high-end smart-TV from Apple was supposed to be launched in April or May this year, but according to Digitimes industry sources have informed them that chances of Apple launching the iTV, by this year are slim, as Sharp who is believed to be manufacturing the panels for the TV is not ready to ship.

"Apple reportedly has sought to source IGZO panels from Sharp for the production of iTVs as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, which unveiled their 55-inch Super OLED and AMOLED TV models, respectively, at CES, both have regarded OLED TVs are their killer products for 2012, and therefore the two Korea-based companies are unlikely to share OLED panel production capacities with Apple" reports Digitimes.
The exact specifications of this rumored iTV is not clear, but its sure that Apple is going to redefine this industry too with this TV which will be having power-saving sleep mode more often than actually turning off, voice controlling option with Siri and also will also be compactable with iOS devices which acts as a remote to the TV. This rumored television is going to be the hub of one's life and is said to replace the desktops of your home.

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E-textbooks: The Future of India

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 03:01 AM PST

For a generation that has learnt to articulate thoughts in 140 characters and knows its smartphones and tabs, e-textbooks are only the next step. But some infrastructure bottlenecks need to be taken care of before that education revolution takes place in India, experts say.


Technology giant Apple recently launched an app for digital textbooks that saw an astronomical 350,000 downloads globally in the first three days.

Educationists agree that digitised textbooks are a key to the future of education.

“E-textbooks do hold the key to the future as the coming generation is tech-savvy. It is the era of computers, trees will be saved and children wouldn’t need to carry heavy bags,” says Madhulika Singh, principal of Delhi’s Tagore International School.

But she also expressed worry over the availability of sufficient resources.

“There are shortcomings at present which will take a long time to overcome. For reaping the real benefits of e-textbooks, we have to presume that every child has access to a computer and internet…a lot of structural reform is needed,” she adds.

But there’s a lot of enthusiasm over the easy availability and other features of a digitised textbook.

“My eight-year-old daughter spends so much time on the computer that it is difficult to make her read books. But, at the same time, reading online is something she does willingly,” says Neelam Tripathi, a software professional working in Gurgaon, a satellite town of the national capital.

E-textbooks are the very basis for e-classrooms. Its advantage over traditional methods of teaching includes animations and illustrations which are not possible in ordinary textbooks.

Apart from the ability to carry an entire year’s syllabus in one’s palm, e-textbooks offer the opportunity to learn in multiple mediums — text, video and audio.

Even as India’s market for digital textbooks remains limited, booksellers see it as the future.

“E-textbooks are a natural follow-on to the current trend of digital education being introduced in classrooms across India which is making students familiar with the digital medium,” says Soumya Banerjee, founder of Attano, a software.

“Educational e-books also have evaluation features as tests and assessments are built into the book which gives an immediate indication of a student’s performance,” he says.

Founded in 2009, Attano introduced e-textbooks in India, converting the plain textbooks into interactive books with corresponding diagrams and pictures. It makes available e-texbooks from the primary level to Class 12.

“We are focussing on individual buyers; just like parents go to shops and buy the hard copy of a text book, they can buy it online.”

“The digitised books elaborate the concepts; for example, if the chapter has to explain the heart and its functioning, the diagram will be digitised, which will make it easy for children to understand.

“Currently most e-books are flat texts with no interactive elements (largely built to cater to novels and fiction). Educational books are different in that they have text, images, tables and references. We’re pushing the boundaries to make them more interactive – integrating audio, video, tests and knowledge sources like dictionaries and wikipedia.”

A Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) official said though the board was considering the idea, it was premature to say anything. “Digital textbooks are interactive. While children enjoy it, they learn as well,” he says.

According to Internet World Stats, an international website that features world internet usage, India ranks third in internet usage with nearly 100 million users, comprising 8.4 percent of India’s population and 4.7 percent of world users.

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Your Deleted Facebook Pics Still Accessible

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 02:56 AM PST

It may come as a rude shock, but Facebook users should not feel surprised if tomorrow they come across their photos existing in the web world despite having deleted them personally long ago.

