03 March 2012

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Commission Avalanche Review – How To Generate Income Online.

Posted: 02 Mar 2012 06:13 AM PST

Welcome to my Commission Avalanche Review. Jimmy Kim usually partners up with Anik Singal to create successful internet marketing programs is about to release Commission Avalanche to the public at the end of February. Make sure you read my review of Commission Avalanche before you buy to get the full rundown whether this program is a success or not.

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This is what I call back to basics and some much needed information about affiliate marketing on how and where to start.

Commission Avalanche Review

What is Commission Avalanche?

Many new marketers are more focused on "push button software" or some type of software that promises you easy to do push button money. THE big reality is, is there is no such thing. In order to make any money online, you need to have the knowledge of what you need and what it takes to able to start making your first profits. Most do not know the basics to get started.

Jimmy Kim the creator of Commission Avalanche, has changed that. He will give you the basic understanding and the COMPLETE PACKAGE of EXACTLY what Affiliate Marketing is.

He will teach you everything you need to know from the common ways to promote affiliate products, squeeze pages , TRAFFIC, and even how to set your self APART from the crowd!

Commission Avalanche is a very COMPREHENSIVE course that most people NEED as a basis to start affiliate marketing and making money ONLINE! Most of us tend to overlook the most important aspects and dive right in expecting to make money as soon as we get started in promoting a certain product or program.

I was most impressed with the manner of which the course is layed out. Jimmy Kim, does start with the basics that is essential to having any success. Most marketers do not provide any of this kind of training and just tell us to get in and get started. You really need a good platform to achieve any kind of success and I feel Commission Avalanche provides exactly that. You will be most impressed with this course and it will be pretty much the missing piece of your online success.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Jimmy Kim's Commission Avalanche. You will have all you need to learn how to make your first commissions and continue with this success. Do not expect to be making hundreds of dollars right from the get go. It is also backed by a 60 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the purchase. All the best!

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Posted: 02 Mar 2012 06:08 AM PST

Commission Avalanche Review


Are you a mom or student looking for extra income? Do you want to earn money but don't want to leave home? If you fall into any of these categories, Commission Avalanche must be the right business for you. You can earn lots of money with minimal capital. You just need a computer with internet connection and some time for trial and error. The best part in this form of marketing is that you don't need a service or product of your own.


Internet advertising or marketing is the job of promoting goods, services, information and websites on the web. Companies hire internet advertisers so that their web pages become more visible to the public. In turn, they will pay the efforts of the advertisers that helped increased their sales or websites' visibility.


Now, how do you get into commission avalanche business? You simply have to sign up as partner or affiliate of hiring internet companies. They may be websites or owners of physical stores. Once registered, they will give you links, banners or clickable items that lead to their websites or products.

Your job is to make these links highly visible. It will help if you have a blog where you can post product reviews and informational articles. You may insert these links in places that are easily spotted by readers. Of course, your ultimate asset here is the visibility of your blogs. If you have a good number of followers, it is likely for you to earn more.


Commission Avalanche Review

You may also take advantage of the viral marketing possibilities offered by social networks. If you have lots of contacts or followers, post the links as status updates in social networking sites. The ads will automatically appear at the newsfeed of your contacts. You may even ask your close friends to share the ads with their own circle of contacts.


Compensation in internet marketing is usually done online through web payment processors. Other companies will credit your income to your bank accounts. You may earn on a commission basis or whenever a product is sold through your efforts. There are many generous companies that give commissions up to 40%.


PPC or pay per click is another setup in commission avalanche. Here, you don't need to actually accomplish sales. You just need to focus on increasing the visibility of your ad links. You will earn a few cents whenever a unique internet user visits a URL.



Maximizing your Profits through Commission Avalanche


Internet marketing is the right business for you if you want to earn extra income while staying at home. The internet has provided an endless expanse of space for advertising. You can use it and, with some luck and effort, it can earn you thousands. You just need a computer with internet connection. Here are the ways on how to do it.


Promoting your own goods


Do you have a real shop of your own? Do you sell shoes, clothes, flowers or baked goods? You don't need to spend large sums for physical billboards or for flyers. You can promote your products through the internet. Create a blog or spread info on your promos through social networking sites. You may also join niche forums and plug your ads there. You will have a larger audience for your ads and probably a larger market too.


Product-Free Earning via Affiliate Programs


If you find it inconvenient to produce your own goods, you can still earn through web marketing. There are setups called affiliate marketing programs on the internet. Here, you just need to work as partner with other companies and promote their products or websites. This is absolutely hassle-free because you won't have to worry about product storage, handling and shipping.


There are two modes of payment in affiliate programs. First, you may be paid a percentage of the product's price when it is sold through your advertising efforts. Second, you may earn via PPC or pay per click. Every visitor that you deliver to your affiliate's site will earn you a few cents.


Google AdSense Marketing


You can get a PPC job from Google as an advertising affiliate. If you are above 18, you can register an account with Google AdSense. Afterwards, you can get codes from Google and host them on your blogs and web pages. These codes will appear as tiny banners which, when clicked, will earn you a few cents every time.


Article Marketing


Now that you know you can earn by promoting your products, products of other companies and even their websites, it is time to earn more via article marketing. This is a technique in internet marketing where you upload articles into online databases.


Write about a particular product or website and incorporate a healthy amount of related keywords to the text. Then, upload unique or spinned copies of the article to several article databases. These online article databases will increase the visibility of your articles via search engine results.

