25 April 2012

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Text Cash Network Profit Sharing Strategy.

Posted: 24 Apr 2012 09:25 PM PDT

Text Cash Network Profit Sharing Strategy

You should keep it set at 100% until you reach the amount of points by which you can pull out 20% and achieve your income goal. Here is how one company explains it

Here’s a scenario here where you could be receiving $4,200 per month RESIDUALLY.

Let’s use a 1.4% daily reward figure in this example (Please note: This is only an example and the actual amount will vary day to day). When you reach 50,000 points in your account, then you could start doing an 80/20 cash-out plan. Pay close attention… When you hit 50,000 points in your account, if the daily reward percentage is 1.4%, TCN will be awarding you with $700.00 each day.

First of all, did you catch that?…you’re making $700 per day…it’s your money!

Ok, the 80/20 plan works like this, take 80% of that $700 (or $560) and purchase more SMS Texts to give away to new customers as samples to continue growing your points balance. Then, keep doing what you’ve been doing every day, which primarily consists of placing one free ad per day for TCN and submitting into your back office. Then, pull out 20% of the $700 (or $140) and request a check weekly.

That’s $980 per week, or about $4,200 per month in residual income!

And keep in mind…these amounts can continue to grow day after day and month after month. Where else can you do that?

That’s not all! TCN has an incredible 10 level plan with matching bonuses for it’s qualified affiliates that will completely blow your mind. It’s a comp plan powered by rocket fuel and the sky is the limit!

Ok, so here’s a quick schedule of your 10 minute work day.

1.) Login to Back Office. Place your free ad for the day THIS IS IMPORTANT!
2.) Submit your ad through your back office to qualify for that day’s rewards.
3.) Keep Selling or Re-Purchasing TCN SMS Texts with your daily awards.
4.) Grow your Retail Profit Pool Points balance until you are where you want to be financially!

That’s it! Now go play golf, or head to the gym, or whatever you like to do.

IMPORTANT: The following paragraph MUST BE READ ALOUD whenever the TCN compensation plan is presented verbally or by telephone, or included in it’s entirety when communicating in writing:

“If you make a purchase from TCN you are purchasing an advertising package to be given away or you are purchasing SMS Texts. You are NOT purchasing stock or any other form of “investment” or equity. You MUST actually use or give them away as samples to help grow your business. Affiliates who present our products to others in a misleading manner or in a way that leads the buyer to believe he or she is making an investment or purchasing equities will be terminated and all commissions and awards will be forfeited. Buyers MUST read the entire How It Works and Get Paid pages on the TCN website and the Legal Disclaimers.”

If You Have Not Join TCN, JOIN NOW

23 April 2012

Can you even imagine the possibilities with TCN Profit Share

Can you even imagine the possibilities with TCN Profit Share

Purchase $1,000 in TCN SMS CREDITS and in The ONE YEAR Potential could be:

If 1,000 Points pays an average of 1.7% Daily
At the end of 100 Days You Have over $5,000.

Plus the direct Sponsor could earn over $2500

Plus over $250 is paid 10 levels up.

Plus over $250 in 10% Matching Bonuses paid 10 levels.

Maximum 10,000 Points pays an average of 1.7% Daily
At the end of 100 Days You Have over $50,000.

Plus the direct Sponsor could earn over $2500

Plus over $2500 is paid 10 levels up.

Plus over $2500 in 10% Matching Bonuses paid 10 levels.

The current #1 Point Plan is a Penny Auction Plan.
It pays up to 10% weekly in profit share.
It pays up to 10% 1st Level
It pays up to 5% 2nd Level

LET'S COMPARE THE CURRENT #1 Profit Share Program to TCN.

COMPARISON with a 2 wide team with 100 Point Average

With Current #1 Penny Auction Profit Share your initial earnings from a 2 wide team could be $40 plus your 100 day earnings could be over $200.

With TCN SMS Text Profit Share your initial earnings from a 2 wide team could be $1,000 plus your 100 day earnings could be over $5,000. This does not even include the 10% match up to 10 levels which could be another $5,000. nor does this include the 5% direct sponsorship bonus.


With Current #1 Penny Auction Profit Share your initial earnings from a 3 wide team could be $75 plus your 100 day earnings could be over $375.

With TCN SMS Text Profit Share your initial earnings from a 3 wide team could be over $40,000 plus your 100 day earnings could be over $200,000. This does not even include the 10% match up to 10 levels which could be another $200,000 nor does this include the 5% direct sponsorship bonus.

You can plainly see that when the agents with the current #1 profit sharing plan find out out TCN's Profit Sharing Plan they may no longer be #1...



21 April 2012

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The News - News

Windows 8 and its Version Confusion

Posted: 19 Apr 2012 10:58 PM PDT

Microsoft, after a period of silence about the Windows 8 OS, finally gave out a myriad of details for Windows 8 enthusiasts to be excited about in a Windows blog post this week.


