06 February 2013

Revealed: The Health Risks Of Cell Phone Usage

The total number of cell phone subscriptions worldwide has been estimated as 5 billion. Irrespective of the age group, everyone carry around these small devices which come with a lot of conveniences. However, we keep on hearing that cell phone users might be at a risk for regularly using their devices.
To spread light into this, MobilePhone.co.in has prepared a neat infographic which explains the health issues related with use of cell phones. Although radio waves for mobile phones are believed to affect the brain, there is no scientific evidence to support the role in causing cancer.
Here are some interesting facts from the infographic:
The largest health related study on cell phones called Interphone study says that there is no significant rise in brain or central nervous system cancers due to increased cell phone usage.
Another cohort study in Denmark tried to link increased cell phone usage data with brain tumor cases in the Danish Cancer Registry. However, the analysis showed no association between users for more than thirteen years.
Countries like United States, Japan and Europe have also conducted case-control studies to see if increased usage resulted in Glioma or Meningioma, but there were no positive answers.

Facts on Cell Phone radiation

# 5 In the Electromagnetic spectrum Cell Phone radiation falls between FM and Microwave oven.

# 4 50 percent of Cell Phone radiation is absorbed into the head and body.

# 3 World Health Organization has classified cell phone radiation as a potential carcinogen in humans in the same category as lead, chloroform and exhaust.

# 2 Cell Phones are rated according to their Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) levels. They are measured in watts per kilogram.

# 1 The Cell Phone should be far from the body based on its specific absorption rating. Higher rated Cell Phones should be kept away. The distance for Apple iPhone 4 is 0.67 inches and for BlackBerry Bold it is 0.98 inches.

The statistics based on usage of Cell Phones said that a majority constituting 66 percent carry cell phones along for lunch while 65 percent said that Cell Phones make them better parents. Only 18 percent felt the need to own latest mobile technology while 20 percent used text messages to fix their dating schedule. 32 percent used text messages instead of interacting personally and 37 percent of users checked their mobile device at least once in 30 days. Among all this, 32 percent felt uneasy without Cell Phones for longer durations.
However, there were certain limits for United States, Europe and Canada with regards to SAR limits. U.S. and Canada have a limit of 1.6 watts per KG and Europe is limited with 2.0 watts per KG according to the reports.