The photos do not disappear even after they are deleted but can still be accessed by anyone with a link to the images themselves. The company admits that its systems “do not always delete images in a reasonable period of time”, the Daily Mail reported.

deleted fb

Deleted images vanish from ‘normal’ views of the site, meaning if you log in to Facebook and look on somebody’s photo page, they won’t be visible. But they would still remain visible to anyone with a direct URL link to the picture.

That means that if, for instance, a picture has been circulated by email, the image will still be there for anyone who clicks the link.
Source: IANS

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10 Must Have Features in Smartphones

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 02:49 AM PST

Smartphones has become an essential device in our lifestyle with its advanced computing ability and connectivity, we all use smartphones as an alternative for laptops, cell phones and tablets. Smartphones are not really smart yet in some areas; the speedy processor and easy-to-use functionality are not the definition of a smartphone, there has to be more smart features. Here are such must have features which smartphone manufacturers should implement in their upcoming smartphones.
1. USB On-The-Go


We always transfer music, videos and other files to our smartphone with intermediate like PC or tablet. But the USB On-The-Go is such a feature which transfer files without the help of your PC or laptop as it allows you to plug the pen drive or a portable hard drive directly to your smartphone and transfer files. Not all smartphones support this feature, only few like Samsung Galaxy S-II and Nokia N8 supports the USB On-The-Go.

2. Onboard Storage


The smartphones which we have today comes with less onboard storage, phone in the market which costs Rs 30000 and above doesn't provide storage for media files. These devices have only 4 GB storage, it's usually very small and can be used only for apps and nothing else. Apple's iPhones are an exception in this case as it provides a decent onboard storage.


3. Good Quality Headsets

Most smartphones of today comes with really poor quality headsets which doesn't fits in our ears properly and with awful sound quality. Even answering a call becomes irritating using such low quality headsets, especially while travelling by Indian public transport.

4. Good Build Quality


Many smartphone manufacturers uses lots of plastic in their products to make the device light weight, but spending more than Rs 20000 and buying a smartphone with plastic case feels shameful. It is expected that smartphone should come with at least aluminum or stainless steel body, of course it will be a bit heavy but it looks better than plastic body.


5. Dedicated Camera Button

Many smartphones doesn't come with a dedicated camera button, because they are smart to perform the shutter with a touch. But the camera button for smartphone is a must as it enhances the device performance. It also helps for image stabilization and even for better focusing.

6. Guest Mode


Do you ever hesitate to give your smartphone to your friends and family, because you are worried about the personal stuff which they can access and you don't want them to do so? Then just enter Guest Mode, it's similar to your desktop which has a guest and admin profile. Surprisingly not even one smartphone till now has this feature. If you activate this guest mode your smartphone will not give access your personal stuff like photos, videos, Facebook updates and even more. Deactivate the Guest Mode and your smartphone will works normally.


7. Ability to Play All Video Formats

Certain file formats fail to play on our smartphones, but if it is really a smartphone it should support basic and popular video file formats. Large number of Android smartphones lacks this ability. Interestingly Windows Phone 7 based smartphones convert all the Zune, but it's converting it all the time is a bit hassle. Smartphone makers should concentrate on this feature to make the device play popular video file formats.

8. Get Back Your Lost Smartphone


Smartphone makers have to figure out a way to find the lost or stolen phone. Right now Apple has this feature as an app called 'Find my iPhone' which lets you to find out the nearest location of your phone through iCloud. If you couldn't get back your iPhone you can at least erase all the data on your phone using this app.


9. Universal Connector

These days' smartphones are coming up with lots of connectivity ports like microUSB, HDMI and portable charging port. But do we really use all these connectivity ports? Smartphone manufacturers have to come up with a standard port for all the connectivity options just like 3.5 mm audio jack.