And although the blog states only three versions, reports from Information Week and Info World seem to have some difficulty determining exactly how many versions would cater to the Windows 8 audience (not that it's difficult to see where they're having problems).



The Windows blog said that all of the three versions would have offer a "no-compromise experience" but the idea is to help users decide which version of Windows8 would suit them best.
On a side note, the post says users can switch between languages on the fly, and that there's a new version of Windows 8 that will offer a local-language-only version of the OS for China and other "select emerging markets".


Apparently, Windows 8 is the version for all x86/64 editions, but this edition is split into two versions; i.e. Windows 8(for the ordinary consumer), and Windows 8 Pro (for enterprises needing a broader set of Windows 8 technologies).


he blog explains that most consumers would just need the Windows 8 version of the OS, since it's got the core features of fluidity, the ability to access the mail, calendar, music, and video apps etc. But a few features it lacks include Microsoft Office as well as device encryption.

Windows 8 Pro has most of these features, since obviously larger enterprises will need these functionalities—but strangely the Media Center will be an "economical media pack-on" that you will have to buy, and there's no mention of how Windows 8 Pro users will have access to the Office package since it doesn't come installed.


Windows 8 RT is another version that Microsoft has for the pre-installed version of the OS that comes with devices (both PCs and Tablets) running ARM chipsets. This version was once referred to as Windows on ARM i.e. WOA, but it looks like they've decided to change the name on this one. This version will have a touch-optimized version of components of the Office package such as Microsoft Word, One Note, PowerPoint, and Excel.


In this scenario, one wonders—what about smaller enterprises? What about students who will obviously need the Media Center as well as the Office package? Will these consumers have to buy individual components and "add-ons" or would they do better to stick to Windows 7?
And really, how many versions of Windows 8 are there now?

18 April 2012

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The News - News

One Minute Commissions Review

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 06:47 AM PDT

Welcome to the Review Website of One Minute Commissions, if your intention was to go to the official website you can do so by clicking the link below:


Ok guys here are the screenshots from the One Minute Commissions Members Area to prove that I have Acquired Access this product as promised. Unlike other sites I have managed to get in the members area and analyze everything this product is about.



Now what this product is all about?
This product has two main components:

  1. The Training
  2. The Software

Both components come with detailed videos so you can understand easily how to use the product and how to implement it quickly.

One Minute Commissions In Depth Review

So here is how the product works:

Step 1: Open a Clickbank Account
If you don't have a clickbank account, (you only need one clickbank account):


Step 2: Open a YouTube Account
If you don't have a YouTube account, you'll need one, You have watch the video in the members area to learn how to get set up (you only need one YouTube account)


Step 3: Choose a Product To Promote
Go to clickbank and chose a product to promote.
It is recommended to choose a product that doesn't have too much competition, or a niche that is less known.
This way you can easily get free traffic to your offer and earn commissions!
So you can start earning easily.


The Accelero Software that comes bundled with the traing is very easy to use you anly need to follow the steps below

1) Copy and paste the product name into the software.
2) Copy and paste your Clickbank affiliate link into the software = so YOU get the commissions for the sales you will make.
3) Copy and paste the URL of the image of the product you are promoting, or an image that is related to the market is in.
This way you can easily get free traffic to your offer and earn commissions!

The Verdict

As you can see from the steps above this is a very easy and newbie proof internet marketing product.
So basically you create videos for different products that are already on clickbank and this videos will rank on the first of google after they are pinged with the Accelero software.
Another factor that helps you rank better is that Youtube is owned by Google and these videos have high priority in the search results.
This is a proven way to make money online and it is a technique I have used myself, but I had to do it all manually and believe me the video editing process and rendering is a process that takes a long time and effort. The Accelero software reduces this process to minutes. And I can Rank my videos in a short time at the first page of Google.
Video Marketing is a very efficient and profitable technique for make money online. And if you follow the training in the members area and start using this technique you can see some real commissions on your clickbank account in a very short time.

Click This link to Download ACCELERO NOW!

One Minute Commissions – Review and Limits Exposed.

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 06:41 AM PDT

One Minute Commissions by Rebecca Roberts and Mike Auton is being promoted heavily by internet marketers. But you are informed about the half side itself. There are certain limitations too which no one is talking about. In this “One Minute Commissions Review”, i will present you both the sides of this product to give you a clear idea of its working and limitations.

For Official Site, Go To OneMinuteCommissions.com

The Real Concept

The main concept is to drive visitors to your offers/links through “Video Marketing”. This sounds a totally stupid idea at first, but there are more twists to it. Basically you will go through 13 steps:

Step 1) Open a ClickBank Account.

Step 2) Open a YouTube Account.

Step 3) Choose a Product to promote.

