21 January 2013

4 Amazing Smartwatches That Outdo Smartphones

“It will be interesting to watch how this unfolds.” Dougie, a commenter on Yahoo says.

Watches no longer tell only time or have hands, the only thing a Smartwatch has to do with a hand is the place where it rests, and what’s more, you can control this watch by voice command. This is no Ben Tennyson’s watch that will turn you into an alien but you can control your iPhone with it, be notified for incoming calls, and preview your text messages, read your mails, and connect with your friends on the social media with this small device strapped to your wrist. Now, who will want to turn into an alien after getting a hold of this watch?

The Smartwatch has been around for more than a decade but it has failed to grip the market like the Smartphones, yet who’s to say what with the rumors of Apple joining the market with the iWatch? These watches can monitor your heart-rate, serve as a compass, calculator, cell phone, GPS, speaker, WATCH! It is a wristcomputer.

Many would say that our age is one where no one really needs a watch when your phone can tell the time. Watches have become a barely used instrument. Today’s people do not look at their watches, they look at their phones because it serves more than one purpose but with Smartwatches in the market, all that is about to change. Here is a look at a few Smartwatches that have hit the market.

#4 Sony SmartWatch:

This Smartwatch comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which enables you to connect it to your android device and access calls, messages, emails and social networking without taking your phone out of your pocket. The Sony Smartwatch is packed with 128×128 pixels, 1.3” OLED touch display and is splash proof (supporting IP54). The watch comes in various colours and bands with a price tag of http://www.siliconindia.com/images/rupeesymbols/rs.small.jpg 8749 and it still, tells time!

#3 I’m Watch:

This watch runs on Android 1.6 and features 1.54-inch display with a resolution of 240×240, 64 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM and a non-removable 600mAh battery providing a 2 hours back-up and 48 hours back-up in stand-by mode. It can be connected to your iPhone or your Android, it also has some interesting apps for social networking and playing music but is stoutly priced at $299.

#2 Cookoo Watch:

Made by ConnecteDevice, the Cookoo Watch is a smart Bluetooth connected wristwatch plainly cloaked under a minimalist analog watch face. This watch will connect to your IOS and your Android device. It will alert you of incoming calls when you are too busy to notice your phone ringing and vibrating. With an analogue dial inside, the Cookoo Watch springs into life when you receive a notification or a mail. It costs $130  approximately, has a long lasting battery that will last up to a year and it is waterproof for up to 50 meters.

#1 Martian:

What’s different about this watch? The company established in 2007, Martian, has come up with a watch you can command. According to their website, “the Martian Watch is the only device in this category that allows users to make crystal clear voice calls or interact with their phone’s voice assistant (Siri, Google Voice) directly from their wrists.” It uses Bluetooth to connect to either an iPhone or Android phone. It also allows you to initiate Siri voice commands and listen to Siri’s replies through the watch. You can access the integrated voice controls in iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. Ranging in prices from $249 to $299, talking to your watch doesn’t come cheap.

And as far as the rumours go, Apple is supposedly coming out with a Smartwatch in collaboration with Intel, which may quite possibly take us to the future.

Facebook Wants to Revolutionize the $55 Billion Market

Facebook has proposed some serious plans in revolutionizing the server infrastructure so that businesses will get a better option to implement their various needs and along with an extensive option of selecting server various components.

The company made the announcement at its Open Compute Project, which officially is considered to be the ground breaking venue for latest hardware technologies and new projects collaborated from Silicon Valley’s biggest names.

Companies have recognized the fact that big data is the hottest topic in town and the need for new and fresh hardware designs is pretty imperative.

Fresh off its Graph Search announcement on Tuesday, Facebook also is a contributor to the ‘group hug’ board. Being more technical, ‘group hug’ is a joined effort by engineers from world’s largest social network, who are working on a new common slot architecture specification for motherboards, which should turn around and produce vendor-neutral boards that can accommodate up to 10 System-on-Chip circuits.

The interesting part of the System-on-Chip circuit (SOCs) is that the vendor will be supported by some of the biggest names in microchip technology; Intel, AMD, Calxeda, and Applied Micro.

15 January 2013

Twitter May File IPO In 2014

Popular microblogging site Twitter is likely to hit the US stock market early next year with a whopping $ 15 billion initial public offering, says a research report.

With its platform for maximum 140-character tweets, Twitter, which has attracted millions of users worldwide including India, is expected to see robust market valuations primarily benefitting from its revenue-earning sources.

"Twitter Inc plans to file for an IPO as early as the 4th quarter of 2013, and plans to go public in the 1st quarter of 2014," US-based PrivCo, a provider of business and financial research on major privately-held companies, has said.

PrivCo's report is based on information from its sources. "Twitter will learn from Facebook's flawed playbook and do the opposite. Twitter will conservatively price its IPO at 30 times revenue, or $ 15 billion," PrivCo CEO Sam Hamadeh said.

Social networking giant Facebook had come out with $ 16 billion initial public offering in May, 2012.

