15 October 2012

Sony's Revolutionary 84-inch 4K TV for 16 Lakh

Along with the ultrabook and cameras Sony has launched their new gigantic television set into the Indian markets. This TV is extra a special device because of its size and secondly this is the first 4K TV to reach the Indian shores.

4K technology in a TV means that that the TV would provide a resolution of close to 4,000 pixels. But unfortunately as of now there are no videos or movies that support such a high resolution.

The Bravia KD-Z9000 TV comes with X-Reality engine which means that the viewing option will be enhanced and enjoyable for the viewer. On the 3D front also Sony has made some changes, the company has decided to use passive 3D instead of Active 3D. This means with Passive 3D the glasses will be thinner, lighter and cheaper.

The TV also has two gigantic speakers which are mounted right next to the TV. The speakers come with 10 drivers, woofers and sub woofers to give the user an amazing sound experience.

Now comes the sad part of the news, this TV isn’t made for the masses as it comes with a ridiculously high price tag of 16,99,990. As of now this TV is available on pre-order at Sony Stores and the TVs are expected to be out by the end of November 2012.