17 December 2012

6 Top-Notch Tools to Manage Large File Transfers

Managed File Transfer or simply MFT is a large platform, ruled by players ranging from big titans to upcoming next-gen startups and cloud based vendors. Managed file transfer (MFT) mainly refers to software solutions that facilitate the secure transfer of data, in flight and at rest, from one computer to another through a network. These file transfers mainly support FTP network protocol. MFT applications are available as both licensed software packages and SaaS solutions.

With that in mind, take a look at 6 tools that help in managing Large File Transfers, as compiled by CIO.


Axway is one of the leading competitors in large file transfer market. Axway is a French company that specializes in not only B2B (business to business) MFT, but also A2A (application to application), and ad hoc transfers. Axway primarily focuses in the U.S. enterprise market as it supplies tools for monitoring purposes that provide both technical and business-oriented dashboards to track which data is being transferred.

Citrix ShareFile:

Citrix is one of the most trusted names in IT management tools arena and it’s rather the same in the case of handling MFTs. Citrix has its own product named ShareFile. ShareFile allows users to store and synchronize files across multiple devices and platforms, from mobile, tablet and desktop, with optional integration with Microsoft Outlook and centralized management, such as running audit reports, conducting remote wipes and linking in with an existing active directory. The software supports file transfer up to 100GB and also is incorporated with Storage Zones which is a way to save files into Citrix cloud.


IBM, who always is considered to be a front runner in every enterprise platform, has its own enterprise MFT product, based on the Sterling Managed File platform. The product primarily focuses on high volume traffic, within and between enterprises. Along with that, IBM also offers a number of customizable web based user interfaces wrapped around an appropriate IT management file system.

Ipswitch File Transfer:

Ipswitch is considered to be the legends in the MFT platform. The company holds a very rich history in terms of managing large file transfers. And recently the company has come up with a new product that is completely inclined to cloud. The transfer tool is named MOVEit and supports system-to-system, person-to-person file transfers, all with fast on-boarding and the ability to dynamically scale resources as needed through the cloud. The feature doesn’t end up there as MOVEit has complementary tools within its package which integrates existing message platforms into the file transfer process.


The MFT package is Tibco’s complementary part of implementing a broader strategy across the enterprise arena. The product covers both platform and internet servers for on-premise or public Internet-facing MFT applications. The application also comes with additional support namely Command Center, an auditing tool. The product can also be used as an integration tool along with Microsoft Outlook and other online messaging platforms that integrate compression and encryption of files during large file transfer.


YouSendIt is a cloud based service that mainly focuses on on-boarding and access to other product services from end user machines such as desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The product can be availed as a free 14 day trail. The only problem is that the file transfers are capped at 2MB. But an advantage is that the product allows synchronization between devices. The enterprise geared product named Workstream starts at $12.99 per month for up to 50 users. On the other hand the premium version comes under different prices includes varied add-ons such as active integration, single sign-on and monitoring.