11 February 2012

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Cash Bullets Review – is this the Biggest SCAM or What?

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 06:16 AM PST

Welcome to my full review of Cash Bullets!


I've been waiting for this product for a while now but I got my copy a few days back. Below you'll find my full Cash Bullets review but firstly if you want the official website go here:

My Real Review Of Cash Bullets

cash bullets

Firstly let me thank you for checking out my Cash Bullets review. I got access to the product a few days back and I've checked out all the training videos and personally tested this new software "app" for making money.


What I have found is that Cash Bullets is basically a product that will allow you to quickly and automatically set up affiliate websites using a unique software tool, aka an APP! The Cash Bullets software (app) comes fully loaded with tons of professional looking templates and you can go ahead and build a website in literally ANY niche you want because the templates come in a range of niches such as make money, weight loss, health, sports as well as a bunch of other ones!

Here is what I love… Cash Bullets despite it's hyped up sales pitch is actually a really good product and it gives you a solid strategy for making money. Basically Cash Bullets teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing and that is something I LOVE and make a lot of money with. I am averaging around $500 a day through affiliate marketing now and some days I even make over $1000. That means in 2012 I am going to make a minimum of around $150,000 through the exact same method that Cash Bullets is teaching you.

Click here to get your copy of Cash Bullets now

Cash Bullets Training Videos

Cash Bullets comes loaded with training videos that show you exactly how to set up the software app and use it to build these highly profitable income streams / websites. You get full training videos that show you exactly what to do so it's pretty much impossible to not know what to do here. The great thing about the software is that it is actually really easy to use and you can get your websites set up in literally minutes just like the sales video said.

Cash Bullets "Over The Shoulder Training"

The creator of Cash Bullets (e.g the man in the video) is going to give you 30 days of "over the shoulder" training which will be delivered via webinars so this basically means that you can learn from the guy who is making over $30k a month with this. This means that you'll get to watch exactly how he sets up the Cash Bullets so that you can do everything 100% correctly and make a ton of money.

Is Cash Bullets Recommended?

I've taken a look at the Cash Bullets software and the training. I will admit that the sales page / video for this product is hyped up but… you are getting a good product here. This software does exactly what it is supposed to do and the training is high quality. Cash Bullets allows you to tap into affiliate marketing which has the potential to make you A LOT of money.


This product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so you really have nothing to lose. If you are not generating at least $10,000 a month I highly recommending getting a copy of Cash Bullets and putting this product to the test.

Click the get access now button below to get your copy of Cash Bullets:

cash bullets review 

Affiliate Marketing – Proof Of My Income

I've just taken a screen shot of my Clickbank account to show you how profitable affiliate marketing is. I've done this to prove to you that the method Cash Bullets teaches is highly profitable and you can make a lot of money with it:


cash bullets


As you can see I am making a lot of money, $500 some days and others even higher such as the 27th of Jan when I made $1385 in 1 day. This money is all generating through affiliate marketing and if you use Cash Bullets you can start making money like this too.


Take action and you'll see success. Click the get access now button to visit the official Cash Bullets website:

cash bullets review

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Posted: 10 Feb 2012 06:11 AM PST

Welcome to my Ruthless Income review!


Firstly let me say thanks for checking out my review of Ruthless Income. I got access to the product a few days back and I've been testing it out. You can find my review below however if you were looking for the official website go here:

My Real Review Of Ruthless Income


ruthless income

After getting my copy of Ruthless Income a few days back I've had plenty of time to check out the product and see what is included. As you'll know from watching the sales video Jamie Lewis (the creator) talks about "webinars" and yes Jamie is giving you webinars training you but he is also giving you basically a blueprint (the product) which will share with you all of his affiliate marketing strategies for banking millions a year.


I've taken a look at all the strategies that Jamie teaches you and I have to say that they are absolutely rock solid although I had a feeling they would be anyway since I have been one of Jamie's students in the past and his training and content was always exceptional!


Jamie is different to most internet marketers in the way that he LOVES to teach and he never gives you BS or lies, that is another great thing of course. Inside of Ruthless Income you'll learn literally every affiliate marketing technique that Jamie Lewis uses. The great thing is though you'll also learn about other cool tactics for generating massive paydays such as website flipping. Website flipping is great for generating a lot of cash and I know that Jamie often flips some of his websites for as much as $200k!


The main product will teach you how to do affiliate marketing like the pros (e.g Jamie Lewis) and make a fortune, but you'll also learn other cool stuff.