Twitter's potential IPO is based on recent monetisation measures which are leading to increasing revenues for the micro-blogging site, exceeding even its initial projections, the research firm said.

The slew of revenue generating steps include promoted tweets, targeted tweets for advertisers and partnership with photo-sharing site Pinterest.

Going by PrivCo's estimates, Twitter could see its revenue touch $ 500 million, this year.

Twitter's revenue is expected to significantly jump to $ 245 million in 2012, from $ 87.5 million in the year-ago period, according to the firm.

As per PrivCo, the microblogging site has been aggressively accelerating its international expansion.

"Unlike Facebook, which waited too long to IPO (until its growth rate decelerated), Twitter will IPO at just the right inflection point: while revenue grows in triple digits and with its final pre-IPO quarter reported at its seasonally strongest fourth quarter," Hamadeh added.

Twitter is estimated to have about 200 million users worldwide.

Reddit Co-founder Commits Suicide At 26

Aaron Swartz

Reddit co-founder and computer prodigy, Aaron Swartz who helped create RSS 1.0, has committed suicide at his Brooklyn Apartment. The death of this 26 year old internet icon has sparked grief and anger among online rights advocates. Reports said that Aaron Swartz was feeling miserable over the acquisition of Reddit and was also accused of stealing millions of scholarly articles from MIT.

Over the years Aaron had become an online model who fought to make information available freely to the public, including 19 million pages of federal court documents from the PACER case law system reports TOI.

According to Peter Eckersley of the California based activist group, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Swartz was widely known for his contributions in making the internet a thriving ecosystem for open knowledge.

In his online ‘manifesto’, Swartz wrote that Information is power and there are those who want to keep it for themselves. He also believed in sharing, considering that it wasn’t immoral. Only greed could refuse one from letting others get information. This prompted Swartz to establish a non-profit group called DemandProgress. The group was known for its successful campaign to block a bill introduced in 2011 by U.S. House of Representatives called Stop Online Piracy Act.

He was found facing federal criminal charges in a controversial fraud case of stealing millions of scholarly articles from the digital archive of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to news.com.au. Pleading not guilty to all counts, Swartz was charged with 35 years of imprisonment and a fine of $1 million. Mean while he was released on bond and his trial was scheduled to start later this year.

Swartz has contributed in building Reddit but left the company after it was acquired by Conde Nast, a publication which owned Wired Magazine. It was later learnt that Swartz was feeling miserable on account of the acquisition after going to work at the San Francisco offices of Wired.

Doctorow, co-editor of weblog Boing Boing also wrote on his site that Swartz was unbeatable at political insights, technical skills and intelligence about people and issues, and that he was facing problems with depression for many years.

Facebook Phone To Be Revealed On Tuesday

Facebook Phone

Facebook, the largest social networking site is holding a press event on Tuesday at its headquarters.  The company hasn’t revealed anything about the event, but according to MG Siegler, TechCrunch columnist, the social network will finally announce a “Facebook Phone”.

As per the report which cited multiple sources, a kind of Facebook Phone will be displayed on Tuesday. There still exists confusion whether they would display an actual piece of Facebook branded hardware or a hardware from a phone maker to show off some sort of new Facebook OS for mobile.

Earlier, it was reported that Facebook had put forward an opinion to Google and Apple that they have no intention to build their own phones. Surprisingly, Facebook changed their minds, but the phone/OS may not be meant to compete with the iPhone and the Google Android phones. Rather it might be meant solely for the emerging markets.

Siegler quoted something about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at a TechCrunch event in September, "It’s a juicy thing to say we’re building a phone, which is why people want to write about it. But it’s so clearly the wrong strategy for us."

In conclusion he said, Facebook is good at keeping things close these days and they could announce about the phone in detail on Tuesday. But speculation that is something smaller, like a new app, doesn’t jibe with the multiple sources telling us this is going to be “a big deal”. So wait to know whether the Facebook phone will reveal or not.

New Headphones For Deep, Refreshing Sleep

A headband with built-in earphones could lull you to deep sleep, without even waking a partner sleeping by your side.

Existing versions are wired with a phone, but a wireless version, slated to go on sale in April, has just won a prestigious award at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

"Being able to sleep soundly is crucial to feeling well overall, and SleepPhones help by playing relaxing audio, drowning out noise, and establishing a positive bedtime routine," says Wei-Shin Lai, one of the inventors of the headphones.

The firm began selling the product in 2007, when Lai was working as a doctor.

"In 2007, I had trouble falling back to sleep after patient phone calls late at night as a family doctor. My husband suggested that I listen to something to take my mind off of patient concerns," says Lai, the Daily Mail reports.

"Since I didn't want to disturb my husband while he slept, I needed headphones or ear buds I could wear in bed. But there was nothing comfortable in the market so I came up with stuffing speakers inside a headband," adds Lai.

"There's a version of our product for sports, a version for sleep, and now a wireless version that eliminates cords entirely by playing back media from any Bluetooth-enabled device," concludes Lai.

The current version has a wire so it can be plugged into an iPod or bedside alarm, but the next version will be wireless, the firm said Sunday.