4 Reasons why Video Games are Good for Kids!

Posted: 01 Mar 2012 10:58 PM PST

Parents always have a concern about how their kids are using the technology and gadgets around them. Kids of this generation are very tech-friendly and one bitter truth is most of the parents doesn't even know to operate their children's gadgets. The video games which are the best companion and entertainment provide for every urban kid sometimes makes them exposed to violent and adult content which adversely affects their thinking and behavior. But these contemporary interactive entertainment services have some positive effects and benefits too in a number of ways.

1. Educational Benefits for Students:


The success of complex video games demonstrates that games can teach higher-order thinking skills such as strategic thinking, interpretative analysis, problem solving, plan formulation and execution, and adaptation to rapid change, reports Federation of American Scientists. According to a recent study by Education Development Center and the U.S. Congress-supported Ready To Learn (RTL) states that the involvement of digital media like video games under the strong parental and teacher involvement improves the early literacy skills in young children aged 4 to 5 years.

These digital games are also helpful for teenage kids to learn everyday basic skills like delegate responsibility, promote teamwork and steer groups of people toward a common goal, says Ian Bogost founder of software maker Persuasive Games and associate professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


2. Career Benefits for the Future:


The conformability level with the technology increase when kids play with these console as well as mobile games. This tech-friendly nature will surely be useful in the future when they look out for a job, as within another fifteen years most of the things around us will be automated and will be coupled with high-end technology which we can't even imagine now. According to a study by Entertainment Software Association, 70% of major domestic employers have utilized interactive software and games for training purposes, and nearly eight out of 10 plans on doing so by 2013. This fact shows that games are widely becoming popular to educate and instruct workers around the world.


3. Promoting Exercise for All:


One of the main drawbacks which video games had was that it doesn't entertain kids physically and at that growing age kids have to be both mentally and physically active. The game and console makers have removed this fear too with the motion-controlled games like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect, Nintendo’s Wii and Wii U, and Sony’s PlayStation Move.

These motion-controlled games are winning the heart of adults too; through these games they are finding a good alternative to those boring exercise schedules with these entertaining workouts. "Compared favorably with walking on a treadmill at three miles per hour, with four out of the six activities resulting in higher energy expenditure”, says a study reported in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.


4. Group & Social Play for Family Bonding:


Videos games are always viewed as a solitary and time-wasting activity, but actually these games can also become a family entertaining activity which can strengthen the family bonds in this busy urban life where you get very little time to be with your kids. You just have to do a bit of research work and find out which is the best game to suit your family and these games will automatically prove to be a winning strategy to build everlasting memories and relation with your kids.

3 Priceless Lessons Drawn from Buffet’s Letter

Posted: 01 Mar 2012 10:39 PM PST

Who would not want to take a leaf from the book of the world’s perhaps greatest investor? Buffet's principles and philosophies of investment are something investors look forward to. What better place to look for them than the letters written by him?  Charles Lewis Sizemore, of Sizemore Investment, sheds light on the latest shareholder letter given by Buffet. Love Buffet's investment principles or hate them but one cannot ignore them. So, read on about the 3 investment beliefs of the 'Wizard of Omaha' –

1. "Currency Denominated" Investments


These investments include money market bonds, like – mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other fixed income instruments. Buffet is wary of such instruments and considers them unsafe investments. Though most advisors would suggest first-time investors to go for mutual funds, Buffet thinks otherwise. Buffet quotes, "they are among the most dangerous of asset. High interest rates, of course, can compensate purchasers for the inflation risk they face with currency-based investments and indeed, rates in the early 1980s did that job nicely. Current rates, however, do not come close to offsetting the purchasing-power risk that investors assume. Right now bonds should come with a warning label." Buffet's philosophy can be applied to Indian markets as well. This is so because all markets essentially behave in the same way.

Contrary to his belief, Buffet sets aside a good deal of cash and T-bills (Treasury Bills – issued by the government) on him. As he owns a number of insurance firms, having these seems mandatory. He prefers having these for another reason. Having ready cash in hand becomes very handy in the purchase of real-estate property.


2. Greater Fool Assets

Unlike most Indians, Buffet is dead against investing in gold. To him, gold is a part of 'greater fool assets.' To Buffet, these will "never produce anything, but that are purchased in the buyer's hope that someone else, who also knows that the assets will be forever unproductive, will pay more for them in the future." He further says, "What motivates most gold purchasers is their belief that the ranks of the fearful will grow." Indians might even strongly disagree with this belief but this is what Buffet has faith in.

It is again quite intriguing to know this philosophy of his as Berkshire Hathaway had made a good deal of investment in expensive metals in the past. Though Buffet is a huge supporter of blue-chip firms, like – Johnson & Johnson and Wal-Mart, and has invested billions of dollars in them, he does dip his hand in precious metals from time to time. What Buffet questions about investing in gold is how long can the 'fear trade' exist. To him, investing in gold is not profitable as this provide a fixed value only after a long time. This spells out a dry period of no returns, with our money held up in fixed assets. As he says, "investing is forgoing consumption now in order to have the ability to consume more at a later date."


3. "Productive Assets"

Buffet is an ardent believer of "productive assets." To him, these assets are – real-estate, farms and businesses. He views these areas of investments as particularly productive because they yield steady returns each year. These areas, of course, can face troubles and lead to losses but they do assure the investor of returns. If one has chalked out his/her investment in real estate or a business, he/she is sure to benefit periodically. The only thing is to make continuous amendments in these areas to stay abreast of various changes. As Buffet is a big fan of real-estate, you too can earn yourself a good source of steady income by leasing a property you have.

Buffet's philosophies of investing may not get digested by all but it is up to us to pick and choose the ones we like. After all, one should never blindly follow another person, foregoing his/her personal philosophies. Still, his 3rd philosophy is a much liked one among us Indians.