09 April 2013

Is WhatsApp Being Acquired By Google For $1 Billion?

Is WhatsApp Being Acquired By Google For $ 1 Billion

WhatsApp, the popular messenger service is likely to be acquired by Google, according to recent reports. Apparently the discussion started four or five weeks ago and the messenger service is ‘playing hardball’ by looking at a deal close to $ 1 billion as stated by ‘inside sources’ to Digital Trends. But if this is true, Google will shortly have a force on its side in the mobile messaging arena, to rival Facebook.

Last year, there were rumors about Facebook looking into the acquisition. However multiple sources later informed that the social networking giant would not be acquiring WhatsApp.

As for Google, AllThingsD reports that there would be insufficient time on rebuilding or rebranding on its messaging app. It would be too late to risk on it as well. But the search giant can work off the platform WhatsApp has established and use this technology to innovate the purported Google Babble.

WhatsApp has been on the successful side as compared to other messaging apps. At the end of October 2011, the messaging service had announced that more than 1 billion messages were being sent every day. The messenger’s blogpost stated nearly 41,666,667 messages were sent in an hour, 694,444 messages in a minute and 11,574 messages being sent in a second. According to IBNLive, the service has users from over 100 countries, and is available on more than 700 mobile networks.