Step 4) Copy the product name.

Step 5) Get your affiliate link.

Step 6) Access your “Accelero” Software.

Step 7a) Find a picture of the product.

Step 7b) Auto generate an image.

Step 8) Add all the links to Accelero Software.

Step 9) Auto Generate and Download your YouTube videos.

Step 10) Upload your YouTube videos.

Step 11) Add the YouTube video title.

Step 12) Add the YouTube video description.

Step 13) Get onto the first page of Google for FREE.

Now, there are detailed instructions (video tutorials) on each and every step in the members area. The main step is to index and rank these videos in Google.

The Money Making Part

So, you will get the visitors and sales from the affiliate videos that are made with the ACCELERO software provided in One Minute Commissions. Now, one of the main steps in the above listed steps is the step number 3 i.e. choosing profitable product. There are thousands of products at clickbank and the fact is that over 90% of the clickbank affiliates go after the top listed products which creates high competition resulting in very few winners and a massive crowd of losers. 

But there are various parameters which when put right, can provide you untapped products with little to no competition. The details of this step is explained in the members area of the product.

The Real Limitations of One Minute Commissions

Now, the most obvious question one must definitely ask is “Is it that simple?”. No, There are limits. The biggest limit is that Google algorithm. As you might know that Google always makes changes in its algorithm and an approximate 500 small and big changes are made every year. 

Currently Google favors YouTube videos in its search. You must have come across videos several times when you perform a search online for products and information. So, the best way is to exploit this video marketing concept to its fullest before any unexpected change from Google comes out. 

All the big names in internet marketing share a common approach and the approach is to use things to its full potential. Back in 2002 (i.e. the early days of affiliate marketing), one could just throw away a crappy website, make some even more crappy backlinks and be a millionaire because it was so simple and very few people were using that. But today in 2012, things have changed a lot. Search engines are way more intelligent to differentiate between quality and crap content.

BUT, BUT, BUT… Videos are ranking with minimal efforts. So the best way is to use this concept from One Minute Commissions to its full potential to make your own dreams come true.

Twists and Scalability Factor

Now you can improve your sales stats by performing some twists. 

TWIST 1) You can apply the method from “One Minute Commissions” to other digital platforms like PayDotCom.com and Plimus.com where the competition is much less as compared to Clickbank.

TWIST 2) You can get affiliated to Amazon, Best Buy etc. and can promote physical products from Amazon/BestBuy too using the same video marketing concept.

NOTE: Since, the video creation is done by the software, hence you can scale/increase this method to various niches/categories and various platforms. The more the videos you put up, the more the visitors and hence sales.

Overall Review of One Minute Commissions

Overall this product is very well put together and it teaches the real insights to get your videos ranking in the search engines. The method can be easily scaled up to bring a good online income. So, One Minute Commissions is a recommended product for anyone serious in online marketing.

12 April 2012

The News - News

The News - News

Google Sniper 2.0 – Does This System Really Works? Is It For Me?

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 05:41 AM PDT

Before you read this post you have to know that I will be telling you different aspects of the Google Sniper system and my personal opinion, and I will be totally honest on that.


As I said in a previous post, Google Sniper 2 has the same core product as the first version, and this post will be based on it. Once Google Sniper 2 releases (14th February) I will be posting a review of the improvements, bonuses, etc.




If you are looking for the Official Site, please visit:

Official Google Sniper Site


How Does Google Sniper Works?


The system is really easy to understand, you create specific product related websites called "Sniper Sites", SEO optimized, user-friendly and that way generate revenue from them.


Is It Profitable?


Yes it is, but you have to be committed with the system. I will warn you here about 2 things that people often thinks when buying these kind of products:

-          They think they will earn thousands in days

-          They think that just buying the product they will earn money or that it is extremely easy to earn money on Internet


These 2 thoughts are simply the worst thing for anyone that wants to really make some money on Internet.


Having said that, Google Sniper will teach you how to make the sites, optimize them for SEO and for buyers, how to select keywords, how to publish your websites, and how to scale the whole system, but it is really on you to do it and to do it properly.


What I mean is, if you really want it to be very profitable, you will have to make numerous websites, for example:


If you have 10 sniper websites that generate 5 sales every month, and the commission for every sale is $20, then you will be earning = $1000 every single month.


This example is very simple but very realistic; I am telling you the truth here, no exaggerations or anything like that. Now the obvious question after this is: How do I get to earn more than that? The answer is very simple and logic, you will have to work more on more websites, as I said, you have to eradicate the wrong idea that earning money in Internet is easy, you have to work to earn thousands of dollars per month.


Is Google Sniper For Me? Will It Work For Me?


We have to keep in mind that everyone is different, with different experience and knowledge. So in this section I will be telling you if you can get the most of Google Sniper.


