12 October 2012

PC Is Dead! Long Live Tablets

PC is the first device which flagged off the electronic era. Be it office or home, it took the crown position. From more than a decade of unprecedented growth, the latest numbers from analyst groups has  a different story- for the first time in 11 years, the PC market is slumping- may be beginning of the fall of a technology, triggered by the enormous growth of Smartphones and tablets and a dip in economy.  

According to the study from HIS, a global information and research company, there will be 1.2 percent fall in PC market in 2012. “The fall is thin in margin and there is hope that by end of 2012, PC market may spring back. The Intel and AMD sales are definitely down. The PC market may eye on 2013 for an immediate rise in PC sales, of course they should learn from mistakes which ran down the market,” said Craig Stice, analyst at HIS  

Another report from Gartner revealed an 8.3 percent fall in Worldwide PC shipments in the third quarter of 2012, when compared with the third quarter of 2011. The Gartner report also said Lenovo, the Chinese electronic company, became the world leaders in PC markets, outrunning HP for the first time.

Jay Chou, senior analyst at IDC said “PCs are going through a severe slump. A weak global economy, PC market saturation and slow replacement cycles are certainly the culprits, the increased role play of Smartphones and tablets may also add to the state of PC market in current times.”

The situation may seem grim to Microsoft and its allies, who are gearing up for October excitement of Windows 8 release, a successor to the family of Microsoft’s OS’ which powers most of the world’s PCs.

Microsoft’s rival, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook seems to be the only man happy about the recent developments in market as he said in a statement: “Mac books may be receiving less interest but iPads are attracting the attention of users. So the company won’t mind if Apple device is taking on to Apple device and winning over it.”