10. Battery Life


Smartphones with those huge screens, fast processors, high end graphics and multi tasking features consumes lots of power. Carrying a charger everywhere doesn't sounds so good, more over if you forget to take your charger when you are on the go and your smartphone die off nothing can be more irritating than that.  Manufactures has to make sure that the battery stands for at least for 2 days. Motorola has tried to fulfill this gap with its new Motorola Razr Maxx which has a battery life of 20 hours of continues talk time.

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How to Get Hired at Facebook?

Posted: 08 Feb 2012 02:36 AM PST

Social Media giant, Facebook had already employed 3000 people and it seems to grow more in the future. Reportedly, Facebook will be hiring thousands of new candidates during this year. Just like Internet giant Google, Facebook also provides exciting perks for their employees and many grads are looking to work in Mark Zuckerberg's venture. Facebook is famous for its less stressful workplace. A Forbes Staff,  Jacquelyn Smith has mentioned '10 things job seekers should know about Facebook before interviewing' in one of her article. Below listed are the 10 things which every Facebook candidate should know:

1. Be Passionate towards Job:


Jacquelyn Smith mentioned 'let your passion for the job come through'  is one of the best thing a candidate can do on job interview. In Facebook, your hiring manager will be very particular about your passion towards everyday tasks and responsibilities of your job. So, it is better for you to talk passionately about your aims, activities and mention if any achievements you made to a former employer.


2. Multiple and lengthy interviews:

If you are lucky to get an interview call from Facebook, it may carry out in different sections. You may need to attend three or four round of interviews from different personnel who can be from recruiter, HR team, various team members and top executives, sometimes CEO as it may offer a better way out when you are interviewed four or five times. Also it will help you to find out whether the job is offering what you need from your career and moreover, you are offered a chance to interview them either.

3. Discuss about your team spirit:


Your interviewer will be asking about your team work experiences. Before asked a question about your team work, you need to think about your specific role on project team. As a team member, your contribution to the team work and how to handle a passive co-worker is much important to discuss with your hiring manager. Your accomplished team works and the challenges you had beaten up to top your targets are the main things which a hiring manager would like to hear. So, you need to be prepared to talk how you have worked well in a team environment.


4. Don't expect for the Perfect Interview:

You should understand the company culture with the entire interview experiences. You need to think about the interview questions than your responses, as it will be pointing towards the work environment and workplace relationships. The essential responsibilities of the actual role should be addressed by the interviewer, if there is confusion on the actual role and responsibilities you should think twice or thrice.

5. Suggest few to improve Facebook


There is no Facebook interview left without asking how to improve Facebook products or services. So, if you are applying for a job in Facebook, you should already have some metrics to suggest for enhancing the Facebook activities. And you should also know the problems faced by Facebook. You need to explain what you would do for improving Facebook, as it will be the question which may help you to get hired with the Social Media giant.


6. Consider the company culture:

While attending various rounds of interview, you will get to know the company culture. As Facebook is known for its laid-back work environment, some may not like to work in such circumstances. One size fit all is nevertheless impossible in every job and in every company. The choice of work environment differs from people to people as some would like working in a structured work environment, whereas, some like more casual work place. It is sensible to speak with your would-be manager and also with few of the co-workers before you join.

7. Know the appropriate interview attire:


The laid-back culture of the Facebook never means you to pick some casual wardrobes for the interview. Business professional attire will be the best choice you can find for an interview, even if the interviewers are not in plaid-suit. When you select your interview attire, you should keep in mind you need to present yourself best among your interviewers. Dressing-up well is also an important parameter of hiring.


8. Odd Questions on the Way:

Preparing for odd and strange questions will help you in front of the interview board. The questions such as, "How would add new Facebook members to the database of members, and code their relationships to others in the database?" "If you were an animal what kind would you be and why?" "What is the difference between Facebook ads and Google Ads?" "Should Facebook be available in China?" and "What do you see as Facebook's biggest challenge in the next five years?" are few examples which Facebook candidates were asked earlier. Questions like these cannot be predicted on the board, but these odd questions are strategized to assess your thought process.

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