First, if you are working and have very little time, then I have to tell you that it is possible to start with Google Sniper. Having a couple of hours daily, you can create and promote a website (once you are familiar with the procedures). But I will not lie to you here, you will need more than a couple of daily hours once you have more than 10 websites.


If you really like your work and don't plan to quit, then you can have a Sniper Sites network as a support income, that could get you hundreds and even a thousand dollars per month.


If you don't have experience in the Internet Marketing field or any experience creating websites, then you don't have to worry because Google Sniper will teach you these things in easy courses, from hosting to how to create WordPress websites.


If you are already an experienced Internet Marketer, then you can learn to rank websites and how to SEO optimize them, how to improve conversions to make more sales and other tips and tricks. Many IMs know how to improve sales, know the best niches, trends, everything, but they lack of SEO experience, and that is a huge disadvantage.


If you don't have many resources, and by that I mean money, then I have to tell you that apart from the Google Sniper cost, you will be buying the hosting and the domain name. The hosting is in the range from $60 to $80 per year and you can get a domain name for as low as $9.28 per year. So keep in mind these figures before you begin your journey.


I think these cover the most of situations one can be in, so keep in mind that if you really want to earn a significant amount of money with Google Sniper you will have to dedicate more time to it.


Final Thoughts


Google Sniper as I see it will help you learn crucial skills to start as an Internet Marketer, not only that, you will see for yourself that earning money on Internet is not something for web developers or programmers only.

Click Here To Grab Your Google Sniper Copy Now


Google Sniper Review | Google Sniper Exposed.

Posted: 11 Apr 2012 05:35 AM PDT

Introduction to Google Sniper 2.0 Review

Why have I decided to write a Google Sniper 2.0 review? First of all, I’m an internet marketer myself and just like you I struggle every day to find a working internet marketing product that will help me pursue my dreams. I’ve been doing internet marketing for 3 years now and I’ve had my share of bad internet marketing products over the years. So I know how irritating it can be to buy a product that doesn’t really work, and that’s why I’ll be completely honest with you. And there was another reason for writing a Google Sniper 2.0 review. You’ll find out soon if you decide to check out my article.

How Do You Know Google Sniper 2.0 That Well?

I’ve been following the career of the creator of this product since he got into internet marketing and I know all of his products, but you’ll soon find out that none of them even compares to this one. George Montagu Brown is the creator of this system and he’s been doing internet marketing since he was 15. But the amazing thing is that he is only turning 20 this year. Since than he’s become the youngest internet millionaire of all times and he’s not planning to stop. He discovered an amazing internet marketing method when he was 16 and he used that to make his first million dollars. At the age of 17 he shared that method with the world, the system was called Google Sniper. My article focuses on Google Sniper 2.0 review but I thought I’d talk a bit about the origins of this product. Was 1.0 Any Good? GSniper 1.0 is the exact method George used himself to become one of the richest internet marketers ever, and he is still one of them today! In his course he shared everything he did to make his first million dollars and he didn’t keep any secrets. To tell you the truth I’m still using his system and that is the other reason for this Google Sniper 2.0 review. Because without it I probably wouldn’t be making close to 40 thousand dollars a month working just 2 hours a day!

Then Why The Need For 2.0?

Although the first version is still great, let’s be honest. It’s been 3 years since the launch of 1.0 and a lot of the strategies mentioned in it changed a lot over the years. You know just as well as I do that in the internet marketing world the number one rule is to be up-to-date. And I’m writing this Google Sniper 2.0 review to show you how true this is. When I first got my hands on Google Sniper 1.0 I soon started making about 300$/month/site. Today I’m only making 120$/month/site. But with the new ideas in 2.0, I’m actually making more money than ever, close to 400$/month/site. So thank you George!

What’s Included In Google Sniper 2.0?

Google Sniper 2.0 Review


Believe my when I say, EVERYTHING you need! Even if you’re an internet marketing newbie (just like I was), you will learn how to create a site from scratch, and soon you’ll be making 400$/month sites in just a few hours/day for FREE. All you’ll be paying for are the cost of domains which cost like 10$/year. So that means about 4790$/site/year pure profit! I usually make one site a day, so you can imagine why I’m so close to becoming an internet millionaire myself.

You should also know that George is a great teacher and he will explain everything in huge detail. Even if you are not really computer savvy, you won’t have a problem with this course, since he starts by explaining the terms used in this field and gives you a general overview of what this kind of job entails. He teaches you how to do everything by showing you many examples in the videos, but if that wasn’t enough, there is a manual which explains everything in even more detail.

Well, I hope you liked my Google Sniper 2.0 review.


So it’s definitely NOT worse than Google Sniper 1.0. It’s not like most movies, where the second part is usually crap:). Google Sniper 2.0 is a genius update to the first version which allows us to make even more money by just working a few hours a day.

To get started, click here!

Get Google Sniper 2.0