Click here to get access to Ruthless Income now

Ruthless Income Webinars

Jamie is well known for his high quality internet marketing training via webinars and when you buy Ruthless Income you'll actually get access to loads of webinars where Jamie is going to teach you his affiliate marketing methods. This part of the product is great because it means you can actually watch over Jamie's shoulder while he sets everything up and basically shows you exactly what to do. They say the quickest way to success is to copy somebody else who is already successful, well that is EXACTLY what you can do here.

Is Ruthless Income Recommended?

Without a doubt! Ruthless Income is the best product I've seen so far in 2012 and I'm confident that there probably won't be a better product. Jamie Lewis has really taken things to the next level with this product and if you want to start generating anything from $100 to $1000 a day then you should pick this product up. Combine Jamie's cutting edge affiliate marketing strategies with his content packed training webinars and you have a recipe for success.

Click the button below to get access to Ruthless Income at the discounted price:


ruthless income review 

My Income Using Ruthless Income…

I want to show you the income I've been earning online. I use the exact same methods that Jamie Lewis teaches you in Ruthless Income and I'm earning between $300 and $1000 a day, check out the screen shot below:



I don't show you this to brag but simply to show you what is possible. If you start implementing the methods inside of Ruthless Income you can make this kind of money.


Click the button below to get access to Ruthless Income now:

ruthless income review

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All Hot Gadgets Awaits at MWC 2012

Posted: 09 Feb 2012 09:01 PM PST

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 in Barcelona is just few weeks away and the major tech companies are gathering in the annual trade show to introduce their new innovative products such as smartphones, tablets and other devices. Here are some of the hot gadgets to look forward at MWC 2012 by tech giants like HTC, Sony, Nokia and Blackberry.
1. HTC


HTC is going to show off an all new range of smartphone and tablets at MWC 2012 and there are many rumors around the web about HTC's. It's is rumored that HTC will showcase three new models of smartphone named as Edge, Ville and Primo along with a superfast tablet which is codenamed as Jetstream.

It's expected that these smartphones will house quad-core processor and will be running on the latest Android 4.0 operating system. The tablet will also be powered by quad-core Tegra 3 processor, will work on Android 4.0 operating system and will be integrated with Beats Audio.

2. Sony


Last month at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 in Las Vagas, Sony launched its next generation high-end Xperia smartphones. Now at MWC along with these two smartphones there might be some new Xperia models. Sony will also launch its new portable gaming device PlayStation Vita at MWC, this console is now available only in the U.S. market from past few weeks. The company will also show off its new dual screen foldable tablet 'Table P' along with its release date at the event.


3. Samsung

Last year at MWC 2011, Samsung introduced Galaxy S II smartphone, but this year the company has disappointed gadget lovers by conforming that it will not showcase Galaxy III at MWC 2012. Instead it will host a separate event to release the latest Samsung Galaxy S III in the first half of this year.

This statement from Samsung left a hope of new Galaxy Tab, but the company also said it will not host any press release for its new products announcement at MWC this year. So it's clear that Samsung will just show their current devices at MWC 2012.

4. BlackBerry


RIM had promised an updated operating system for PlayBook and this new PlayBook 2.0 software update is expected to reach customers before MWC. This update will have some new apps to the tablet including the missing native calendar app.

Along with this PlayBook update, BlackBerry is also concentrating on its new mobile operating system called BlackBerry 10, it is expected that the company will will show a preview of its new OS at MWC 2012.


5. Windows 8

Microsoft has officially announced that it will release the consumer preview of Windows 8 beta operating system which is specially designed to run on both tablet and PC at MWC 2012. The company names the new interface for windows 8 as “Metro”. Microsoft has taken a bold step and has tried something different with this new and unique operating system which is groovy and has some amazing features as it is not at all a replica of iOS or Android.

6. Nokia


Nokia is planning to reveal something big this year at MWC, officially Nokia has not yet disclosed any details about its upcoming product. But one of the company's partners revealed Nokia's plans to Forbes, but the partner did not confirm whether it will be a Windows Phone smartphone or something else.

Last month at CES in Las Vegas, Nokia introduced its latest Windows Phone based Lumia 900, but this time at MWC it might be an upgrade version of Lumia 900. Rumors around the web says that it would be Lumia 910 for the European market which will have some upgrade features like a stunning 12 megapixel camera.

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